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Macna Chili Night Eye jacket test

Macna Chili is not a new thing. On the other hand, its Night Eye variation recently appeared in the catalog. Is this functionality linked to nighttime security enough to justify a much higher selling price? Our verdict after testing!

Summer, the biker's favorite season... However, with its high temperatures and the beating sun, it is the period of guaranteed heatstroke. To avoid the hell of cooking over low heat on the handlebars, fortunately there are solutions.. Since riding in a t-shirt is not a good idea (we won't draw a picture for you!), one of the most effective is to equip yourself with a ventilated jacket, such as the Macna Chili Night Eye jacket.

The Macna Chili Night Eye, ideal in the heat of summer

This summer jacket from the Nordic manufacturer has areas of mesh textile, a strong fabric with superior quality open 3D mesh to let a beneficial flow of air pass over the bust and under the arms. A blessing as soon as the thermometer exceeds 25° C – below this, the risk of cold snap is significant! With motorcycle jeans and a pair of light gloves, it can be very hot without it causing any inconvenience to the rider, the total summer foot. At least as long as it's rolling... At traffic lights, in the middle of a fog, the difference is barely perceptible.

Good ventilation is interesting, but it does not justify a budget €98.33 higher than that of its competitors, you might say. Indeed, this elaborate ventilation constitutes only one of the facets of this garment from the brand recently established in France. Macna Chili Night Eye hides its most unique characteristic perfectly. This jacket provides you with unparalleled safety at night thanks to Night Eye technology developed by Macna .

The Night Eye, a big asset for visibility

No onboard electronics or other luminescent artifacts here. Night Eye techno, it is a coating incorporating microscopic glass beads with reflective properties, covering the outer textile of the Chili jacket. Can you imagine what a small reflective insert in the headlight beam of a car can achieve? Well imagine that the entire gray part of the Chili Night Eye reacts in the same way, and you have in mind how this jacket will look on the roads at night!

Highly visible at night, ultra discreet during the day!

We submitted the Macna Chili Night Eye jacket to the implacable eyes of incredulous friends, and they all agreed with our opinion: the nighttime visibility is simply astonishing! Whether you are riding your motorcycle or stopped on the side of the road, you will not go unnoticed, a real plus for safety. And the best part is that during the day, the jacket seems perfectly common, with its rather classy gray and black color. In short, a total success, which certainly comes at a high price. But the passive visibility offered exceeds anything else you can find on the market, fluorescent vest in mind. Note that a simple version of Chili (without Night Eye effect) is also offered at a much lower price.

A truly satisfying finish

After several weeks of use, we don't see many complaints about the Macna Chili Night Eye jacket. The only inconvenience encountered is that discomfort may occur in the bend of the elbow: the cause is the thick textile of the sleeve and/or the plastic loop of the Velcro tightening tab, which enters the skin when you bend your arm all the way. Nothing prohibitive in everyday life, a little annoying on long journeys, for example when you have to fiddle with your intercom, or apply your sunscreen repeatedly. But for the rest, the finish is impeccable, as on the entire Macna range, recognized for the attention paid to details.

Practical aspects3.5

Our opinion: Combine freshness and visibility!

The Macna Chili Night Eye does not just play its role as a ventilated jacket: this road equipment equipped with mesh textile zones has a finish well above the rest, but above all it “shines” with its Night Eye fabric inserts. A real revolution in terms of nighttime visibility, this very discreet daytime solution proves more effective than a fluorescent yellow jacket, and explains a significant selling price. A new generation summer product for motorcyclists who place their night safety at the forefront.

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