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Testing the DXR Gofast EVO sneakers

test of DXR Gofast EVO sneakers

Having become essential in a biker's wardrobe, the motorcycle shoes continue to evolve. Aware of the phenomenon, DXR is constantly evolving its range. The brand allowed me to try the latest generation of its Gofast model, the dXR Gofast EVO sneakers, for several hundred kilometers. Throughout my walks or during work days, nothing was spared...

DXR : a brand born from Motoblouz expertise

It was in 2008 that Motoblouz launched its first own brand under the name Dexter . From the start of the adventure, the objective is clear: the equipment must be of quality and have a high level of protection. Everything must also be displayed at the fairest price... After a few years, Dexter is joined by the dXR brand. If the first specializes only in the creation of helmets, the second is in charge of clothing intended for two-wheelers.

racy look for the DXR Gofast EVO sneakers

Racy look, great price, without forgetting safety: DXR pulled out all the stops when designing the Gofast!

Anxious to offer products that meet the expectations of its customers, Motoblouz works according to French specifications. Thus, the collections are designed and then studied in Hauts-de-France. In order for the process to be complete, the company's employees (many of whom are bikers) are often called upon to contribute... Indeed, it is often the latter who test the pre-series and validate certain technical choices.

Look and safety: bet won!

We keep repeating it: when it comes to motorcycle equipment, style plays a major role at the time of purchase. Thus, DXR has chosen to offer the Gofast a sleek design, in line with the best-sellers in the category.

THE dXR Gofast EVO sneakers are high-top sneakers that offer your ankles protection perfectly suited to motorcycle riding. The whole is tightened using laces associated with Velcro tabs located at the ankle.

tightening of DXR Gofast EVO sneakers by Velcro

The Velcro strap secures the tightening of the shoe. It uses the brand logo.

Microfiber leather is omnipresent in the design of the shoe. The material has good resistance to abrasion, and its thickness gives a feeling of security. The designers mixed smooth panels and others close to the appearance of carbon fiber. In order to guarantee good aging of the whole, the brand has doubled the exterior seams. This technical choice reinforces the sporty style of the sneaker.

play of textures on the DXR Gofast EVO sneakers

Play of textures and doubled seams: DXR combines style and solidity!

The ultimate proof of the care taken by the brand when designing, the integration of the logos into the general style is close to perfection.

Finesse serving feeling

Often praised for the level of safety they offer to pilots, boots can suffer from the lack of freedom they allow. On the contrary, the dXR Gofast EVO sneakers take advantage of their sporty design to offer bikers absolute ease once in the saddle.

Relatively tapered, the toe of the shoe allows you to benefit from good dexterity when changing gears. Despite the absence of a yoke on the back of the Gofast, you don't feel any discomfort even after traveling several hundred kilometers. In fact, the brand has integrated rubber protection inside the coating. The synthetic leather showed no wear after several hundred kilometers and should age quite well over the years.

no trace of selector on the DXR shoe

After several hundred kilometers, no trace of the selector appeared on the shoe.

The sole also shows finesse. This is non-slip and resistant to hydrocarbons. In fact, it seemed to me to have a good grip on the footrests and never failed me when putting my foot down at gas stations covered in diesel.

Comfortable on the road, enjoyable on foot!

There are several reasons to invest in a pair of motorcycle shoes instead of turning to traditional boots. If some opt for their all-purpose style, others will favor their often superior comfort.

At DXR , the engineers have certainly had to work long hours in order to offer products that are both comfortable on a motorcycle AND capable of accompanying you on a daily basis. As proof, my Santa Cruzs have been accompanying me during my work days for almost two years! History of testing the dXR Gofast EVO sneakers in the most complete way, I took advantage of an outing on the Côte d'Albâtre to put their hiking skills to the test.

The thin and rigid sole contributes to comfort once on foot. In addition, it is resistant to hydrocarbons!

The thin and rigid sole contributes to comfort once on foot. In addition, it is resistant to hydrocarbons!

After walking the length and breadth of the charming town of Veules-les-Roses for more than an hour in temperatures close to 30°C, the observation is simple: Gofasts are good walking shoes. Despite their thinness, the soles are comfortable, and they isolate your feet from stones and other irregularities in the ground. The conclusions were the same when strolling on the pebbles of Fécamp beach. The high upper allows the ankle to remain in line with the foot, without giving the sensation of hindering movement.

What about managing downpours…

To be completely complete, the only question that remained unanswered concerns rain management... Contrary to legends, it does not always rain in Normandy and it was not the 3 drops that fell during my weeks of testing which damaged the tightness of the dXR Gofast EVO sneakers.

On the other hand, in the absence of a waterproof membrane at the level of the tongue and knowing that these shoes are ventilated on their lower part, I think I can go ahead and say that these shoes will be within the norm when it comes to rain showers. . So, they will keep you dry during a temporary drizzle, but it seems difficult to be able to count on them if you encounter a storm accompanied by torrential rain...

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My opinion: the DXR Gofasts are undeniably good in their sneakers!

Priced at €78.57 at the time of my test, these modern and well-designed shoes offer you comfort and protection without neglecting style. Capable of connecting kilometers of road, they are also good allies when wandering on foot. Definitely, these Gofast will find their place in your wardrobe!

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