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TCX Vibe Waterproof Sneaker Review

With the “Vibe” model, the tCX brand sets itself a rather complicated challenge: combining the flexibility of motorcycle sneakers with current protection standards, on shoes that can be used in all weather conditions. Deal ? This is what we are going to see with this test of tCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers.

In the field of motorized two-wheelers, the tCX brand has entirely specialized in the realization of shoes. Small ones, big ones, of all types, for all conditions. This specialization allows them to excel in the production of their products, which are generally of exemplary quality.

This particular model is available in two versions: AIR and WATERPROOF. Those are the tCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers which were tested here.

Protection of TCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers

Let's start with the most important point for all motorcycle equipment: safety.

Honestly, I have rarely felt so confident in the protection such shoes can provide me. Seen from the outside, they don't look much. But once put on, we know that we are dealing with heavy stuff. Every square inch of our foot is perfectly supported, and it is almost pleasant to tap on the tCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers to see the security they give us.

In addition to the internally cushioned PVC malleolus inserts, the tCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers skillfully mix many materials, whose seams have impressive strength. We are dealing here with a product designed to last over time.

Note also that these shoes offer CE approval.


And since equipment is never as effective as when it is truly comfortable, let's talk about it!

First of all, size. As far as I'm concerned, it's impeccable. After the usual time it takes for the shoes to fit your foot (allow about two weeks), I don't notice any unwanted pressure on my foot. Whether backwards, forwards or sideways.

Putting on is smooth thanks to the particularly pleasant linings. Tightening the laces gives a slightly elastic feeling, which will allow you a certain freedom. Whether you prefer to be very tight and held, or on the contrary a little loose, you will have the possibility. Then comes the velcro closure, of a generous size, which allows the laces to be pressed against the shoe to prevent them from wandering around. I find the latter well thought out, and the Velcro itself holds very well.

Now let's talk a little about comfort on the bike and when walking. Good news: the inserts at the Achilles heel fulfill their function very well. And you don't feel like you're walking around in ski boots. Forward flexibility is also satisfactory.

The only negative point to note regarding comfort depends on temperature and use. THE tCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers being designed with a completely waterproof membrane, they are necessarily less ventilated than their “AIR” counterpart. So if you plan to keep them on all day at work, or for a few hours in the middle of a heatwave, they will certainly leave you with a too stifling impression after a while. But for use in mid-season or even winter, they are perfect. Warm, comfortable and waterproof.

Finally, the lightness of tCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers, despite their considerable protection, is a real advantage for long journeys!


In terms of design, we are right in the style of a sneaker: slightly distinctive, sporty and elegant, with a few red lines to break up the banality. The assembly of different materials enhances the whole, offering an assortment of textures ranging from shiny to matte, from rough synthetic to soft leather.

However, this typing between two measures might not suit everyone. Too sporty for some, too urban for others.

Despite the discretion of the colored lines, I still regret the choice of color: this model is only available in red.

Practical aspects4.3
Value for money4.3

My opinion: A reference in mid-season sneakers

I admit that writing this review posed some problems for me, as it was so complicated to find real faults with these TCX Vibe Waterproof sneakers. I haven't really been able to find any proof! In the end, we have a clever mix of everything we look for in protective equipment: top comfort, careful protection, impeccable finishes and design for all weather. The whole thing exudes solidity, and once again honors TCX's know-how in motorcycle shoes.

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