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Falco Axis 2.1 half-boot test

Let's be honest, the very principle of half boot remains a mystery to me... Indeed, if the boot provides optimal protection for the foot and shin (which makes it essential on the track), the latest generation of motorcycle shoes combine safety, comfort and look... Enough to make them one must have in the wardrobe of everyday bikers! But then, what is left of the half-boots that would push us to acquire them? After months spent questioning myself, testing falco Axis 2.1 half boots should enlighten me on the subject. Do you want to accompany me on this new adventure? Follow me, let's go!

Getting started: between pleasant surprises and annoying details…

Once the box is opened, we quickly see that the falco Axis half boots are rather light. A good point which should be confirmed once in the saddle. Here we seem to have a premier advantage of the half-boot over its big sister. After this first characteristic, the picture gets a little worse.

Indeed, on the model tested, I noticed some finishing defects. Nothing mean. But for a product whose price is around 140 euros, it is unpleasant to have to clean the traces of glue and solvent left by the Falco factory at the time of packaging... In short, let's forget this inconvenience and let's start again the discovery of these famous Falco Axis half-boots!

Comfort and waterproofness, the Falco Axis half-boots spoil us!

THE falco Axis 2.1 half boots are intended to be waterproof: good news for the Norman biker that I am!
To achieve its ends, the italian manufacturer has equipped its product with a membrane located between the zipper and the foot. In addition to guaranteeing a thermal protection copy (which I tested in 3/4 degrees… And yes, the mornings are cool at the moment!), this wall isolates your malleolus from the closure to increase comfort.

Let's move on to the interior cladding. This, in addition to giving the impression of slipping the foot into a real slipper, offers good breathability. Indeed, the mild temperatures of October allowed me to try them at 25°C, and to give them this extra good point... All that remains is to take a good shower to check their waterproofness under water!

Falco Axis half-boots in terms of ergonomics

First of all, the falco Axis half boots cut well. In fact, except in exceptional cases, you can go with your size. In terms of ergonomics, they are a little thick. Nothing too annoying but, for those who like to ride with the selector within reach – which is my case – you may eventually need to raise it slightly. Last point, the sole offers a profile and a covering which make them super stable on the footrests. Having been able to try them on several winding routes, I appreciated the fact of being able to place my foot correctly when setting on the angle, without fear of seeing it slip.

Axis 2.1, security 2.0!

In order to guarantee optimal protection for our precious malleolus, Falco has equipped its Axis 2.1 half-boots with d3O reinforcements. Having a shape memory, this material is particularly used in the creation of back protectors. When we know that in the event of a slip, the foot often remains stuck between the motorcycle and the ground, we understand the benefit of using this type of material!

In addition to the elements previously mentioned, the axis half boots are equipped with a extra thickness in elastomer. This helps reduce potential shocks to this fragile area which is difficult to consolidate after a fall. Despite everything, it is clear that the boot remains superior to its little sister in terms of protection, particularly at the shin level.

Italian style!

It's a fact: Italians are among the masters of good taste and style... This is verified in the look of falco Axis 2.1 half boots. Indeed, the cut is sleek and the general appearance is sporty. Falco chose to play with materials outside of its Axis. Between the imitation leather and the plastic inserts mixing matte black and glossy black, the style is modern and the product is rewarding. Only the integration of the brand logo and its silvery gray paint (which seems to be handcrafted) stands out a little from the whole...


My opinion: recommended for fans of the genre!

The Falco Axis 2.1 half-boots are faithful to what they offer: comfort, waterproofing well controlled by the membrane and a look combining modernity and sportiness. On the safety side, an element to which I attach a lot of importance, the D3O reinforcements do the job without darkening the picture in terms of ergonomics. Obviously, I can only recommend the Axis 2.1 to fans of the genre! However, personally, after several hundred kilometers with the Axis on my feet, the positioning of half-boots on the market still seems unclear to me...

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