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Jet Sena Savage helmet review

Sena Savage-a Jet with vintage design

“Life without music is simply a mistake.” I don't know if it's Nietzsche or Kev Adams, but I share this thought. And that's really the thing that makes me miss the wheeled box. Maybe even the only one. Power cruiser while listening to my favorite music. For several years now, this has been possible thanks to technology Bluetooth. Many equipment manufacturers offer various solutions that can be integrated into your favorite helmet, with varying degrees of discretion. Sena, one of the leaders in communication technologies for motorcycle helmets (bicycle or even free fall incidentally) offers us an all-in-one solution: the jet Sena Savage helmet

Sena, and it's easy!

THE sena Savage jet helmet embark with him on 10S module, perfectly integrated (especially the microphone) and offering extremely simple ergonomics. So certainly, the choice of name is frankly abus : Savage ! “Sober” or “Passe-Partout” would have been a choice more in line with its look, although less salesy.

But be careful, sober does not mean average. In this case, it is quite the opposite with this jet helmet from Sena .

From the moment you unbox it, you quickly understand that Sena isn't kidding: it's Christmas before its time. The helmet is already very well packaged (to preserve the matte finish). In addition, the box contains two caps, a robust and very practical explanatory booklet, as well as an inflatable helmet cushion and a USB type B data transfer cable.

Sena Savage jet helmet: contents of the box

Lots of gear in the box, and all of good quality

Thanks to the visors included, you can opt for a “style” look. Chips » and glare protection that is already very effective during the brightest hours, or for a more cross look with the long visor which will protect you from almost everything. I found that the long visor disrupted my field of vision, and despite the impeccable “bad boy” look, I opted for the short one which between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the summer served its purpose perfectly.

Sena Savage- a short visor that already protects a lot

The short visor is discreet but it already protects well from the sun

Sena Savage- cross visor, maxi sun protection

The cross visor is more imposing but changes the look and provides almost complete sun protection

Sena Savage jet helmet: a jet of quality !

Let us not forget the primary vocation of sena Savage jet helmet : it's a motorcycle helmet. Before judging its onboard electronics, let's focus on the qualities of this helmet, and its possible defects.

Sena Savage jet helmet: a Jet with a vintage design

A clean line for a modern and connected headset design

THE sena Savage jet helmet is a pure jet. By that, mean that it is sober and takes up the aesthetic codes of “vintage” jets. Namely: a shell with a fairly round shape, without spoiler or air inlet or outlet. A fairly stiff Double D strap, in any case less easy to handle than that of the Shoei JO or EX ZERO. Three frontal pressures to attach the visors provided or a screen such as the Dexter Bubble plucker.

The overall finish is free of defects. The matte finish combines class and sobriety. The interior is simply perfect: as long as you choose the right size, no hard spots, great softness and just perfect softness. So pay attention to the size : making L at Shark , Shoei , Nolan and LS2 and XL at HJC , we had to choose an M for this helmet. This is so that the foams fit my young face perfectly and the headphones sit exactly at the right distance from my earbuds.

Even worn?

Wearing a helmet is very pleasant. Its very light weight (just over 1100 g) and its soft interior make it addictive to wear, especially when your music-loving soul rears its ugly head. Visors are not a gadget and as long as you are not allergic to the look they give to this jet helmet, their ability to reduce the effects of too much light is astonishing.

Test of the Sena Savage jet helmet with Dexter 's Bubble

With Dexter 's bubble, in BadBoyAllBlack mode

But if you want a “ Total black über bad boy“, opt like me for the Dexter Bubble screen in dark tint. I no longer count the long, worried glances of the many asphalt convicts during this heatwave who, seeing me impassive at the red light, and serenely waiting for my 10 ponies to snort in a discreet noise, wondered what improbable Greek God was hiding. so under the Savage. A delight!

You will have understood, this jet helmet is well born and its vintage look (front, back and right side) will suit the majority of pilots, from refined custom to neo retro scoot. Especially since its modern characteristics (composite fiberglass shell, laser-cut interior and fully removable and washable) make it civilized.

Music Maestro!

It is on the left side of the helmet that Sena has placed the controls for the 10S kit. So this is where Terminator meets Fonzie. This FonzieNator effect is very natural. The integration is frankly happy and in my opinion justifies considering the purchase of this sena Savage jet helmet, even if you are not good at DIY and the integration of a kit yourself does not scare you.

