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ICON Variant QuickSilver helmet, American class

Since 2011, the iCON Variant helmet, with its extraordinary look, fantasizes a lot of bikers… Of which I am one. But beyond the look, does the Variant helmet of the american brand ICON is a good helmet? I invite you to read these few lines to give you an opinion on this version, the ICON Variant QuickSilver helmet.

ICON Variant QuickSilver helmet, to be different

The great particularity of iCON Variant QuickSilver helmet is its atypical look. It is very difficult to go unnoticed with this helm on your head. When you ask passers-by, some think of a helmet from a video game, others of a paintball helmet, and even some think that we are from the future. It's true that ICON is renowned for creating extraordinary equipment for extraordinary bikers.

Out of the norm, not so much, because it iCON helmet meets European, American, Australian and Japanese standards. Suffice it to say that it passed the majority of conformity tests with flying colors. And when it comes to safety, you have to look at your guts.

American onion

An onion has several layers. THE iCON Variant QuickSilver helmet also. Its outer shell is made of no less than three different materials: fiberglass, polyethylene fiber and carbon fiber. On paper, it's strong. I didn't have the audacity to jump off my moving motorbike to check, you'll excuse me. But in my opinion, it is not for nothing that ICON is one of the favorite brands of practitioners of stunt motorbike…

The internal shell offers double density to ensure better absorption of violent shocks. And as that wasn't enough, the ICON Variant helmet offers an oval shape which makes this full face helmet more pleasant to wear.

Once planted on your head the iCON Variant QuickSilver helmet locks with an efficient double-D buckle. Easy to put on once you get used to it, even if it's easier without gloves, let's admit it.

ICON Variant, a bay window with a view of the road

This helmet offers an exceptional field of vision thanks to its immense bubble. You can see very well on the sides, top and bottom. Perfect on this point. Indeed, I could have suffered from vision distortions, but in fact not at all. No matter where one looks through the visor, all proportions of objects remain unchanged.

Variants of visors

THE iCON Variant Quicksilver helmet comes with two visors. A perfectly transparent one which is ideal for riding in winter as well as at night, then a dark smoke which I do not recommend using during the months which end in "bre". A little anecdote about the smoked visor, I went to a relative's house at the beginning of the afternoon, where the visor protected my eyes from a radiant sun. When I returned, I looked classy in the eyes of the night walkers. Thanks to this dark look offered by the helmet and this dark smoke visor style bad boy, I roamed the dark streets on my black mount. To be honest, I couldn't see so much that I had to ride with my visor open. You have been warned.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror!

Note that for those who want an even more assertive look, ICON has created a whole bunch of iridium visors in Ramen colors. When I found out about this, I immediately ordered the silver iridium visor, the one that gives a mirror effect. After all, with a helmet like that, you might as well go all out. I have to tell you that the look of iCON Variant QuickSilver helmet equipped with its iridium chrome visor becomes more than badass. I'll let you judge from the photos.

Handmade ICON Variant QuickSilver Helmet

The particularity of this QuickSilver color lies in the fact that the metal gray paint is applied with a brush. A closer look reveals the manual labor very clearly. I really like all these details, these brushstrokes which make my helmet perfectly unique. From a distance, we have the impression of seeing a helmet worn out by hours of adventure and adventures, whereas the helmet is new, freshly taken out of its box, ready for adventure.

Upon unboxing, I was very pleasantly surprised at the care taken in manufacturing the ICON Variant. The helmet is very well finished, the details are numerous, the finishes are neat. Without kidding, it exudes quality. Well done ICON !

And can we ride with it?

But of course ! THE iCON Variant QuickSilver helmet is a helmet with a half-urban, half-adventure look. Ready for adventure, whether home-professional or roadtrip-weekendesque, the Variant knows how to do it for the comfort of the biker. During the first few hundred kilometers, I felt discomfort in my jaws. I felt cramped. Then the annoying effect faded, and comfort set in for a long time.

The clear visor and the other smoke are covered with an anti-fog treatment, itself helped by an ergo which returns the outside air against the inside of the visor. The system is relatively effective up to around 10 degrees Celsius. You won't have a problem at this temperature.

Below this temperature, I saw some fog spots appear on the inside of the visor, despite the vents being open. It must be said that I had put the little bib to slide at chin level to avoid swirls. Braving the impossible, I removed this bib at less than 10 degrees for you. And as my face very clearly felt the cool air covering it, I noticed that the fogging was no longer a problem.

The silver iridium visor is more sensitive to fogging than its light and smoke counterparts. I therefore advise you to favor the use of the original visors for everyday use.

Get some fresh air with the ICON Variant

With this iCON Variant QuickSilver helmet, we benefit from a range of possibilities regarding air circulation. You have adjustments on the top of the helmet, on the front and also the famous anti-eddy bib. With all this, the ICON Variant is also suitable for use in direct sunlight at temperatures close to 30 degrees. In these conditions, you will be able to greatly ventilate your head thanks to the flow of air passed easily through the helmet.

For more wintery temperatures, it goes without saying that the bib to slide over the chin becomes essential to limit icy turbulence. I can therefore assure you of the ability of the ICON Variant to be a good companion for those who always ride with an assertive style.

Planned for all route variants?

With the ICON Variant, I was able to cover all types of journeys, whether in a roadster oldschool or modern trail running.

On the highway, the ICON Variant QuickSilver helmet is comfortable. With its oval shape, it provides good air penetration. The spoiler at the back of the helmet filters turbulence relatively well. The presence of the cap on the forehead of the helmet generates a thrust on the pilot's face at 130 km/h but nothing tiring for me. I was very surprised by the soundproofing of the helmet, which I judge to be good in relation to its design.

In the city, the ICON Variant QuickSilver helmet is comfortable, and its wide field of vision is a blessing for reacting to all eventualities. The weight of almost 1.7 kg is not felt that much, thanks to good distribution. We turn our heads without a second thought and without fear of a stiff neck.

Offroad, the limit comes from fogging, because off-road requires a little more effort than the road. Which implies an increase in the rate of breathing and therefore, quite logically, the formation of fogging. I experimented with removing the visor completely. Small aside: it is very easy to change visors, and a screwdriver key ring is provided to help you. So I was saying, it is possible to put on a small cross -country mask with the ICON Variant by completely dismantling the visor. The look is strange but I found the DIY effective.

Ventilation efficiency4.5

My opinion: the ICON Variant helmet is a very good all-round helmet

Its look does not leave one indifferent, we love it or we hate it. I adore ! This ICON helmet is comfortable thanks to its removable foam, its large field of vision and its numerous vents. The fact that it exists in many variations of colors and decorations is a plus so that there is something for everyone. Its different visors to perfect your look are an asset for those who want customization on their protective equipment. The ICON Variant helmet has been around for more than 7 years, it's also a guarantee of quality and success. I hope that my test has allowed you to see more clearly about the ICON Variant. Take care of yourself, ride in style and safely ;)

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