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Dexter Ladak Composite crossover helmet review

Today I am testing the dexter Ladak helmet, a crossover. A 2 in 1 helmet with a sober look but with sleek and angular lines. So, what a joke dexter helmet ?

Excellent finishes for the Dexter Ladak helmet

We appreciate the excellent finishes of this dXR Ladak helmet, whether it's the discreet stitching or the red stitching on the suede leather, it's the most beautiful effect. Let us also note the different perfectly inlaid elements. I'm thinking in particular of the air intakes, the rear spoiler or the sunscreen lever.

Composite or carbon?

As is often the case with the brand's new helmets Dexter, they are available in matte black (kind of messy with greasy fingers) or in carbon. Count almost double the price for this second version. For this test, the Mat version was used.

test of the Dexter Ladak helmet in its matte black version

Front view of the Dexter Ladak

Modular without difficulty

The advantage of crossover helmets, it is their modularity. Namely: being able to be efficient on the road or off the beaten track. You will have to worry about mounting the Pinlock 70 anti-fog screen, an uncomplicated exercise compared to other helmets of the brand. The visor can be dismantled using a 4 mm Allen/hexagonal key (of which we still have 18 copies following the purchase of kit furniture).

easy to remove screen and visor on the Dexter Ladak helmet

A 4 mm Allen key allows you to remove the screen and visor

The washable foams are easily disassembled, just like the bib. And the must, the thing I've been waiting for for a long time from Dexter : the possibility of filling in the locations of the intercom earpieces to avoid the sound box effect, thanks to removable foams.

possibility of filling the location of the intercom earpieces on the DEXTER headset

A removable cover allows you to fill the space for the intercom earpieces

Glasses wearer? No problem

For glasses wearers, please note that it is not necessary for you to amputate part of the foam in order to avoid pressure on the temples. In fact, the density of the foam is lower where the temples of the glasses pass through. Concerning me, tested and approved!

Wearing glasses possible with the Dexter Ladak helmet

The foams allow you to wear glasses without feeling pressure

Safety: in the nails

Made of fiberglass and triple density EPS, the dexter Ladak helmet meets the ECE 25.05 standard. The chin strap closes without difficulty via a micrometric loop. If you unfortunately fall, there are tabs on the cheek pads to remove them safely.

in the event of an accident, the Dexter Ladak helmet can be removed using straps

Straps make it easy to extract the foam from the Dexter Ladak helmet in the event of an accident

Content weight

The weight I measured is around 1350g without visor. Count 116 g for the visor, for a total of 1466 g.

Soundproof in certain circumstances

For Scrambler riders, I tried the dexter Ladak helmet on a non-ducted machine and, what surprised me, was its level of soundproofing... in a calm atmosphere. Whether it's the engine, the relative wind or the environment, what peace and quiet! On the other hand, on a windy day, with or without a visor, with or without a windshield on your machine, it blows and whistles!

Ventilation: a big breath of fresh air

For off-road enthusiasts, you will be served! The arrival of fresh air via the chin guard is guaranteed. Which is also pleasant in the city, despite a high bubble. On the other hand, on a non-faired Scrambler type motorcycle, in winter, a hood is obligatory!

In addition, there are two upper ventilations which open with a simple press. You have to take your hand to find and open them without difficulty. Exhausted air is extracted through a rear spoiler.

ventilations of the Dexter Ladak helmet

The ventilation of the Dexter Ladak helmet is excellent. Practical for summer, less so for winter

Excellent vision whatever the use

Well, it's not a jet helmet but the dexter Ladak helmet has the advantage of offering excellent visibility on road and off road. If, in the premier case, it remains similar to other full-face helmets, off-road, it offers improved visibility. First of all, the 110° vertical field of vision when riding in a standing position: useful for seeing the root you're going to get after hitting your front wheel in a rut...

The pointed shape of the visor ensures that the lateral field of vision is not reduced when standing.

Comfort with visor

THE crossover helmets are primarily intended to satisfy more or less occasional off-road enthusiasts. The visor helps prevent getting hit in the face by your friend in front and protects you from the sun, even more so when the mask or screen are dirty.

In road use, the visor is not felt below 110 km/h. After this speed, I started to feel swirls despite the high screen on my Africa Twin or even without screen with my Sportster. However, I have not noticed that it generates any noise pollution.

the Dexter Ladak helmet in profile

Side view of the Dexter Ladak

Wearing a mask? Possible !

If you really want to play it off-road to the fullest, it is possible to remove the screen to replace it with one. mask of your choice.

frontal ventilation ensured even with a mask

If you plan to use a mask off road, frontal ventilation remains ensured

Comfort without visor

First of all, without the visor, the dexter Ladak helmet is a full face helmet angular with a very aggressive look as we like it. Apart from no longer having any discomfort above 110 km/h, removing the visor does not really generate a radical change in use.

a helmet with a strong identity the Dexter Ladak helmet

Without the visor, the Dexter Ladak helmet retains its identity as an angular and aggressive helmet.

A small plastic cover fills the thread of the screw to hold the visor.

A screw attaches the visor to the top of the Dexter Ladak helmet. If you remove the visor, a cover will fill the thread

See the product sheet

Field of view4.5

My opinion: an effective off-road and on-road helmet

Comfort on the road, style, the possibility of using it off-road, silent, safe, ventilated and practical? Yes, the Dexter Ladak helmet can meet these criteria without difficulty. The presence of an integrated sunscreen and its instant modularity thanks to a 4 mm Allen key reinforces the observation. The whistling noise may bother heavy riders but not urban scrambler users!

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