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Test of the Schuberth C4 PRO modular helmet

Back with a new essay, that of schuberth C4 Pro Magnitudo modular helmet. The kind of helmet I like to call a “dad” helmet. German, very well made, fairly neutral... The kind of helmet for GS riders!

After the C3, the C4 which had not been very successful, Schuberth returns with its latest, the C4 Pro: the brand's best-seller, and a reference on the car market. modular helmet top of the line. This helmet is part of a family with the C4 basic and the C4 Carbon. Very similar, their differences are marked by weight, accessories and of course, price.


Like its predecessors, the schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet touring type has a very refined design. In contrast to the aggressiveness of Shark for example, Schuberth gives us an all-purpose helmet, with fairly sober lines but ultimately very well drawn. There are several colors including the white Magnitudo that I tested, with a sort of planisphere. Well, we like it or we don't like it. I do not like. I prefer a plain helmet rather than one with a map stuck on it. Tastes and colors…

test of the Schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet in Magnitudo white color

The softness of this helmet is not, by far, only in its aesthetics. When I first put it on, oh my god… How soft! You feel like you're putting your noggin in silk. The interior is also seamless, and you can feel it!

interior of the Schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet

It's German, it works well.

I don't think I've ever tried such a high-quality modular helmet. Actually, I think I'm not a big fan of modulars. It never really opens well or so, but not for long. Then you end up fidgeting with the opening trigger until something blows in your hands. Given the price of schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet, you don't want anything to blow up in your hands! But frankly, there's no reason. It's Made in Germany, the mechanism is ultra solid, not a bit of play, the finish is excellent. The opening is very fluid up to the locking notch, same for closing. Maybe Schuberth makes me friends again with the modular ones!

schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet tested

Whether it's the opening, the 5-position screen, the sunscreen or the air intakes, everything seems really sturdy. Concerning the sunscreen which opens with a slide on the side of the helmet, I just told myself that a small button to automatically raise the screen would not have been too much.

On the road with the Schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet

THE schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet is sold as a lightweight helmet, with an announced weight of around 1700g which is not a feather either. So, on paper, it's not so phew...But honestly, he is quickly forgotten. I imagine that its well-designed aerodynamic profile helps it cut through the wind a lot.

The anti-scratch screen offers a very wide field of vision, which is great. Access to the various buttons and openings is easy, and the pre-installed Pinlock P120 works wonderfully.

chin guard opening and ventilation on Schuberth helmet

What I liked best about this schuberth helmet, apart from its interior textile, it is noise. Finally, silence. The sound insulation is very successful. You who drive long distances, and/or on the highway, you will not be disappointed!

Be careful with the size you choose, it's a bit small. I therefore advise you to take a size larger than the one you usually take!


THE schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet is pre-disposed to receive the sC1/SC2 intercom kit, from the same brand, with plug & play integration. So, what does that mean? This means you buy a headset with an antenna, speakers and microphone already installed. Great, and frustrating at the same time, because you will have to remit €245.83 to receive the order before you can take advantage of it. Once received, nothing could be simpler: you put the order in the compartment provided, “ click! " here we go. You have an intercom! On my headset, the intercom is complete, and I admit that after testing several, this one won me over!

intercom integrated into the Schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet

*Softness = softness


See the product sheet

Soundproofing 4
Interior comfort4.5
Quality / Finish4.3
Handling the chin strap 4
Ventilation 3.5

My opinion: very good cam

Schuberth really did not disappoint me with its Schuberth C4 Pro modular helmet. We're in it, and it will last a long time! But fortunately, because we have to take out the “small ticket”.

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