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Dexter X-Road modular helmet test

What to expect from a modular helmet for less than €118.00? Pleasant surprise with the Dexter X-Road, a comfortable and well finished product, of which our test will prove to you that a good level of service at this budget is possible.

Almost a year since the Dexter X-Road modular helmet was available on Motoblouz . Even if the opinions of its users are rather flattering towards it, we said to ourselves that a more in-depth test could only be appreciated. So we put on a Dexter X-Road helmet, then hit the road for several hundred kilometers, in all conditions.

Premier qualitative contact

No doubt, the Dexter X-Road helmet is really aesthetically successful. It was unanimously appreciated by those around us, bikers or not. Not to spoil anything, a closer examination reveals a good level of finish: the plastics are well adjusted, the foams are of decent quality. Special mention for the collar in suede material finishing the whole thing very well.
Once put on, we are surprised by its weight, which is also very well placed. The latter turns out to be completely comparable to that of the big names in the category, far from what we might “fear” from a headset with such a tight budget. The support of the skull is uniform and the foams are pleasant to the touch.

The Dexter X-Road, designed for the city and its surroundings

With its bib delivered as standard, the X-Road put all the chances on its side in terms of protection against the wind. Unfortunately, its design makes it insufficient in this area... Perhaps a little too short, it generates noisy turbulence at motorway speeds (and beyond...) This modular will therefore offer the best of itself in urban and peri-urban environments. urban. And indeed, at the most common speeds, the modular Dexter does not suffer from any notable faults.

Premier -rate optical comfort

The logical counterpart of this forced ventilation is that the screen does not fog up (except when stationary, where you simply open the chin guard!) an observation also verifiable for the secondary sun screen, which does not does not condense moisture from breathing. These optical elements also stand out for their ease of use: the external screen guarantees an appreciable field of vision, and its natural curvature chases away residual raindrops with each acceleration. With its locking button, the sunscreen takes a little getting used to to deploy easily, but once it's done, it plays its role to perfection, descending very low and displaying the appropriate degree of smokiness.

Well designed for everyday use, the Dexter X-Road!

Same observation for the chin guard. Its handling poses no problem, even with gloves. Its unlocking button is located inside, which allows it to be operated with the thumb without the risk of it accidentally unlocking in the event of a fall, well done! Once open, it does not obstruct the field of vision and maintains its position without flinching.

Easy maintenance, for an optimized lifespan

Historically emblematic of the modular category, the micrometric buckle of the Dexter X-Road fulfills its role with flying colors, as easy to tighten as to loosen. Nothing to complain about, even regarding maintenance. The screen comes off easily and without tools for cleaning, like the interior foams, which can be machine washed (at low temperature), guaranteeing an optimal lifespan for the helmet.

Note that the Dexter X-Road is also available in black and in matte black.

Interior comfort4

Our opinion: A reference modular helmet at this price

Rather recommended for urban and peri-urban use due to its slightly too short bib which generates turbulence and noise, the Dexter X-Road modular helmet remains a very good option considering its selling price (see its product sheet on Motoblouz .com) – like the other products from the French brand tested here. Reasonable weight, good level of interior comfort, finish above the rest...: it is light years ahead of its direct competitors on many levels. Not to mention its successful aesthetic! An ideal product for a premier contact with the motorcycle or for daily journeys.

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