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Shark EVOJET modular helmet review

Evojet - closed right

THE modular helmet : missing link of the biker helmet, mutant which theoretically offers the advantages of the jet and the integral. Chimera or reality? This is how the twins Igor and Grichka could have posed the starting postulate of this test. Unfortunately, neither was available for testing. It was therefore up to me to have the distinct honor of testing the new model of the French brand, the shark EVOJET modular helmet.

The Shark EVOJET modular helmet, a unicorn among chimeras.

So yes, autumn is here and no, I didn't go picking psilocybes. The mystery of this hook lies in the chin strap of the shark Evojet modular helmet, or rather in its original form. But first let's move on to the Beast's introductions.

modern design for the Shark Evojet modular helmet

A modern design and a maous screen

Take the new Citycruiser helmet from Shark , graft the missing bridge of the maxillary protection onto the long trip screen and it's folded. Very clever on the part of the engineers of the French brand. The Citycruiser offered by Shark was developed to optimize the facial protection of a Jet helmet, while maintaining the visual field amplitude characteristics, cherished by wearers of this type of helmet.

Shark 's choice to derive a modular version specifically dedicated to urban and extra-urban pilots is judicious. Being right on target myself, and aware of the dangers of my daily practice of two-wheeling, I know that wearing a pure Jet is a gamble on a shovel that I would not take. With the shark Evojet modular helmet, I can reinforce the protection of my face during the more tense phases of my journeys. I can also benefit from the fresh air and panoramic vision of the Citycruiser, statically for example, or on the “more” portions safe« .

The Evojet: the alliance of classic and audacity

The design of the Evojet is rather basic: no fiberglass or carbon. The shell is made of injected thermoplastic resin. The weight is within reason (1500 g and wheelbarrows). Even if you feel the headset well once installed, it remains largely bearable and overall rather well distributed.

look of the Shark Evojet modular helmet

Locking jaws are an integral part of the look

The chin strap is closed using a micrometric buckle, extremely easy to use, even with mid-season gloves. This shark helmet has a ventilation system with a front entrance that is also very easy to access. Manipulation only requires a forward/backward translation movement to open or close the air inlet. Evacuation is done through a very well integrated vent at the back of the helmet.

front air intake of the Evojet helmet

Front air intake

air evacuation of the Shark Evojet helmet

Air evacuation

As with the vast majority of urban or tourism helmets from Shark , this model has a retractable sunscreen, with a very well calibrated shade, which will protect you in style from excess light radiation. The kinematics are rather simple: a left command at ear level. That said, handling is disturbed by the design of the top of the shell in the screen down position. It's a little difficult to differentiate with your fingertip the control from the edge of the top of the shell. Nothing dramatic.

shark helmet sunscreen control

A designer and well-integrated sunscreen control

A maous screen that changes the view!

The system which allows the kinematics of the long trip screen / chin guard is entirely hidden under very well aesthetically integrated side covers. That said, their stability, especially on the left side, requires monitoring during intensive use. I had to regularly reclip the left cover at the end of the day because the alignment with the rest of the shell was no longer flush. No need to create more aerodynamic noise by degrading the very good fluidity of the Evojet.

Evojet - left jet

we find the Citycruiser with the chin guard raised

The long trip screen is in itself a compendium of technology: anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, optical class 1, with variable thicknesses. Let's be clear, anti-scratch and anti-fog treatments have their limits. If you don't take care of it, the integrity of your screen will be compromised quickly. Likewise for the anti-fog, it is not worth a good family Pinlock.

On the other hand, the optical class 1 categorization of the screen is not usurped. When you stay in the regular thickness zone (with a ladle, 80% of the surface), vision is perfect. A real pleasure to benefit from wind protection with such clarity. For the bottom of the screen which has different thicknesses, the vision is obviously distorted but more than sufficient. You will be able to proceed with complete peace of mind to check the indicator lights and dials of your steed, as well as keep visual indications from your GPS or smartphone.

A divine surprise

Another of the advantages of shark Evojet modular helmet lies in its relationship with the Citycruiser. The long, enveloping shape of its cap at maxillary level allows, in addition to the slots dedicated to installing a Bluetooth kit, to place a microphone for a full-face helmet. No need to place a boom mic moumouté absolutely filthy, a veritable boil from the jet, in front of your mouth. I was able to install the very economical system 3S by Sena which fitted my D-Skwal. The system is extremely discreet but incredibly effective. The position of the microphone (placed at the end of the left maxillary projection) allows you to capture your sweet voice with maximum efficiency.

And the unicorn?

THE shark Evojet modular helmet will immediately transform you into this legendary equine when you wear your precious one, with the chin strap raised.

evojet modular helmet once open

Oh the beautiful unicorn

And you know what ? It's not even ridiculous. The design is really successful, both open and closed and the handling of the chin guard is childish. Suddenly, you switch from jet to full mode as you wish, quickly and with one hand. Certainly, the aerodynamic resistance will remind you of order but the penetration in the air is good in full mode. You will thus find more lenient conditions for your neck, in one gesture.

What is the Evojet worth on a daily basis, in all weather?

Keep in mind the “destination” of this modular. It belongs to the urban range of Jet helmets. We won't ask as much of it as an Evo ES or a Valliant from LS2 . The released chin guard aerodynamics are not as optimized. On this Shark helmet, no Pinlock, impossible on a screen with such a complex design.

the Shark Evojet modular helmet in outdoor mode

Outdoor fashion

In my daily life made up of urban and extra-urban journeys in all temperatures and all weathers, the shark Evojet modular helmet really does the job brilliantly. In these times of pandemic, I wear a mask under the helmet (to save time and avoid handling) and the fog that settles on the screen in cold weather disappears immediately when moving. The large air intake which takes place on the chin guard is effective and very easy to handle. The absence of an anti-swirl flap did not bother me, probably because I do not exceed 110 km and I have a high screen.

Without competing with the comfort of my Shoei Ex-Zero, the weight is rather well distributed and the softness of the welcome is successful. As is often the case with modular models, the pressure on the jaw is increased when the chin strap is lowered. It is absolutely not bothersome or painful. Just a reminder that you have switched to “arsouille” mode and that protection is now maximum.

Regarding hearing comfort, if you stay in your preferred area, it's about average. Not enough to make it a sales argument, but honorable.


See the product sheet

Interior comfort4.3
Quality and finishes4.3

My opinion: an urban modular for panoramic addicts

The new range from Shark is bold! The Evojet modular helmet is aesthetically successful, and full of qualities if you stay in its comfort zone, urban and extra urban. Its contained weight, its comfort, the quality of its long screen, the ease of handling its chin guard, the protection offered even in Jet mode... are all points which give the Evojet its superb. Add to that very original and tasteful decorations, and you get a helmet that will become (as for me) an everyday companion.

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