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Dexter Fusion headset review – Skullie

It must be said that the design of dexter Fusion helmet is very cool. But its price remains THE big argument of this modular helmet with sunscreen. Let's see what happens... On the way!

Approval and safety: nothing to envy of the big guys

What you need to know is that everyone helmets that are approved in France undergo the same tests and offer the same level of security. So why pay €786.67 when you can pay less than €98.33? Because a helmet is essential for safety, but you all know that it is much more than that. It's everything that adorns the helmet that will create this price difference: comfort, lifespan of the foam, soundproofing, ventilation, screen, quality of the paint, or even the design. The helmet is a key element of the biker's look and some are willing to pay a lot of money for a replica helmet.

A design created by competition

Speaking of design, the dexter Fusion Skullie helmet has its own little story. A few months ago, Motoblouz organized a competition, “Pimp my helmet ”, and invited participants to decorate models of helmets. It is therefore an original design that you will not find everywhere. And I really like it. Dia de los muertos, there’s a little rock side that I like.

Apart from the drawing, this dexter helmet is not typical “for women” design, that is, round, soft and… boring. He is quite the opposite. The chin guard that goes down a little, the notch at the back, the shape of the vents give it a little aggressive air, a little fiery temperament that I really like.

The right size and impeccable comfort

I followed the instructions on the product sheet which were correct in my case. S, it's perfect for my head. I feel really good in it, I found it very comfortable. The velvet side gives a bit of the impression of putting on a slipper. No pressure points, even on longer journeys. Perfect for the ears which are my sensitive point. But I know another editor who will tell you that Dexter helmets aren't for him.

Each brand has its own preferred mold. We often find the same shape in different models from the same manufacturer. And they are more or less compatible with your head shape. So there, a video or an article won't help you much, a motorcycle helmet is a try. But if you need to change it, even several times, Motoblouz customer service will help you: they are really super efficient. And nice.

A little surprise of weight

In terms of weight, I purposely did not look at the weight of the dexter Fusion Skullie helmet before trying it so as not to be influenced in my feelings. Good for me. I ride a modular every day, so I wasn't surprised by the weight. It even seemed quite light to me compared to my HJC Rpha 90 which weighs 1595g, according to my kitchen scale. The product sheet of dexter Fusion Skullie helmet says 1600g to the nearest 50g, and the helmet label on the back says 1650g +/- 50g.

So I was a little surprised when my scale indicated 1744 g, even though it is a size S, or 150 g more than advertised. So yes, from one scale to another there can be differences. But in any case, I don't know if it's because of the way the weight is distributed but it didn't seem heavy to carry. At no time did I feel any neck fatigue due to the weight of the helmet.

Ventilation that lacks air

We arrive at “why the Skullie helmet is sold at an ultra competitive price”. Unless €98.33, we cannot have everything either. You all know the saying about sticking to its salt. There are therefore necessarily a few points on which the dexter Fusion helmet will be less efficient than others.

This helmet is predisposed for the installation of a Pinlock, which is a good thing, but the Pinlock does not come with it. It has 3 vents, one at the chin guard and 2 on the top of each side of the helmet, an anti-swirl flap under the chin to prevent drafts and a breath deflector supposed to prevent fogging on the helmet. 'screen…

Despite all that, I was quite disappointed regarding the condensation. I strongly advise you to add a screen or an anti-fog treatment to the screen. I found that condensation formed very quickly in the helmet. When you open the chin guard vents, from 30-40 km/h, the mist evacuates but slowly, and as soon as you stop at a red light, you no longer see anything. And I haven't even tested it in cold weather yet, just a little chilly in the morning. So I drove whenever possible with the screen more or less open. But that assumes it's not too cold, and you don't drive too fast.

Noise, noise, too much noise

The big improvement for this headset, for me, is the noise. It is very poorly soundproofed. It hisses everywhere, including when the screen is closed. I tested it on NC750X, on which I have a high bubble, and on the CB650 of my man who is a naked. In town, it's not annoying, it's even almost good to be able to hear what's going on around you, but beyond 80-90 km/h it's hellish and at 130 I don't Don't even tell you about it. Unmanageable without earplugs, even with my bubble. But if you like to hear your engine purr, no worries, you will hear it XD.

Finishes and handling

Stickers and instructions

THE dexter Fusion helmet comes with a cover and regulatory reflective stickers. Small note, if you don't want to spoil the decoration of the helmet, I advise you to buy it in black.

I was surprised by the absence of instructions in the box. There is just a little box that gives you advice on the right helmet size. If you are used to it, you will have no problem removing your helmet or visor. For those who have this for the premier time, if you can't get the hang of it, go watch any tutorial on YouTube. It's more or less the same on all headsets.

Micrometric strap closure

This helmet closes with a very practical micrometric strap. The strap is a bit long, especially compared to an S helmet, but if it bothers you, you can always cut it. As long as you wipe the tip with a lighter so that it doesn't fray.

Handling while driving

The vents and sunscreen are easy to handle while riding, and well placed. On the other hand, the screen could have been better finished. It doesn't feel very solid when you handle it, and there are no notches when you open it. It's not pleasant to handle, there's a bit of play, and it feels like it's never really closed properly. But again, at this price...

Internal sunscreen

The internal sunscreen goes down quite low in the middle but could go down a little further on the sides. It has a slightly blue-gray color when you ride. And as with the majority of integrated sunscreens, you will notice a slight visual distortion which is vaguely perceptible but also not annoying when driving.

Chin guard opening

Regarding the opening of the chin guard, the screen will not follow automatically. So first remember to close the screen before raising the chin guard. Contrary to modular helmets that I had tried so far, you should not pull the chin guard opening button forward to open it but push it upwards. As if you want to tuck it into the helmet.

Disassembly and options

In principle, I tried dismantling the elements a little to see if it was simple or not. No surprise, it disassembles and reassembles normally. THE dexter Fusion helmet is designed to be worn with glasses. And it is predisposed to receive a Dexter brand intercom.

Is this Dexter Fusion helmet right for you?

Considering its price, which is its biggest asset, and its biggest drawback, soundproofing, I would say that the dexter Fusion helmet may interest you if you use your two-wheeler mainly for short urban journeys, to go to work for example, if you ride a scooter or if you are an occasional passenger and you do not want to spend several hundred euros in a helmet. Or, if you are a young licensee and you want to equip yourself at a low price because you have all the equipment to buy at once.


My opinion: a helmet that stands out from the competition in terms of quality/price ratio

Apart from its very cool design, the price remains THE big argument of this helmet. A modular helmet with sunscreen at this price, and beautiful, too, is still unbeatable.

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