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Testing the IXON Soldier Evo sneakers

IXON Soldier Evo sneakers, a sporty look

You prefer to wear sneakers, but on two wheels you want to be protected? while being comfortable? I try them for you iXON Soldier Evo sneakers whose characteristics have nothing to be ashamed of compared to a pair of dedicated boots.

And it's still one french brand who sees one of its products being scrutinized. The #EnjoyTheRide team decided to let me try a pair of motorcycle sneakers, THE iXON Soldier Evo sneakers.

Available in several colors (black/fluorescent yellow, black, black/white and black/red), it is this last color that I chose in order to match my motorcycle. I find that in this color, it adds a little “sport” side.

Black and red IXON Soldier Evo sneakers

Black and red IXON Soldier Evo sneakers to match the bike.

The technical sheet of the IXON Soldier Evo sneakers

Reinforcements at the ankles, waterproof and breathable, opening/closing by rack and Velcro tab, and CE certified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

On paper, it looks good, and in photos it also looks quite nice. Worn with reinforced jeans, the iXON Soldier Evo sneakers will be ideal for going (almost) unnoticed.

IXON Soldier Evo sneakers in their box

In photo too, the look of the IXON Soldier Evo sneakers is quite nice

Give me back the shoelaces… or not!

Um, ultimately no. This closure system is great. I was skeptical at first, but after a few uses, I only see advantages. No more laces that fly in the wind or become loose. And hello to the simplicity and speed with which I can put on or take off these ixon sneakers. As proof, I have prepared a video for you.

This system seems solid, I can't count the number of times I used it during this trial period (one month). I even forced the mechanism to make my sneakers tight, and it still works. He did not show the slightest failure. It's solid.

Opening and closing IXON Soldier Evo sneakers

Rack opening/closing system

Waterproof and breathable

Equipped with an internal membrane, the iXON Soldier Evo sneakers will protect your little feet from the humidity that comes from outside, without keeping that which is inside. Simple no! And effective. Given the weather, let's say capricious to be polite, I was able to test in the rain: and indeed, my feet remained dry. Note that for this test I did not need to use the shower test.

Since the extreme heat was not present, I was also able to experience their thermal comfort. With temperatures close to 8 to 12°C, I didn't feel cool while riding. Be careful during hot weather, you risk getting hot feet.

Comfortable in my sneakers

One of the main advantages of a pair of motorcycle sneakers, it’s comfort. I wore the iXON Soldier Evo sneakers for a month under various conditions. Walk in town, walk in the countryside, go to work...

Although at the beginning they were stiff, after a week, they got used to my feet. And not the reverse. The downside during this week of adaptation was the moment when I felt discomfort at the fold between the foot and the toes. I had this spot for 3 days, and I must say it was unpleasant.

Then it disappeared, and they became really comfortable. All they need is an “AIR” sole to play sports with, cushioning not being their strong point. But while they lack cushioning compared to a pair of sports sneakers, they are very precise in terms of the sensation of the foot controls. And that, for me, is the most important thing for motorcycle sneakers.

Concerning the grip of the sole of the iXON Soldier Evo sneakers, there is nothing to say. They grip perfectly on my toe clips as well as on the asphalt.

For the size, I ordered my usual size, and they fit perfectly. The size is just right.

Grip sole of IXON Soldier Evo sneakers

Focus on the grip of the sole of IXON sneakers which grip perfectly!

Extra security

The weight of iXON Soldier Evo sneakers is very contained, which is an undeniable plus. With reinforcements at the level of the malleoli and transverse rigidity of the sole, they benefit from cE certification as PPE. An important element when making your choice.

Having been lucky enough not to have to test these protections, I can only tell you about the feeling of security they provide. And at this level, there is no problem: you feel well protected in the event of a problem.

Protections for IXON Soldier Evo sneakers

IXON Soldier Evo sneakers: you feel well protected in the event of a problem...

I am still searching…

Yes yes, you read correctly! I'm still looking for flaws, whether in design or manufacturing. If we nitpick, we could say that they are not perfect in insulation below -15°C or too hot above 40°C. But I don't know of any pair that can do that.

Sole grip4.5

My opinion: Ideal for every day

Discreet, with a biker look, comfortable and protective, waterproof and breathable. I have no complaints about the IXON Soldier Evo sneakers. The quality/price ratio is good, they are average in their category in terms of price.

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