In front of the jaw there is an endless wheel which will allow you, for example, to control the volume much more easily than on the Sena 3S set for example. The multiple selection button located behind the dial is smaller but easily manipulated with gloves. The different press sequences to select many features are quite difficult to learn, especially when switching from one Bluetooth system (3s) to another. But with a little practice, it's very playable.

What about the features?

So there, it’s Byzantium! The 10S kit is complete and efficient. It allows you to connect with several Bluetooth compatible devices simultaneously (mobile, GPS, MP3 player for example). You can manage the priority order of audio sources. The 10s also allows you to listen to FM radio with easy access to pre-selections.

It's also an intercom that will allow you to exchange your deepest thoughts (such as your bogus excuses about your poor performance as a driver, the loss of your Sandbag in the previous corner, or your ability to produce strings of beads). insults when you overestimated the grip of your tires). Being a lone wolf myself, and my peers looking more like pizza delivery guys than Johann Zarco, I wasn't able to test this feature. But the characteristics of the 10s allow a greater range and stability of the signal than a 3S for example.

Sena Savage jet helmet: the discreet blue-red LED and the two buttons

Rotary dial and selection button, the blue LED indicates that pairing is successful.

You can configure your sena Savage jet helmet, either by carrying out different manipulation sequences (guided by beeps) directly on the headset or via your PC. It is this last solution that I tested. Simple and quick, all you have to do is run software that you will find on the Sena website then connect your Savage to your PC using the cable provided at the appropriate time. You are guided step-by-step and updating the firmware is also very easy. For example, you can pre-select three quick access telephone numbers or your favorite radio stations.

Sena Savage jet helmet: detail of the double D buckle and the USB socket

Double D buckle for impeccable tightening and USB port for charging and updating

Quality of listening and restitution of the conversation

Overall, the sound quality is good. The bass, without being phenomenal, is better than on the 3S. The mids are very present and the highs can become unpleasant when you turn up the sound beyond what is reasonable. To give you an idea, heavily compressed music like FM tape plays better than songs with more “garage” production. In short, don't expect to savor the subtlety of a GodspeedYou!BlackEmperor or the power of a Mastodon in optimal listening conditions. However, I remember loving cruiser cushy night on the banks of the Saône listening a little Chris Isaac, with beautiful definition.

In terms of safety, I would like to reassure the most refractory among you. The audio information that reaches you via tHE sena Savage jet helmet never obscure other usual information (road traffic, noise from your engine, etc.). It's more like an additional audio "layer" but the latter is easy to understand, and it's more the handling of the device that risks distracting you, at least at first.

« Hello, guess where I'm calling you from« 

For the phone call part, everything worked very well. Pairing with the phone, once the settings are made, is automatic each time the device is powered on. jet helmet Sena. No loss of Bluetooth signal to deplore. The voice output of your interlocutor is clear, its volume is easily adjustable with a simple movement of the left hand. Your voice is perfectly transmitted and your interlocutor has almost no idea that you are breaking a timer when you dictate the shopping list. Above 80-90 km/h, due to the jet nature of the Savage and the absence of a screen, I was no longer able to wait properly for the conversation and the turbulence interfered with the reproduction of my voice. With the Bubble Dexter screen, you gain clarity as you lose aerodynamic noise.

If like me you have difficulty with Bluetooth kits for Jet and their boom microphone moumouté which dangles before your purpurine lips, you will consider purchasing this sena Savage jet helmet. The Jet is of very good quality, with its numerous accessories, and the 10s kit will meet the vast majority of your communication needs brilliantly. Of course, the lack of different finishes could put you off, but if sobriety doesn't scare you, this sena helmet will be your accomplice for musical escapades, dark confidences along the way or debriefing d'arsouilles live.

Sound quality4
Value for money3.5

My opinion: a quality Bluetooth pre-equipped jet ready to roll

The Sena Savage jet helmet allows those less DIY or those in a hurry to benefit from a very good jet helmet with a vintage look but modern design and materials, while benefiting from the technological prowess and ease of use of the 10S Kit from Sena . The absence of an unsightly boom microphone is a real plus, especially with the performance offered. A real pleasure that will make you wonder how you managed to do without this technology on a daily basis!

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