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TCX Roadster 2 motorcycle sneaker test

Within the new range of shoes from TCX named “ 24/7 all around series“, here is the spearhead of the “ performance line » from the Italian equipment manufacturer: sneakers TCX Roadster 2. I tested them for two winter months!

As its name suggests, the aim of this collection is to offer shoes capable of adapting to any type of use, and especially of the intensive type for daily use.
And that's pretty good timing, given that this type of motorcycle shoe, namely the sneaker derived from the racing boot, has always been my choice of choice since I started riding two wheels more than 15 years ago . And I'm not the type to spare my equipment, especially since the TCX Roadster 2 accompanied me these last two months in the middle of winter (And in the North, that's saying something!)

So let's take stock and see if these motorcycle sneakers offer more than just their neat looks by actually being able to take on the elements.

The choice of motorcycle sneakers

As I said in the preamble, I ride almost all the time in motorcycle sneakers derived from racing boots... When I don't directly wear this same type of boot for road use.
Let's be honest, when I started, my choice was initially focused on this type of shoe above all for the look.
But over the years and the miles (and the falls!) I discovered how equipment from the track world could be protective...Often at the cost of a certain rigidity, of course, not necessarily the most suitable when you keep your motorcycle shoes on all day.

This is where motorcycle sneakers, or rather “half-boots” show their interest, by offering a “middle way”, compromise between the protection of a racing boot (without the shin protection, obviously) and the more conventional motorcycle shoe.

A few years ago, the models in my possession such as the Alpinestars SMX1 and SMX2 borrowed more from the world of sport than that of touring (especially the SMX2): Understand shoes of excellent quality, but rather rigid and with rather meager padding and ventilation.

TCX Roadster 2: sport and road, the best of both worlds?

All this seems a long way away after spending a few weeks with the TCX Roadster 2!
Indeed, even if the aesthetic codes and some of the protections of purely racing models like the TCX SP-Master are included here, it is not by forgetting toensure the comfort necessary for equipment intended to be worn daily and all day long.

And I might as well say it right away, the “24/7” challenge has clearly been met!

Whether on the road or while walking, the TCX Roadster 2 provides very high level comfort. 
The choice of microfiber synthetic leather, softer and more resistant than natural leather, turns out to be very relevant here. (In addition to being less susceptible to scratches compared to natural leather and not requiring specific maintenance)

Likewise, the interior padding, using the cFS “Comfort Fit System” construction system (understand that the inner shape is created to follow the anatomy of the foot) really works miracles! The foot is “wedged” into the shoe without any pressure points (and yet my foot is quite wide). Above the moss is a breathable mesh lining called “Air Tech”.

I hope this padding will not lose its content (foam sagging) over time. In any case no change after two months of daily use.

Adapt to each person’s body shape

Beyond the interior padding that I just told you about, the TCX Roadster has several tips to adapt to everyone's feet:
Putting on is made easier by a Zip going down almost to the bottom of the shoe, assisted by a velcro flap coming to cover it.

At the level of the instep we find a system of thongs tensioned by an adjustable velcro strap in order to obtain an optimal road surface.
However in my case I found that this additional tightening was optional (due to the excellent "natural" hold of the foot inside the shoe), but I easily imagine that it will allow those with a foot narrower than mine to better adapt the tightness of the shoe.

As I have already had the opportunity to say, when it comes to motorcycle equipment, it is essential to correctly adjust the tightening so that their protections can correctly play their role. This applies to helmets, jackets, pants, gloves... And even shoes!

Racing look and protection, touring comfort!

These sneakers not only take on the brand's racing look, they also include its safety technology.

THE imposing buttresses (heel protection) in polyurethane have a neat design with the TCX logo embossed on the exterior side.
Interior side, this same plastic unfortunately tends to scratch a little quickly when in contact with the footrest plates (a problem common to many shoes with shiny plastic protectors). Fortunately it is a fairly discreet place.

Just above we find a protection of the malleolus with a nice design, made of the same material as the buttresses and provided with a small metal ventilation grille (more for the look than for the effectiveness) rather nicely integrated.
This malleolus reinforcement is topped with a discreet edging in the colors of the Italian flag (everything to definitely please me!).

Attention to detail mirrors that given to the entire shoe, which hasa remarkable finish.

At the rear, above the heel reinforcement there is a comfort gusset on which has been cleverly placed a reflective element large enough for a shoe in this category.
The selector reinforcement makes the connection up to the sole on the inside of the shoe, a pretty good idea.

We also note the presence of removable sliders fixed by two screws. These elements are made of polyurethane, you should know that the metal sliders available as an option for other TCX boots are NOT compatible.
These seem quite durable despite the material used, to be confirmed in a few months. (replacement sliders can be obtained from the manufacturer).

Of course these sneakers meet the CE EN 13634 standard for personal protective equipment (PPE).

The TCX Roadster 2s put to the test of winter

The TCX Roadster 2 keeps your feet warm… in moderation.
In recent weeks and wearing TCX Roadster 2, I have mainly faced temperatures between -2° and 8°, on journeys of around a hundred kilometers.
Even if this is not necessarily their vocation, it must be recognized that the Roadster 2s are doing quite remarkably well, avoiding the bite of the cold (without having used socks made of technical materials).

This is a little less the case when the mercury drops below 4°, at least on journeys exceeding 50km or on expressways, but it remains very acceptable on short outings.
In reality the feeling of cold comes mainly from the top of the shoe, at the instep, where the piece of mesh fabric providing comfort is located.

Conversely, at this time of year it is impossible for me to say whether these shoes will not be stifling in direct sunlight. However, I remain confident, the other TCX boots equipped with the same “Air Tech” interior do not seem to pose a problem.

Not waterproof… But…

The TCX Roadster 2 are not waterproof shoes. However, they are able to protect you minimally from humidity. : in fact, after an immersion test in a tank of water it appears that infiltrations only occur through the closing zip and, later, through the top of the sneaker where the famous piece of fabric allowing passage is located the feeling of freshness I spoke about above.

No traces of humidity at the seams of the selector protection or at the junction with the sole can be reported even after several minutes under water. Enough to be calm with the projections and not have to fear too much the downpour, provided that it does not last forever.

The outsole has little tread, which made me doubt the ability to avoid slipping on wet ground. But in practice this is not the case. the TCX Roadster 2 grips the asphalt in all situations, even on the greasy floor of the service station.

Practical aspects3.8
Thermal approval4

My opinion: the racing sneaker with touring comfort

With careful finishing down to the smallest detail, the TCX Roadster 2 honors the care given by the Italian manufacturer to its most high-end racing models. The icing on the cake is that these sneakers offer surprising comfort, worthy of a very good pair of touring shoes. These half-boots allow daily use even over very long periods without the slightest problem. They can accompany you all year round and only extremely low temperatures will pose a problem (particularly in humid weather, the Roadster 2 not being waterproof). Mission accomplished!

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