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Shark Spartan Carbon Priona helmet review

Shark spartan carbon priona

It's already 3 years ago, I put on the shark Spartan Carbon helmet, helmet which continues to satisfy me on a daily basis (city and highway journeys all year round). Certainly, it has taken a few scratches, and a few projectiles will have got the better of the solidity of the plastics, but it remains a big favorite. Following its success, the shark brand decided to make it evolve by adding some interesting new features. We take stock!

What's new on the Shark Spartan Carbon Priona helmet?

If you've ever handled a Spartan, you'll be on familiar ground. We find: the recognizable rear fins, its featherweight, the sunscreen with opening at the top of the head, efficient ventilation with two inlets (top of the head and chin to ventilate the visor), foam that fits the jaw well, its double D buckle closure. In short, everything that made it successful.

Focus on the ventilation of the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet

A wide opening for efficient ventilation

But what is changing with this new generation?

Premier major change: new colors are appearing. A beautiful black, white and gold reminiscent of ancient lines, and a more modern reflective black and gray (the one I tested).

Second revolution: a completely revised interior. Now black and with 3D honeycomb foam, the covering has been designed with natural bamboo fibers for triple effectiveness. It is antibacterial, anti-sweating and hypoallergenic. THE shark Spartan Carbon helmet now benefits from the interior features of the brand's most advanced models.

Inner foams of the Shark Spartan Carbon Priona helmet

The new foam of the Shark Spartan Carbon Priona helmet

That's all ? Not quite. The equipment manufacturer has made some additional adjustments... The visor opening system is much more flexible, a real treat. The visor opens with disconcerting ease while remaining securely in place on the road. The sunscreen filters the sun slightly less, which makes it usable in tunnels or when the day begins to fall, and thus avoids unnecessary manipulations to take it up and put it back in place.

We validate our achievements

When weighed, it remains at 1,300 kg, which places it among the lightest helmets that I have had the opportunity to test. This undeniably remains one of its major strengths. To wear it every day, I would have a hard time going back to a more coated helmet. This also gives it the possibility of carrying an intercom, or even a camera, without transforming it into a heavy weight to support.

In terms of comfort, we forget it because it fits the skull so perfectly. I also appreciate its good hold on the jawline. When the previous version made it difficult to put on (defect quickly erased with wear of the foam), the shark Carbon Priona helmet is very easy to wear. Its new foam fulfills its antiperspirant role (even if I was not able to test it in extreme heat) but can have a tendency to generate static electricity.

Testing the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet on the track

The aerodynamics of the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet proven on the circuit

On the road, you go at full speed without noticing the slightest movement, with its accomplished aerodynamics. I was able to experience this quality on the Qatar circuit approaching 300 km/h at the end of the straight. A real rail.

But the soundproofing remains too poor on my roadster, it hisses a lot at high speed. The feedback on this subject differs, so you may have a very different feeling depending on the wind protection of your machine.

Why choose the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet?

If you like its recognizable sport-GT look, with its double spoiler with integrated air extractor, you will now be able to enjoy new, more vintage colors that are just as successful.

You will be won over by its lightness and comfort which transform it into a second skin. Add to that a good dose of aerodynamics, and you can forget about osteoarthritis sessions for your neck pain.

In use, the shark Spartan Carbon helmet has very good versatility in terms of season and use. I wear it every day! It braves both the rain with its Pinlock supplied as standard and the sun with its functional filter. It will easily accommodate your intercom during your walks with its slots provided for headphones, and it can be transformed into a circuit helmet with the security of its double D loop.


See the product sheet

Interior comfort4.5

My opinion: the Spartan earns stars!

With revised neo-retro colors and a completely redesigned interior, the Shark Spartan Carbon helmet continues to prove itself. Are you looking for a helmet as suitable for a hyper sports car as for a scrambler, which relieves the neck, is well ventilated and which stays in place at high speed? Go for it!

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