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Dexter Proton AS-01 Helmet Review

Certainly, between the dexter brand and for me, it’s a rolling story. After trying the superb Comando model, it's the dexter Proton AS-01 helmet who has accompanied me on the handlebars these last few weeks. With its consensual design and modern colors, the Proton targets a wide audience. Priced at a great price (less than €98.33) and equipped with complete equipment, can this newcomer among the integrals afford a place in the sun... Let's check now!

Dexter : a brand born from Motoblouz expertise

It was in 2008 that Motoblouz launched its first own brand under the name Dexter . From the start of the adventure, the objective is clear: the equipment must be of quality and have a high level of protection. Finally, everything must be displayed at the fairest price... The challenge is significant but the goal is to offer all motorcyclists the opportunity to be well equipped. After a few years, Dexter was joined by the dXR brand. If the first specializes only in the creation of helmets, the second is in charge of clothing intended for two-wheelers.

safety and equipment for the Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet

Despite its attractive price, the Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet combines safety and equipment: a pure Dexter product!

Anxious to offer products that meet the expectations of its customers, Motoblouz works according to French specifications. Thus, the collections are designed and then studied in Hauts-de-France. In order for the process to be complete, the company's employees (many of whom are bikers) are often called upon to contribute... Indeed, it is often the latter who test the pre-series and validate certain technical choices.

The Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet: well equipped… But a little heavy

Upon unpacking, the dexter Proton AS-01 helmet looks good. The matte paint is neat, and the red and gray patterns evoking the world of military aviation enhance the whole. The style is relatively sporty with a shell that ends in a spoiler located at the rear of the helmet. The chiseled lines reinforce an already strong personality.

The style is modern while playing the sobriety card: well done Dexter !

The style is modern while playing the sobriety card: well done Dexter !

THE dexter Proton AS-01 helmet comes with a relatively thick cover. It has a Pinlock lens to prevent fogging on the screen. The shell incorporates a sunscreen which can be supplemented by an optional smoked visor. Finally, it is predisposed to receive an intercom.

When it's time to hit the road, a single detail tarnishes this so far positive assessment. Indeed, if the Proton's equipment is plethoric, it is its weight which pays the price. With 1,600 g. On the scale, we can rightly say that the Dexter is one of the heavyweights in the category. I made the same observation when discovering the Comando but the latter was distinguished by an exemplary weight distribution, making it possible to erase this defect once in the saddle. Let's see if it will be the same here...

Ergonomics designed to make your life easier

After a solid introduction, the dexter Proton AS-01 helmet will have to continue its momentum by knowing how to adapt to daily use.

It starts off pretty well with a chin strap that locks with a micrometric buckle. Always practical, this system will however prevent you from accessing a track. Indeed, even if it is less easy to handle, the good old double-D loop remains essential for anyone who wants to try " track days”.

The visor is an example of ergonomics with its large lug which allows a good grip when gloved. Easy to install, the Pinlock puts fogging on the memory lane.

sunscreen and pinlock for the Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet

The Pinlock lens is supplied as standard and the Proton has a retractable sun shield.

The integrated sunscreen allows the dexter Proton AS-01 helmet to remain pleasant, even when the sun beats down on the road. Covering the entire field of vision, it is simply activated using a small lever located on the left side of the helmet.

The last moving elements, the air intakes are easy to catch. Large and made of hard plastic, the two flaps located at the top of the shell allow you to cool the top of the skull. If the chosen material is a little “ cheap » *, the simplicity of the mechanism should allow them to age well. Manipulatable via a single button, the double inlet located on the chin guard is responsible for supplying the lower part of your face with fresh air.

Optimized air and wind management

With the return of heatwaves, I couldn't wait to test this full face helmet in summer conditions… And for once, the weather in July and August spoiled me.

The two low air inlets allow air to reach your mouth. Obviously, hidden behind the bubble of my Africa Twin, the flow is relatively thin but it is present nonetheless. The latter avoids the feeling of suffocation that the biker may encounter in summer. The high entrances seemed timid to me. I would have preferred to feel their action more frankly. The spoiler located at the rear of the helmet also plays a role in airflow management. It accommodates two hot air extractors which will allow you to keep ideas fresh once on the road.

spoiler on the back of the Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet

Playing the role of hot air extractor and aerodynamic deflector, the spoiler is ingeniously designed

Besides, this spoiler has double use. Indeed, it actively participates in the good behavior of the Proton even when the wind picks up. At legal speeds, the Dexter helmet never seems to suffer from parasitic movement. Another aerodynamic appendage, the anti-eddy net located at the chin level effectively eradicates turbulence inside the helmet. Exactly sized, it does not hinder putting it on and appears to be of good quality.

And the weight in all this...?

I mentioned it at the start of the article, the weight of dexter Proton AS-01 helmet can be confusing when getting started. If when putting it on, the feeling of heaviness fades slightly, it is especially once in motion that the magic seems to work. Indeed, the designers' good pencil stroke seems to benefit the helmet which lets itself be “carried” by the wind. Be careful, we are far from the dynamic performance offered by fiber hulls but the excess weight of the Dexter becomes more bearable.

weight of the Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet

Although located in the upper average of the category, the weight of the Proton AS-01 (1600 g.) does not make it a bad helmet!

The last downside that I noted is that the muffler is an element that will evolve on this Dexter helmet. In my case, it popped off the premier time I put it on and I couldn't put it back on. After discussion with the brand managers (who are very open!), it turns out that material tests are still underway in order to find the right rigidity for this element. No reason to run away from this helmet anyway. Indeed, the nose mask is mainly used to combat fogging caused by nasal breathing. In this case, the Pinlock lens takes care of this well-known phenomenon and the muffler above all becomes a gadget contributing to the sporty look of the helmet.

*cheap, cheap 

See the product sheet

Interior comfort 4.5
Ventilation 4
Silence 4.5
Finishing 3

My opinion: No doubt, the Dexter Proton AS-01 helmet is quite an act!

Priced at less than €98.33, this helmet offers an almost unbeatable quality/price ratio at this level of equipment. Its well-thought-out ergonomics make you forget its overweight, and its air management makes it pleasant, even when the mercury rises. You will have understood, this Proton AS-01 will accompany you throughout the year by fulfilling its function perfectly.

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