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Dainese Nexus sports boots test

Are you more of a roadster, sports car or sport-GT? Whatever your answer, Dainese Nexus boots are for you! Racing-inspired, but above all designed for the road, they won us over with their comfort. Our verdict in detail after testing.

If you are a regular at Dainese collections, the Nexus may look familiar to you. These boots are in fact the most accessible variation of Dainese Torque Out Boots on Motoblouz, the racing model from the famous Italian manufacturer. If they are similar in appearance, their design turns out to be fundamentally different, and for good reason: the Nexus' playground is above all the road! And as a result, their biggest asset, as this test allowed us to see, is comfort much greater than that offered by ski boots boots dedicated to the track…

Great gear, the Dainese Nexus

But what stands out when you take them out of their box is undoubtedly their stylish look. What a face, the Dainese Nexus! Visually reassuring with their powerful reinforcements but nevertheless slender, they score points in terms of style. And it's not the finish that matches what the Italian manufacturer offers that lowers the level. A very nice product! Only the red, which is more fluorescent than Ducati red, will perhaps not be unanimously accepted. But let its detractors rest assured, this is only one of the colors available.

A zip and onward!

Okay, enough procrastinating on the color, let’s put them on! Here, no tightening tab to adjust each time you put them on. You slip your foot inside, zip and go! It is the zip itself, located at the back, which is mounted on velcro, so that you can adjust the boot according to your calf size. Once it is Velcroed to the correct diameter, you no longer have to touch it, a plus for ease of donning and the lifespan of the Velcro. When it comes to size, take the one that usually suits you, it will go cream (model in photo: 45).

Good balance of flexibility/protection

Inside the Nexus, we feel good. Dainese has clearly found a good balance between safety and flexibility for you, bikers who enjoy more or less sporty road trips, with why not an outing once a year on the circuit as a bonus. Made from durable microfiber, toe caps with replaceable sliders, selector reinforcements, foam shells on the shins, reinforced soles and heels, it's serious stuff. And above all, the Dainese Nexus inherits the D-Axial, the ankle joint system which allows the boot not to hinder walking, while preventing twisting, hyperextension and preserving the malleolus in the event of a mess. .

The D-Axial, a convincing system

The polyurethane tibial reinforcement extends into two legs, which articulate at ankle height on a ball joint fixed in the upper. With the help of the maxi-gusset at the front and the elastic textile on each side of the upper, the movement of the ankle feels natural. The proof ? They don't squeak! For comparison, it took me weeks of break-in to soften the leather of my personal road boots to this level. And their record in terms of protection is very meager compared to that of the Nexus.

For the road, especially

In short, all this means that your feet are well protected within the Nexus. For approval fans, they are certified as PPE, according to the EN 13634 standard of 2010. However, if you happen to ride on a circuit regularly, greater overall rigidity to cope with the high speeds reached will be welcome. In this matter, the Dainese TR-Course Out boot, on Motoblouz and their more protective ankle reinforcements will undoubtedly better suit your needs!

Top ergonomics

And what does that look like on the bike? Flexibility pays off right away. You immediately feel at home in the Nexus. The sole offers good grip on the footrests, as well as on the ground (reassuring when maneuvering with the engine off). The tip of the foot is thin and narrow, a very appreciable plus in terms of ergonomics for manipulating the selector, even if it caused me a few false neutral points the first kilometers – you don't change habits like that! Even after a non-stop day, comfort is never compromised: no discomfort, hard spots or anything else. After a few weeks of use, I see nothing to report to you. Come on, for the sake of conscience, I will point out that the heel shell is marked a little on the inside due to friction against the footrest plate. Did you say normal?

Cons: Um…

The rain itself did not cause any inconvenience. These boots, oscillating between sport and tourism, have no membrane, and yet did not give up in the downpour. From there to cut 900 bollards in winter conditions without flinching, there is a step that I would not take. But it will certainly save you from the drain you will take when leaving work. The downside: they are not very breathable, so in the middle of summer, the 3D lining which ensures a minimum of air circulation will certainly have its limits.

Practical aspects4

Our opinion: The best of both worlds

Comfortable, reassuring and well thought out, the Dainese Nexus boots confirm their DNA as both sporty and road, and seem to get the best of both worlds. They will therefore be able to demonstrate their qualities when you go to work on a motorbike as well as during your big gas rides, or even during outings on the track as long as they remain occasional.

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Editor and tester for Motoblouz , I am an unconditional fan of roads with bends. For me, the motorcycle is a means of escape as well as a means of transport.


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  1. Alban GIRARD August 7, 2017 at 10:42 p.m. Answer

    Hello Loïc,

    I have already posted following your tests on the Forma Safari boots and the Metzeler Roadtec 01 tires.
    It turns out that my feelings correspond well to your conclusions in both cases.
    Being in search of sport-touring motorcycle boots for my Street Triple roadster, I said to myself: hey, Loïc may have done a conclusive test on this type of equipment. And bam I come across the Nexus! Exactly what I'm looking for, a sporty look but not overly technical for road use. Certainly my Forma Safari have done the job for more than 7 1/2 years but then in terms of style we will come back. As for protection, following a fall I had a hematoma at the back of the heel due to the absence of a real shell and it still lacks the lateral rigidity that we have the right to expect from any boot (lack of ankle support)
    Just reading your review motivated my purchase of the Nexus and I will not fail to give my opinion here once I have a little perspective. Reading you in any case, these Nexus are really good. When the rating approaches 9/10 we can go there with our eyes closed I think. Visually I just have doubts about the lifespan of the rubber sole given the thinness. On the other hand, the feeling with the footrests and the controls must be pretty good!

    • Loic August 8, 2017 at 11:28 Answer

      Hello Alban,

      Thank you for your feedback. Very happy that the #EnjoyTheRide tests are useful and help undecided bikers make their choice!
      You will not be disappointed with the Dainese Nexus. They are comfortable and protective, which matches road use. As for the lifespan of their soles, I will be sure to edit the review if I notice anything. Anyway, your feedback is welcome on Motoblouz – product reviews or comments here 😉
      Good road !


      • Alban GIRARD August 17, 2017 at 3:51 p.m. Answer

        Hello Loïc,

        So I was able to try these Nexus on a few walks and indeed, not disappointed. Chosen in size 43 like my city shoes and no bad surprises: feet well supported on the sides, a little space in front of the toes, perfect for delaying piquette when the weather is colder. Compared to my Forma Safari, what grip on the sole! I have metal toe clips without a rubber overlay and the boots are literally taped to the toe clips. The little inconvenience in return? Forced to lift my foot to get the selector where I just had to slide my foot forward with my 100% Touring boots.

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