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Dexter Comando helmet review

After a period of inactivity on the blog, here I am back with a very nice essay: that of dexter Comando helmet. Indeed, those who know me know how much I love these essential motorcycle accessories. Although my collection continues to grow, this model designed by Motoblouz has been catching my eye for several weeks. It must be said that with its very particular look, it leaves few bikers indifferent. If it was the style that sparked my crush, I also couldn't wait to be able to travel the road in his company. So, after several weeks of testing and hundreds of kilometers traveled, I can finally give you my opinion on this very special Comando.

Dexter : a brand born from Motoblouz expertise

It was in 2008 that Motoblouz launched its first own brand under the name Dexter. From the start of the adventure, the objective is clear. The equipment must be of quality and have a high level of protection. And everything must be displayed at the fairest price... The challenge is significant but the goal is to offer all motorcyclists the possibility of being well equipped. After a few years, Dexter was joined by the dXR brand. If the first specializes only in the creation of helmets, the second is in charge of clothing intended for two-wheelers.

Motoblouz expertise at the controls of the Dexter Comando helmet

The Dexter Comando helmet benefits from the expertise of Motoblouz .

Anxious to offer products that meet the expectations of its customers, Motoblouz works according to French specifications. Thus, the collections are designed and then studied in Hauts de France. In order for the process to be complete, the company's employees (many of whom are bikers) are often called upon to contribute... Indeed, it is often the latter who test the pre-series and validate certain technical choices.

Packed… Right out of the box!

Upon receipt of the package, it is impossible to wait: as soon as it arrives, as soon as it is unpacked! The box has a simple, modern look and the Dexter logo features prominently. THE dexter Comando helmet is packaged in a lined cover whose thickness inspires confidence. If we are still below the protection standards of Japanese or Italian manufacturers, the accessory will do the job during breaks on terraces.

Holding the headset allows you to notice two things. First of all, the quality of finish is there. The assemblies fit just right and the materials seem robust. The interior is largely made up of suede fabric which has a flattering appearance. The well-adjusted anti-swirl bib confirms the good impression given by the whole.

THE dexter Comando helmet is supplied as standard with a clear visor, predisposed to receive an anti-fog “Pinlock” lens, also supplied. For my part, I chose to add the services of a smoked screen, more appreciable in summer. Indeed, neo-retro positioning requires, the Comando does not have a retractable sunscreen. The closure is entrusted to a micrometric buckle, practical to handle and whose tongue is precisely sized. So using it is child's play, even when gloved.

easy-to-handle buckle for the Dexter Comando helmet

Well designed, the micrometric buckle is easy to handle with its large tab!

Look-wise, the inspiration clearly came from across the Atlantic. It was mainly the Dragster drivers who popularized this very particular shape of the cap during the 80s. If the front side offers a design that seems to come from an episode of Star Wars, the rear is, on the contrary, very refined. There are 6 air extractors on the sides of the helmet, none of which are mobile. In terms of weight, the announced 1600 grams places it in the high average. However, these did not bother me during the trial period.

The Dexter Comando helmet, pleasant for everyday use…

THE dexter Comando helmet succeeds where many of its competitors admit their limits. Yes, you can have a helmet with a look inspired by the past but which can still be livable in everyday use.

Let's start with one of the essential concepts when purchasing a new helmet: comfort. Before giving you my opinion on the subject, I would like to remind you that not everyone has the same cranial architecture. So, I can only note that the Comando suits my relatively elongated head quite well. Despite the series of kilometers and the hours spent on the bike, I never felt any discomfort in my forehead. The ears easily find their place in the clearances reserved for them and the welcome offered by the cheek foams is excellent. Note that these are designed to accommodate the temples of glasses.

interior of the Dexter Comando helmet

Cozy, the interior is also very well finished!

The visor is equipped with a lug of the ideal size. Easy to handle with gloves, it locks the screen securely. The Pinlock lens does its job and repels fog on the outer ends.

If the angular design of the front part could lead to fear of air movements, in action this is not the case. This dexter helmet behaves well, both on the secondary network and on fast voices. Wind noise is minor and the anti-wind flap located near my chin does its job perfectly.

…But not completely free from defects

You will have understood, the dexter Comando helmet was convincing to me. However, no one is perfect, I noticed two small faults over the kilometers.

The premier is closely linked to the design of the helmet. Indeed, the installation of an air intake on the front was sacrificed in favor of sobriety. Thus, in high heat, the need to partially open the visor is quickly felt. The side ventilations do not benefit from a direct flow. Placed slightly back, they mainly act as hot air extractors and require you to turn your head slightly to let in a cool breeze...

dexter Comando helmet air intakes

Set back, the air intakes struggle to convince in high heat...

Second downside, replacing the screen is not the most intuitive. So, you have to unscrew the two anodized screws located at each end of the visor, then collect the rings that surround them before grabbing two notched plastic pieces. Although disassembly does not pose a problem, I tried it several times when reassembling the smoked visor. We would obviously have preferred a rapid extraction system but, at this price level, we will forgive the Comando for its absence...

See the product sheet

Interior comfort 4.6
Ventilation 2
Silence 4

My opinion: originality at an affordable price!

Priced at less than €147.50, the Dexter Comando helmet is the very definition of excellent value for money. Its marked style and careful assembly make it a serious candidate if you are looking for a helmet that stands out from that of your riding companions. Only its low ventilation capacity can prove annoying when the mercury rises...

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