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Clover Savana Waterproof jacket test

Does a jacket designed for travelers have to flirt with €491.67 to be worthy of interest? Our test of the Clover Savana Waterproof – half the price – will reliably answer this question. And the surprise is big!

Clover. This name may not mean anything to you: however, this brand of Italian origin deserves attention on its products, which demonstrate great technicality. Clover was thus the premier manufacturer to launch a level 2 PPE approved jacket, the Tekno Waterproof, undoubtedly the most protective garment in our collections. But for our premier test, we were interested in the Savana Waterproof, a more economical jacket designed for those who ride all year round, from the daily commute to travel.

A versatile jacket thanks to its “3 in 1” manufacturing

The Savana benefits from a so-called “3 in 1” design quite characteristic of the gT/travel type. The jacket actually incorporates two removable linings nested one inside the other to respond to all weather conditions. In winter, the quilted thermal lining provides insulation against the cold. If you detach it, you have access to the waterproof and windproof membrane, which can in turn be removed to switch to a summer configuration. The ventilation zips and other mesh textile panels then promote good air circulation when the thermometer is at its highest. In short, the Savana is a mille-feuille that will adapt to all conditions with just a few pulls of the connecting zips. We have already seen somewhat random assemblages of this kind. Here, despite the controlled price, the assembly of the liners is consistent and reliable. Best example in this area: they do not hinder putting on and their sleeves do not come off when you remove the jacket. Great work!

A reassuring design

Premier observation when you put it on, the Clover Savana Waterproof inspires confidence. Obviously solid due to its manufacture in Duratek, a sturdy polyester reinforced with strong inserts in the most exposed areas, incorporating large anti-shock shells on the shoulders and elbows, quite heavy, it offers a certain resistance to movements. But it is clearly to better protect you. We have nothing without nothing ! The 3 in 1 design is probably not completely unrelated either. And on the ground? Once in position on the motorcycle, this equipment for bikers who love wide open spaces is forgotten, no annoying lack of flexibility to report. And if you want to gain freedom of movement, nothing prevents you from relaxing a little the multiple tightenings (waist, arms, forearms, hips). But personally, I prefer to wear a well-fitted jacket! We close the membrane zip, lined with a waterproof flap, then we finish with the large exterior zip, and we're on our way!

Cold or rain, the Clover Savana performs in all conditions

In terms of bad weather, the picture is also flattering at this price. During this long-term test, no downpour managed to “pierce” the membrane Aquazone (the waterproof and breathable material from Clover), and yet, I tried it in the region where Motoblouz was born, Nord-Pas de Calais, so in terms of rain we had plenty to do! The good news is that the outer material is also waterproof, which prevents the jacket from becoming too waterlogged. A real plus for comfort. Moreover, despite essentially winter use, the light gray of our test model did not get dirty, as evidenced by the photos presented here, taken at the time of publication, a sign that water does not does not penetrate the textile. Another favorable point, the insulation is amazing: it's quite simply the jacket that has kept me warmest to date. Negative temperatures don't scare him! On the other hand, this test did not allow me to test the jacket in summer conditions (an update will complete all of this as soon as the conditions are favorable). One thing is certain: given the mesh textile surface and the number of ventilation zips, the air renewal in the heart of August will certainly be important.

Pockets: Volume and waterproofness!

In terms of practical aspects, the Clover Savana jacket is once again at the top of the basket. Its pockets offer plenty of useful everyday storage. The two exterior cargo pockets kept their contents dry during the heaviest downpours. Inside, the large wallet pocket is accompanied by an additional pocket provided in the insulating lining. At the bottom of the back, a final large housing will allow, for example, to keep the waterproof lining within reach during the summer. We also appreciated the multiple adjustments mentioned above, the collar with adjustable pressure, the soft neoprene present under the chin, the numerous reflective zones, and overall the more than correct finish... And then of course the very nice road cut!

Thermal approval4.5
Practical aspects4.3

Our opinion: A jacket of rare effectiveness at this price

No doubt, the Clover Savana Waterproof jacket plays its role brilliantly. Truly waterproof and insulating, it is also ready to adapt to all weather conditions in no time thanks to its "three in one" system, and boasts an accomplished design which makes it a practical and well thought-out garment. To the point that we almost wonder why spend more! The answer is mainly due to the added security offered by the more high-end jackets from Clover, which benefit from certification guaranteeing their level of protection, and can even integrate an airbag . The quest for maximum protection has a price!

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  1. Dominique MAREVILLE july 19, 2017 at 10:14 Answer

    This jacket is very attractive except that in terms of safety, like many others, they are sold without a back protector or even a simple foam plate. At a time when we are being bombarded with safety (for example with gloves that must have the motorcycle pictogram) it is totally inconsistent...
    But that’s up to the legislator… or his manufacturing friends? (gloves, back plates or license plates etc…)

    • PEB of Motoblouz july 19, 2017 at 10:29 Answer

      Hello Dominique!

      Several reasons why the back protector is not sold with the jacket:

      Firstly, some people do not want to use it, making the provision useless and the foam plates only make it stiffer, certainly not protective.

      However, the main reason remains cost limitation:
      By putting an approved back protector in the jacket, it must pass very precise and above all… very expensive approval tests!
      This would necessarily be reflected in the final price, whereas by selling the backbone separately, we get around this problem.

      At your disposal !
      Good road,
      – Peb

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