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DXR Go-Fast motorcycle sneaker test

Here's a pair of sneakers that don't look like much! With the dXR Gofast motorcycle sneakers, the brand promises us as usual a simple and effective product... without neglecting the manufacturing quality. In terms of comfort, nothing to say, we are probably on the most pleasant type of shoes to wear. But a good pair of sneakers must provide a minimum of protection and not interfere with the use of the controls. Let's see what the dXR brand, with its Gofast, after six weeks of daily testing!

DXR , a quality finish

Appearance-wise, and for a pair of shoes at a rock-bottom price, we must admit that the dXR Gofast motorcycle sneakers are not doing too badly. DXR did not settle for the minimum. The majority of the parts that make up the exterior covering are made of microfiber leather. Other side pieces in synthetic material contribute to the good flexibility of the entire shoe. Synthetic materials which also have the advantage of being very resistant to scratches. The side panels have a carbon weave texture appearance, stylish, while remaining discreet.

The tread patterns on the rubber outsoles promote water dispersion and good grip. The sole is also resistant to hydrocarbons, which is quite practical at gas stations. This prevents us from slipping when stepping into a puddle of diesel when refueling…

And what about protection?

The vast majority of seams are doubled, especially in the most stressed areas. A guarantee of good durability over time.

DXR Gofast motorcycle sneakers are approved according to the cE standard EN 13634-2015 which ensures a minimum level of security. In other words, these motorcycle sneakers provide protection against impact, puncture and twisting. Reinforcements have been added to the malleoli (side walls) for even more protection.

Of course, we stick with a pair of sneakers. Although there is only one standard concerning them, these sneakers cannot provide the same level of protection that a pair of rigid boots and rising (higher on the shin). It’s a choice to make… with full knowledge of the facts. Likewise, the protections on the front of the shoe are solid, but not rigid. The aim is above all to protect against small everyday shocks.

For visibility, we find a reflective DXR logo at the back of the heel, and a discreet border on the outside side.

Please note: as these are high-top shoes, they are obviously suitable for passing your motorcycle license.

DXR Gofast motorcycle sneakers, real slippers!

For my part, the sneakers were somewhat difficult to put on the first few times, although they fit normally (44). The problem dissipated after a few days, after softening.

The DXR Gofast motorcycle sneakers feature an ingenious lacing system with quick stop. This saves us from having to tie a knot, and especially from ending up with laces that get caught in the selector or the brake pedal. Quite interesting. I just regret that the lace isn't a few centimeters longer... Indeed, the first few times, I had to loosen it as much as possible. And I think others will encounter the same problem. Putting on is still made easier by the side zipper (from the YKK brand). Finally, a Velcro strap allows you to adjust the tightness at the ankle precisely, and also allows you to block the end of the lace... All good.

Once put on, the DXR Gofast reveals itself extremely comfortable. It must be said that the mesh fabric inside is very pleasant... Having worn them several times throughout the day, these sneakers do not hinder walking in any way.

Flexibility and excellent control feel

Despite the first few steps being a little difficult to put on, the DXR Gofast motorcycle sneakers demonstrate great flexibility... which contributes to comfort, when walking or on the road. We note the presence of a very large reinforcement at the level of the selector, ideally placed, whose rubber material prevents slipping at the level of the controls... even in the rain. The reinforcement is integrated into the sneaker, securely attached by double stitching. It is therefore not an attached part, simply glued. This guarantees its good hold. And for aesthetic reasons no doubt, the reinforcement is also on the right side!

A sneaker that knows how to keep you warm… and dry

Under the inner mesh covering of the DXR Gofast there is a waterproof and breathable membrane. Although this does not offer a level of thermal protection equivalent to that of a Gore-Tex membrane, the feet remain warm... even on fairly long journeys.

When the outside temperature drops below 5°C, the coolness is slightly felt on the top of the foot when traveling on highways... Without feeling the bite of the cold however. It seems like nothing, this is a pretty good performance for a pair of motorcycle sneakers at this price.

Having had the opportunity to try them in pouring rain: no waterproofing problems to report! The gap left by the zipper on the side is protected by a membrane which prevents any infiltration (water or air).

A small downside at the tongue which is located under the laces: at this point, the mesh is exposed and therefore ends up absorbing water in the event of a heavy downpour. Thanks to the membrane, the top of the foot is not wet, but with the wind, you still feel the freshness of the damp fabric... especially at high speed. The feet nevertheless remain dry.


With such a tight price for a motorcycle sneaker that does not compromise on safety and comfort, I think that the DXR Gofast are entirely appropriate for those looking for their first pair of shoes for a transition from Motorcycle licence.

These sneakers benefit from exceptional comfort. They provide excellent feel for the controls, particularly the selector, thanks to ideally placed reinforcement. Having comfortable equipment greatly facilitates work when you have a lot to do during the first hours spent on a two-wheeler!

Obviously all these qualities will be assets on a daily basis. Especially since the DXR Gofast knows how to remain comfortable in all circumstances, and not just on the bike.


My opinion: the DXR Gofast is a real slipper!

DXR offers us with the Gofast an excellent motorcycle sneaker, perfectly waterproof and able to face the coldest days of the year, dry and warm. With royal comfort, whether on the bike or while walking. We will appreciate the impression of solidity that these shoes give off as well as the high-level finish... at a competitive price.

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    • Loic April 14, 2017 at 09:06 Answer

      Hello Pierre,
      No secret, like any biker's equipment, the GoFast requires a little "breaking in" before being at peak comfort. You will see, they will soften over the hours you wear them (and especially where you walk with them). And if the discomfort remains, contact Motoblouz after-sales service 😉
      V – Loïc

      • Cedric April 14, 2017 at 4:33 p.m. Answer

        Hello Pierre,

        No better than Loïc, the best solution is to walk with it! This should be resolved after a good day or two I think.
        You should also keep in mind that the shoe must remain tight around the foot (but flexible), in order to guarantee good protection 🙂

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