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Furygan Get Down Sneaker Review

Furygan Get Down - A sneaker look

The look of furygan Get Down sneakers immediately appealed to me when I had to choose a product to try for #EnjoyTheRide. I love the casual look and street of these shoes specialized in the practice of two-wheelers as the so-called racing products.

My order placed on Friday, I received my package from Motoblouz on Saturday. Can we say that these are sneakers that run fast? Also, the name of these sneakers from Furygan, Get Down, may be reminiscent of the Netflix series of the same name: a series based on hip-hop culture. And when you look at the urban look of these shoes, there is no doubt that the designers at Furygan were indeed inspired by hip-hop culture and urban sports like basketball or skateboarding.

test Furygan Get Down sneakers

Only one color but two pairs of laces!

THE furygan Get Down sneakers are only available in one color mixing white, black and red. And, icing on the cake, you have two pairs of laces included in the box. Black or white, you will have to make a choice on the laces otherwise, as some of those around me advised me, one of each and presto! Yes but in this case, what color on which foot? I'll let you decide!

Afterwards, the eyelets are of good quality, the laces can be changed in no time. You are free to change regularly.

In terms of look, coupled with motorcycle jeans and a sporty jacket like the Furygan raptor evo 2 which I'm testing at the moment, I find the whole thing not bad. This mix of sporty and casual style.

Out of the box for the Furygan Get Down sneakers

The perfect size

I ordered my usual size, and they fit me like a glove. Sorry, like slippers. Flute, I meant… like sneakers! Let's stop the puns and focus on this essay, shall we?

To put on the furygan Get Down sneakers, I have to open them carefully, which wastes a little time. And since they are still new, the density of the foam prevents me from tightening them as I like. On the other hand, they are super comfortable! Let's not exaggerate either: not like real sneakers. THE furygan Get Down sneakers remain motorcycle sneakers, developed for the safety of your little feet on two wheels. Worst case scenario, do what I did and replace the insole with a softer one. You will lose a little feeling on the controls but you will gain a bit of comfort.

interior of Furygan Get Down sneakers

Furygan get down sneakers: Back to the Future

No, not like Marty's but almost 😉

In terms of wear, not much to say about the furygan Get Down sneakers. After a month of “mistreatment” on my part, I think I can say that they will last a long time. The only small black spot, which will age more quickly, is the top of the left shoe (unless you ride a scooter or a DCT box). Otherwise, you still have the shoe protection, it's ugly but practical.

Unfortunately, all motorcycle shoes that do not have a rubber reinforcement are subject to this problem. And honestly, placing one would have made these wonders ugly.

aging of Furygan Get Down sneakers

Daily use

The use I reserve for furygan Get Down sneakers is especially for daily use for going to work, in town or for a short improvised stroll.

Safe, they have reinforcements in D3o. You know, that orange material, light and flexible, which hardens upon impact. In addition, the outer material is designed to resist abrasion.

A waterproof and breathable membrane is included, which is nice during an unforeseen downpour on your route. Used in temperatures between 9°C and 22°C, I was neither hot nor cold.

I've read a review or two online that the soles of these Furygan sneakers tend to slip. I'm surprised, on the contrary I found that the grip on the asphalt is really very good. Likewise on my motorcycle, no problem on my footrests, they hold up well.

THE feeling with the controls of my motorcycle is perfect. Very good feelings! I know perfectly where I am and I manage to properly measure the force applied to each action.

test Furygan Get Down sneakers


See the product sheet

Quality / Finish5
Easy to put on4.3
Sole grip4.9

My opinion: it’s absolutely beautiful!

A very successful look that perfectly matches what I'm looking for for my leisurely walks and outings. In addition, the waterproof side helps keep at least one area dry during unexpected downpours. Just like the feeling of security brought by the reinforcements in D3o . The grip, as well as the sensations on the controls, are perfect. Furygan Get Down, Let's Go!

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