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DXR Santa Cruz shoe test

The arrival of winter and cold is often synonymous with ordeal for the biker... For my part, the onset of winter also heralds a radical change in look! Gone are the racing or vintage style clothes, and make way for the “Bibendum Michelin ” style disguise with the stacking of layers supposed to protect against the elements that are unleashed... When Motoblouz suggested that I try the dXR Santa Cruz shoes, I first prepared myself for losing the use of my toes. Indeed, Normandy is not necessarily the destination that comes to mind when looking for the sun in the middle of December. If you want to know if I was finally left in one piece, and if these dXR shoes combine style and practicality, bundle up and follow me!

Modern look and careful finish for the DXR Santa Cruz shoes

Launched by Motoblouz in 2008, the dXR brand does things quickly but seriously. The premier goal of an own brand is to limit costs, and thus control sales prices. However, Motoblouz places safety at the center of its concerns and also plays the quality card…

With their finish combining very marked cowhide leather and reversed leather inserts, the dXR Santa Cruz shoes offer a modern visual. Described as “Urban-Roadster” by Motoblouz , these high top sneakers surf on the fashion of sneakers, very popular at the moment. Combined with biker jeans, they go unnoticed in everyday use. Whether you want to have a drink on the terrace or go to the office, they will adapt to your activities.

If the visual is convincing, the quality of the assemblies is not to be outdone! While the dXR Santa Cruz shoes are offered at less than €98.33, I did not find any approximation in the inserts or in the gluing of the sole. Motoblouz has always announced that it prioritizes safety and quality in its own range... These sneakers are the perfect example.

Biker sneakers? And what about security?

Before discussing the central issue of protection, let me remind you of my point of view… Yes, I completely trust motorcycle shoes when it comes to protecting my feet. After having fallen with this type of equipment, I can only assure you that their absorption capacity is real. On the other hand, I readily admit that boots offer additional protection, if only by the height of their upper.

For their part, the dXR Santa Cruz shoes are intended to be reassuring. Firstly, it is a high top shoe. The relatively high upper helps keep your ankle in line, limiting the risk of spraining in the event of a fall at low speed. Then, reinforcements surround your malleolus, protecting them from being crushed during a slide during which your foot would remain stuck under your motorcycle.

For motorcycle equipment, protections are not everything. Therefore, the material chosen as well as the way in which it is worked and assembled are essential to ensure your safety. As I mentioned above, DXR has built its Santa Cruz in thick cowhide leather. While it is not necessary to recall how resistant the skin is to abrasion, it is important to point out that the brand has gone further in its search for optimal safety. This is how the most exposed seams have been doubled... To truly offer you the best.

5-star comfort… After a few kilometers!

If the exterior of dXR Santa Cruz shoes borders on flawless, the interior also has serious arguments to convince you. First of all, the lining provides a soft welcome to your feet. The thickness of the sole is important. While this provides pleasant cushioning during walks, a thick sole can also be unpleasant once in the saddle... Indeed, having to adjust your speed selector in order to be able to activate it is never pleasant. In this case, no shadow darkens the picture. Thus, the dXR Santa Cruz shoes seem to master the art of compromise. They offer the right amount of comfort without distorting the feeling with the controls of your motorcycle.

However, don't think that you are Cinderella, and that your biker slipper will come to you without any resistance... For my part, it took me a few kilometers to "break in" the Santa Cruz. During the first few minutes, the top of the shoe was particularly stiff and the leather needed to relax. Don't panic: once this moment has passed, you will benefit from 5-star comfort.

Driving in winter? Not even afraid !

While the combination of boots and thick socks seems essential when the mercury drops, I wasn't really excited about the idea of ​​hitting the road in -1° with the dXR Santa Cruz shoes…Well, I was wrong!

Indeed, these shoes are disconcertingly effective in the face of the cold. Their non-perforated leather exterior covering combined with the thick interior lining make these sneakers real slippers in winter. Tested on my Duke (which is not an example of protection against the elements) down to -2.5°C, I never had a feeling of cold in my feet. In addition, I didn't feel any fresh air coming in... In the middle of December, no need to specify that all this brings a real plus.

On the other hand, the other side of the coin appears as soon as you walk for a few minutes. As is often the case with their competitors, dXR Santa Cruz shoes quickly warm your feet. I quickly noticed that the covering, so cozy on the handlebars, transforms into a hot water bottle once back to pedestrian life... We happily forgive them this difference as they provide comfort of use in cool weather. However, be careful of overheating in summer.

Ergonomics 4.5

My opinion: undeniably surprising shoes!

As the cold set in, the DXR Santa Cruz shoes put up a fierce resistance... Pleasant on the handlebars of my roadster, they also proved convincing once I got off it. Walking does not scare them and their look is an asset for daily use. The only downside is that if they tame the winter cold, be careful of overheating as soon as the mercury rises again...

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