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Forma ADV Tourer Women's Boot Review

Testing the forma ADV Tourer boots

Let it be said, it is not easy to find adventure/trail boots for women. THE forma ADV Tourer boots are the only ones offered by Motoblouz . Clearly, I had no choice.

That said, this limited choice turned out to be perfect: these motorcycle boots for women are sober, super comfortable, protective. Everything we ultimately ask them (if you want more details, you can also read the rest of the article).

Finally, women’s boots… sober

Choosing a pair of women's boots is never easy. Honestly: why always this need to wear pink, heels or flowers? Can't we, in 2020, create boots for women that don't give the impression that women like pink, floral, or fussy. Especially on a pair of adventure boots, guys. A trail boot is a trail boot, it does not need to have a gender depending on whether it is intended for a man or a woman. I was on the verge of going to buy boots from the men's, but I'm a size 36, and there's nothing very advanced in the children's. BRIEF. Closed parentheses.

THE forma ADV Tourer boots are rather sober. In the adventurer style, with a mix of oiled full-grain leather and suede leather, and a very thick sole. Moreover, it is a special adventure riding/touring sole in natural rubber according to the product sheet. Completely black... with some floral prints on the inside and the little notion “ Lady » which could therefore have been avoided. But it remains quite discreet. It's been almost a year since I received them and I wear them for our long roadtrips and other weekends on the track. Quite honestly, I prefer them today to be very dirty and dusty than when I received them. So I think they will age very well.

forma boot soles

Comfort in any situation

Once the “aesthetic” and general aspect was covered, I rushed to try them because ultimately, this is our main fear when buying motorcycle boots online: are they comfortable?

YES. The answer is yes, the forma ADV Tourer boots are super comfortable. I remember testing them on the track behind my faithful sidekick as soon as I received them: no problem. They are supple from the first wrinkles. They are also relatively flexible for walking. But don't expect to be able to do a 2-3 hour hike. I don't think I have a RoboCop approach, I sometimes even have the impression that they give me a little momentum like a good pair of sneakers. They are great on motorbikes and on foot.

forma adv tourer boots in all situations

The only discomfort occurs when it is hot. My feet tend to swell, and I feel like the boot is shrinking (like a lot). Which inevitably makes them less comfortable. Apparently, and according to the product sheet, they have internal polymer padding with shape memory... Which perhaps increases this feeling of being confined when my feet swell. But remember, I had the same problem with my falco Dany half boots. I think I just have to get used to the idea that when the temperatures rise and the terrain gets difficult, my feet swell (but I still look sexy since my boots are flowery).

They can therefore lose comfort in high heat. In case of very cold weather, however, they remain extremely comfortable. We almost want to keep them because they can keep you warm. I just saw that the front and back areas of the calf are padded, hence the comfort and warmth. In case of rain (never tested yet), they have a tubular DRYTEX membrane. Honestly, just by appearance alone, I have complete confidence in this membrane. I will let you know what happens if I encounter rain on my way.

using and testing adventure forma boots

The Forma ADV Tourer boots, shaped for the track (and adventure)

Let's finally move on to what really interests us: what are the forma ADV Tourer boots on the track or at least on the road? I have never felt so safe.

Max and I have a habit of throwing ourselves into the sand… Luckily, so far we've never fallen anywhere other than the sand, so the fall remains gentle. Before these forma boots, I raised my legs all the time on difficult terrain to prevent the motorcycle from trapping my feet and injuring me when I fell. With the Forma , I admit I no longer feel the need to lift my legs. Which, if you drive your own motorbike, is rather reassuring! Driving with your legs up, I've never seen that. Also, I already found myself on the ground (or rather, in the sand) with my foot stuck between the motorcycle and the terrain: no problem, no immediate hospitalization.

It must be said that they are rather well equipped to face the terrain (or the road): they are relatively high, and cover the ankle and part of the shin well. They also have molded and injected TPU protections on the ankles and shins. There is also a polyurethane selector protector, and finally there is a protection made of (I don't know what material) at the buckle. At less than €196.67, I think they are great in terms of protection.

forma boots

Putting on / taking off

This is perhaps their only “slight” fault. These forma ADV Tourer boots are equipped with a buckle then two Velcro straps (one of which folds into a loop). I admit that I always have a little trouble closing the loop properly. Not because it turns out to be too hard, but as if something was preventing it from fixing perfectly. I don't know where it comes from, but I always do it 2-3 times to close the loop and hear that reassuring "click". However, as far as getting your foot in and out of the shoe is concerned, it's fine. Max doesn't always have to help me take off my shoes after a day's trail... And putting them on is never very dreaded.

buckles and closures forma boots


See the product sheet

Waterproofing 4.8
Practicality 4.3

My opinion: a “forced” choice but never regretted

As I said, I didn't really have a choice: the Forma ADV Tourer boots were the only adventure model, sober and accessible on Motoblouz . But they are perfect (or almost perfect)! Comfortable, rather sober and aesthetic, well finished, and above all, I think they will accompany me for a few more years. I trust them and am not afraid to take them everywhere with me. And that's the main thing.

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