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Shark Skwal i3 luminous full face helmet, tested and validated by Sébastien, Motoblouz customer

shark Skwal i3 helmet review

Here I am back to share with you my impressions on the shark Skwal i3 helmet, a full-face helmet which has a brake light, directly integrated into its structure. Although the French brand had already presented illuminated models, the Skwal i3 is the premier helmet in the world to integrate intelligent brake lights which react to braking using an integrated accelerometer. And it's French, cock-a-doodle Doo !

Shark Skwal i3 helmet to shine on the road

How does all this work? We start by charging the internal battery. It is carried out using a USB-C connector discreetly housed in a pocket at the back of the neck. At premier glance, the cable is quite thin... That said, no wear can be reported after a month of almost daily use. This shark helmet comes with the USB-C to USB Type A extension cable to connect it to your charger (not included). It takes a little over 2.5 hours for a complete recharge... Which is good if you're used to charging equipment (such as heated gloves) after a few hours of riding.

charging cable on Shark Skwal i3 headset

The charging cable, well housed in a small pocket

To find out the remaining charge level, simply turn off/on the shark Skawl i3 helmet. Several flashes (2 to 4) indicate the charge level. Personally, I had a little trouble finding my way around... Reading the manual becomes essential with this type of headset.

The different modes of this luminous helmet!

Before hitting the road, a simple button activates the LEDs. Several presses then allow you to choose your mode.

  • Flashing: all front and rear LEDs flash, and the brake lights are active,
  • Fixed (my favorite!): all the front and rear LEDs are on, and the brake lights react by flashing when decelerating,
  • A rear light only mode when braking.

Fixed mode is definitely my favorite. It allows both to enhance the style of the helmet and to ensure that the LEDs are working. I had difficulty several times knowing if the headset was on or off with the last mode, brake only…

a single, simple and effective button for the Shark Skwal i3 headset

One simple and effective button

Headphone battery life

The automatic management of standby is, however, very well done. As soon as the shark Skawl i3 helmet does not move for 1 minute, sleep mode is activated. If the headset starts moving again before 72 hours (and it still has battery power!), the system returns to on mode. Very practical when you are not used to turning your headphones on and off.

In terms of autonomy, it is very good if you use the “rear light only” mode. Allow at least 20 hours of operation. On the other hand, if you want to keep the lights fixed, you will only have 6 hours of battery. Think about it according to your uses! For my part, the six hours are quickly consumed.

brake light on the Shark Skwal i3 helmet

The brake light, to gain visibility on the road

One could wonder if all this is not completely gimmicky but to come across more and more people who have adopted the Cosmo Connected in the Paris region, I find that the offer of Shark, offering an all-in-one, is very welcome. I add that this system brings the weight of the model to 1570g, which does not make it the lightest on the market but remains largely acceptable. The weight is not bothersome at all.

The increased level of visibility reassures us when we are on the handlebars and we no longer go unnoticed on the road! For me, it's adopted.

The Skwal i3, finishing level and long list of accessories


With all this, we almost forget to talk about the other innovations that the shark Skwal i3 helmet…For example, Shark used a special patent to introduce a new quick visor removal system. Very intuitive, simply raise the visor to the maximum, and press a button on each side of the helmet for immediate removal. This system is particularly practical for installing the Pinlock (provided) upon receipt of the helmet. Speaking of the visor, you may have noticed small fins that help generate high-speed vortices that limit wind whistling. I would add here that the soundproofing is very good.

visor of the Shark Skwal i3 helmet another innovation

shark helmet rear brake light

Another thing, at high speed, the two stabilizers at the rear ensure good stability of the helmet. We're on a rail!

I also remember the efforts made on ventilation. In addition to the openings at the chin and on the forehead, which by the way only generate a small stream of air, the visor offers a special “air stream” adjustment notch that I used a lot. We ride very comfortably with it, and as soon as the noise becomes unpleasant, we lock the screen with one finger to be completely isolated. A good point !

airflow mode on the Shark helmet

The new airflow mode

And accessories

I was not able to test this accessory but for intercom enthusiasts, the shark Skwal i3 helmet can accommodate an N-COM B902SK model. It has a specially designed housing for the battery at the back of the helmet, under the neck shield, as well as a space for the microphone at the front of the helmet. For the headphones, a cavity is provided in the internal cheeks.

They have almost become standards at Shark but this shark Skwal i3 helmet also includes: a sun visor with opening on the skull, a system Easy Fit for glasses wearers (this is not my case), an anti-swirl bib.

foam inside the Shark helmet

vents on the chin of the Shark helmet

shark Skwal i3 helmet review

To complete this long list of features, the foam is now adjustable to adapt to your skull. THE " Morpho Pad » is a removable and washable band which allows you to adjust the helmet on your head, at the neck, according to your body shape.

See the product sheet


My opinion: What if the brake light became a standard?

We are rarely disappointed with Shark . This new Shark Skwal i3 helmet allows the brand to offer a significant gap in terms of innovations, the most notable here being the brake light system. This helmet is a sure value, in terms of comfort and accessories. Nothing is missing. Led lights will certainly be the ones that attract bikers, and you will be right. I even wonder if one day this technology will not become a standard...

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  1. Eric october 2, 2023 at 2:47 p.m. Answer

    Good morning,
    Have you noticed a product more than with another open visor helmet between 50 and 100km/h?
    Don't you find that the visor closing clip is too much in the field of vision with the visor open?
    Thank you for your feedback.

  2. DIMAYUGA june 30, 2023 at 11:09 p.m. Answer

    Good evening
    I am delighted with the purchase of this headset knowing the system very well
    In fact, a study was carried out between Shark and the company where I work 10 years ago
    Surprised and happy to see that the project was carried out despite the abandonment with us

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