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SHARK Street Drak “Zarco Replica” helmet review

Before starting this article, I must tell you a secret. Carried by the euphoria of the holidays, I let myself be seduced by a new mount in December... Indeed, after more than 3 years spent on the handlebars of various models in the Triumph range, I recently took charge of the 'Austria. Santa Claus, absolute fan of two-wheelers, and with whom I communicate regularly via social networks, got wind of the information... This is how this dear red man decided to bring me the helmet best suited to my new motorcycle: the shark Street Drak helmet ! Knowing my passion for MotoGP , our favorite bearded man selected the “Zarco Replica” version, recently entered into the catalog.

Not necessarily excited about the idea of ​​carving the route in negative temperatures (let's not forget that this is a jet helmet disguised), I finally listened to my childish heart which begged me to go for a walk with this brand new toy. Want to know what I thought? Follow me !

You have the Jojo look!

To be sure to stand out in the race, each driver takes care of the design of their helmet. Obviously, Johann Zarco is no exception to this rule. Partner of the Frenchman since his arrival in the World Championship, Shark for several years now, it has been offering a “replica” livery of its top-of-the-range sports car, the Race-R. Recently, the shark Street Drak helmet also benefits from 3 “Zarco replica” variations.

If the basic visual remains the same, you have the choice between a varnished version and two matte shades. In all cases, the visual identity is respected. So, while the rising sun is present on the front, we find the multicolored lettering on the back. These are overlooked by the number five, decorated with two stars, symbolizing the two World Champion titles acquired by Johann in the intermediate category. Only the Monster logos are not present (that's good, I'm not particularly a fan of advertising posters...), but the essential is there and the term "Replica" is not misused.

Style-wise, the shark Street Drak helmet remains faithful to its predecessor. Thus, we find the plastic mask seeming to come straight from the Star Wars universe. This is associated with a pair of motocross-style glasses with a slightly tinted screen. When unpacking, the 3 elements are delivered separately. You must first attach the mask to the glasses using two plastic tabs. Everything is attached to the helmet thanks to two strong elastic bands directly embedded on the sides of the external shell.

Chase away the natural

After having (at length) detailed the shark Street Drak helmet, let's talk about serious things. Head for the road! Thursday, 8 a.m. The dashboard of my Duke shows 2°C, and a light rain dampens my Normandy countryside... However, I am as happy as a kid at the idea of ​​leaving to try the premier spray of my life!

As soon as I put it on, my bearings as a full-face helmet wearer are undermined. Where an integral almost systematically requires passing your hand between the foam and the cheeks in order to feel comfortable, the shark helmet comes into place without difficulty. Furthermore, the space available in front of the nose seems immense... Once again, it is an open helmet on which a molded plastic mask has just been placed. We are a thousand miles from the feeling of confinement felt in the HJC RPHA 70, tested last year, and whose muffler touched the tip of my nose.

Still on the subject of small gestures to forget, ride with the shark Street Drak helmet made me realize how much I tend to “play” with my visors! In this case, don't plan to clear your head by waiting at a red light... Nothing is moving! In fact, mask and glasses remain in place. For me, who doesn't necessarily consider riding a sports roadster while wearing the helmet in its "jet" configuration, I can't wait to hit the road in high heat just to see if it remains livable.

A jet… which throws!

We saw it, this shark Street Drak helmet has a lot of sympathy thanks to its very assertive look... However, if the style allows you to trigger a favorite purchase, having a headset that is pleasant on a daily basis often remains a priority.

Let's start with a good note: the shark Street Drak helmet offers good air management in winter. Worn with a mid-thickness neckband covering up to the nose, I never felt the cold sensation on my face. The front face, despite the mesh vents located on the mask, does not let in too large a volume of air. By the way, please note that these famous vents are not equipped with adjustment flaps. Only one controllable air intake is available. Located at the top of the helmet, it is easy to handle thanks to its imposing size.

Let's continue our distribution of good points by focusing on the sound insulation of the shark Street Drak helmet. Once again, Shark did things well. I was afraid of traveling outside urban areas on the handlebars of my Duke (which offers no protection... Roadster obliges...), and I was wrong. Certainly, we are far from the silence that reigns in my Shoei NXR. However, driving at 80 km/h is not an ordeal. The noise is largely bearable and fans of ear plugs will probably find what they are looking for there.

Despite its thermoplastic resin design, Shark managed to contain the weight of shark Street Drak helmet around the symbolic kilo. Indeed, with 1050 g announced, it turns out to be lighter than one of its main rivals: the Scorpion Exo -fight (1300 g).

The Shark Street Drak helmet: safe… but not as much as a full face

You knew me hesitant about the effectiveness of biker sneakers compared to boots... Here I am tortured again when it comes to talking about the level of security offered by the shark Street Drak helmet.

To be honest, and despite the fact that this helmet has made me dream since its release, I was unable to erase from my mind the fact that it is a jet. Without offending this very popular category of urban customers, it is obvious that in the event of a fall or frontal impact, the jaw finds itself very exposed. However, the injected plastic shell exudes solidity. Although this material is less noble and heavier than fiber, its robustness no longer needs to be proven. THE shark Street Drak helmet offers two shell sizes to adapt to all body types.

As usual, I quickly move on to the micrometric buckle... Those who have already seen one of my tests know that I am not enthusiastic about this method of closure. Allowing quick and simple handling, for me it remains behind the solidity of a traditional double-D buckle.

Driving safely also requires a good perception of the road environment. In the case of shark Street Drak helmet, the motocross type mask offers correct visibility. Less wide than a traditional screen, it has the advantage of fitting to your face and thus limiting fogging. After several hundred kilometers in the rain, in the fog or in cold weather, I never managed to fault the glasses.

Interior Comfort4.5

My opinion: don't limit yourself to its beautiful plastic!

If the Shark Street Drak helmet catches the eye thanks to its decidedly offbeat look, it would be simplistic to focus only on its plastic. Indeed, this jet helmet equipped with a mask and a pair of glasses is capable of accompanying you on a daily basis, whatever the weather. Tested in all weathers, it has never disappointed me. Therefore, we will forgive its level of protection naturally lower than that of a full body, and fans of the genre will appreciate the fact of being able to ride with their noses in the air during the summer period!

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