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Roof Boxxer helmet test

I have the difficult task of giving you my opinion on a legendary helmet. With a sharp look often copied. I give it to you in a thousand, the famous boxxer helmet. It's like a Boxer but with 2 Xs, the evolution of a model whose first version was released in 1995.

A helmet, I have loved helmets since I was very young. Probably because of the TV programs of my time where most of the heroes wore helmets. Some people collect shoes or hats, I collect helmets.

Roof is a French brand, created in the 90s in the south of France. In 1995, they released a modular helmet baptized Boxer. Its atypical look makes you look like a fighter plane pilot. One of its main features is its chin bar which pivots to the rear of the helmet, as well as its double approval integral (P) and jet (J).

This boxxer helmet is, since the creation of the original model, the 5th major development. Its design leaves no one indifferent.

Neat finishes and owner's tour

By taking out the boxxer helmet from its box, we immediately notice the care taken in its packaging. In addition to being stored in its cover, it is wrapped in protective foam.

Everything you need is provided in the pack. The essential retro-reflective stickers, pieces of foam to insert into the cap to better adjust it to your body shape and the anti-eddy bib, delivered unassembled. You will also find the headset user guide as well as a small tool allowing you to dismantle the screen if you need to.

The stock screen is a 50% semi-smoked screen. Intended for day and night use. The very rounded shape of the latter does not allow the use of a Pinlock, it is anti-fog and anti-scratch treated.

All breakdowns of the boxxer helmet can be closed. The one located on the top also controls the air extractor placed at the rear. On the front of the chin guard, two inlets are provided for defogging the screen while two others take care of ventilating your face. Two extractors are also provided to increase the air flow at facial level.

The chinstrap buckle (4 points for better support) is micrometric.

I note that the paint and varnish are of very good quality, and the plastics and joints fit perfectly well. There is no play when handling the different elements.

Evolution or Revolution

To make this model last, Roof has made it evolve. No big change, the look still remains the same, apart from a few details. I note two big improvements.

Most of the work done is on the chin guard attachment system in the full position. In the past on the Roof Boxer, you had to clip a snap button on each side for it to be closed. With the boxxer helmet new generation, it's automatic. You tilt the chin guard forward and you hear the locking click.

To open it, it's just as simple. With one hand, you release the attachment system by applying pressure on each of the famous lugs located on each side of the chin guard.

The second important change is the improvement of the screen seal. No more foam gasket that lets air and water pass through. On the boxxer helmet, we have a rubber gasket that fits the screen perfectly.

Whether the screen is lowered when you fold down the chin guard or whether it is lowered with the chin guard closed, the seal fits the screen perfectly and therefore provides perfect water and airtightness.

Jet or integral

As I said in the preamble, the boxxer helmet benefits from double approval. On the chinstrap label, you will find the words (J) for jet and (P) for full. You can ride your chin bar in the rear position without worrying about the law (and insurance).

In terms of size, with a head circumference of 56/57 depending on my haircut, I regularly find myself between an S and an M depending on the brand. I ordered size 57 (S/M). It is slightly too big, but a size smaller would have been too small. Therefore, I used the additional foam provided to reduce the vacant space around the head circumference.

If you want to adapt the boxxer helmet to your body shape, there is still the possibility of ordering thicker or thinner cheek pads by calling customer service.

Ready to take off

The helmet is put on with a raised chin guard, so there is no problem putting it on. To attach the boxxer helmet, nothing is simpler than a micrometric loop.

When the helmet is new, the chin guard and the screen tend to “force” very slightly and move at the same time. After a few days of use, this tendency fades.

When I switch from jet mode to full mode and vice versa, I tend to close or open the vents located on the chin guard. In this winter season, I mounted the bib under the chin. It's a little annoying when closing, but it's a helping hand.

The anti-fog treatment of the screen is not as effective as a Pinlock. However, with the weather conditions this January (rain and cold), I didn't experience a lot of fogging. While driving, no worries on that front, the ventilation plays their role very well.

For this treatment to work best, make sure that the screen is always clean on the inside. Otherwise there remains the possibility of passing a anti-fog spray in order to strengthen protection.

Ventilations of the Boxxer helmet

The ventilation allowing the defogging of the screen is effective, no problem on this side. The same goes for those allowing an additional supply of air to the face.

However, I am disappointed with the one placed on the top of the helmet. The latter does not provide a big advantage in terms of ventilation, but it does greatly increase the noise level inside.

Also, the sliders of all these ventilations are difficult to handle with gloves, even the thinnest ones intended for the summer season.

Let's also talk about the aerodynamics of the boxxer helmet. In full configuration, it is well profiled, it does not move and allows you to perform lateral controls without forcing the neck. In jet mode, as long as the head remains straight, there is no problem. It is when you turn your head that you feel the presence of the chin bar.

In use

I still have a little trouble believing that I can ride with the helmet in the jet position. I'm missing something. In addition, above 50 km/h, the influx of air on a roadster prevents me from breathing properly. So I reserve this mode when I'm in town. This summer, it will surely be nicer than in the middle of winter.

I really like the semi-smoked screen supplied originally, it slightly protects from the sun without hindering night vision. It exists optional completely clear or much smoker screens.

For the weight, the boxxer helmet is made of fiberglass. Thus, it is given for 1,600 g, i.e. in the low average for modular helmets. A version " carbon » with other colors is available. This version brings nothing more than a gain in weight.

Note, however, that it is lighter than the ROOF Desmo tested here by Loïc. But it is not intended for the same use, the Desmo is intended for more road use while the Boxxer will be more urban and extra urban.

As for noise, it's modular: don't expect a silence worthy of a high-end road integral. I would say it's reasonable for this type of helmet. It is similar to the same noise as on a “sport” integral. Bring hearing protection for long journeys.

I would have liked Roof to let loose a little more on the decorations of the boxxer helmet. As long as you want to have a helmet with a sharp look, you might as well do it thoroughly. I am nostalgic for the past decorations of the old Boxers.

And the intercom in all this?

Obviously, since I tested thesENA 3OK intercom, I find it hard to do without it. So I mounted one of the modules on the boxxer helmet. The results are mixed, the space for headphones is not optimal. Even removing small moss.

The intercom module must be placed well back due to the rotating chin bar. I tried with the boom and half boom microphone, but the proximity of it to the face means you have to move it every time you manipulate it.

It's complicated, but it's still possible.


The Boxxer helmet, we like it or not

One thing is certain, it does not leave you indifferent! In addition to its look, comfort, weight and soundproofing which are average for modular models, its price and finishes are in the superior range. A good helmet to reserve for your urban and extra-urban journeys if you are looking for a look out of the ordinary.

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