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Test of DRX Lagerta half boots

My touring boots having given up the ghost after my road trip to Scotland last year, I left this year with the dXR Lagerta half boots at the feet. They already have a great Viking name badass, I adore. Lagerta for Sonya la Rouge 😀 I would like to take this opportunity to salute the efforts of the Motoblouz own brand which offers more and morewomen's motorcycle equipment. I left in August for a simple little tour of France, Covid obliged. The weather was hot and stormy. There were two challenges these shoes faced: scorching heat and violent thunderstorms.

Aesthetics of DXR Lagerta half boots

In the photo, these motorcycle boots looked quite urban. When you see them in real life, they are a little thinner than they appear. They look a bit like Dr. Martens, with slightly thick ankles, which is unfortunately unavoidable. If you manage to find motorcycle boots that make your ankles look like a sylph, it's probably because they don't have reinforcements and I invite you to move on.

So, to come back to our dXR Lagerta half boots : certainly, they are more substantial than your city leather ankle boots but they will still go unnoticed with any casual jeans. The slim will go inside, the straight and the boot cut over the shoe. It's a shame, however, that they are only available in black.

These dXR boots have a gear selector reinforcement to extend their lifespan. This detail will immediately identify you as a biker to “connoisseurs”. For others, this small addition can pass as an original design element. There are some on both boots, so that it is symmetrical, obviously. I want to say that I really appreciate this little piece of leather which shows that DXR has thought about motorcyclists and not just passengers.


So there, I was really blown away. Going on a trip with new boots didn't reassure me much. A fan of beautiful shoes and a fan of stiletto heels, I know what it's like to have sore feet in new shoes. The leather remained a little stiff the premier day and then they became real slippers. Soft inside, comfortable on the bike as well as in pedestrian mode. The downside of this flexibility of cowhide leather is that there will very quickly be slight fold marks that will appear. But hey, these are not gala shoes, they have to live.

These dXR Lagerta half boots are zipped on the side, so no need to tie and untie the laces. Also, a Velcro tab wraps the top of the zipper. This Velcro is well made, it does not cling to the fabric of your pants or the other leg when you walk as I have noticed on other models.

The gusset is just wide enough to fit your foot through, so there are no annoying creases in your shoe when closed. The downside is that I had a little trouble putting them on, and that's the one and only small criticism I can make of his shoes. But it's also because I have a pretty strong instep. Not a “kick”, I specify. I don't kick anyone, even our scooter friends. The “neck” of the foot. This is the bump in the middle of your foot above the arch of your foot. You do not have any ? You will therefore have no problem putting on these dXR Lagerta half boots.


These shoes are of course CE approved. If the subject interests you, I invite you to read themotoservices article on motorcycle equipment standards. Otherwise, to give you a summary for the shoes: you must of course have the little biker logo, that's the basis. Then, slightly more serious manufacturers have their PPE product certified, which is a non-mandatory standard. This is the EN13634 mention for the shoes you see there. The figures below correspond to the certification level in relation to abrasion resistance. There are 2 levels. THE lagerta boots are level 2 overall (the premier number), level 1 for ankle protection (the second number) and level 2 for shin protection and waterproofing. There you go, you know everything.

Breathe in breathe out

Do you remember the challenge? Heat and storm. I admit that I was especially afraid of swimming very quickly in my juice when I saw that the interior was made of polyester, and also thick. I immediately thought “ Oh yeah, but these are boots for winter, actually!“. Well, I was very surprised that it wasn't hotter than that in the middle of August. Sometimes I wanted to wring out my t-shirt, but never my socks. Good surprise, then. However, I would be very surprised if you were cold in the winter.

It's moving in the right direction, since these women's ankle boots are breathable and waterproof. After being hit by a big storm in the Jura, with lightning streaking the sky and everything, I assure you: they are waterproof. But it's leather so don't forget to pamper them with the appropriate products after a big “drain” and re-waterproof them from time to time to optimize their lifespan.

For those who have seen other of my reviews and who know that I can be talkative, especially when I have criticism to make, I think that the brevity of this review speaks for itself. These dXR Lagerta half boots are (almost) perfect. These are officially my new favorites, and they will accompany me throughout this winter and for a long time after, I hope.


See the product sheet


My opinion: quality without the price

I think I'm going to stop talking about it because it's getting boring XD. I test a lot of DXR and Dexter products, and each time it's a tip of the hat to Motoblouz who manages to release quality products at such a competitive price. These leather boots are yet another example.

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