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Furygan Pro One jacket, tested and validated by Thibaud, Motoblouz customer

Furygan Pro One jacket test

Premier product test since last October. This time, the furygan Pro One leather jacket. A jacket with a sporty spirit that seems simple at premier glance... But which doesn't lack any assets!

My order validated, once again, Motoblouz surprises me with the speed of delivery. I choose availability at a relay point which allows me to be sure of having it available according to my schedule.

When opening the box, a slight smell of leather is felt, the time to unpack it from its protective layer. Premier static test before taking the bike the same day to start the test on the way to work.

But before that, I need to install a backbone. Its absence leaves you the choice to install the one you want (integrated into the jacket or with straps) or even to take a airbag vest equipped with a back protector. I have a backbone DXR Back Protector Level 2 who hangs around. I bend it slightly so that it fits through the opening and it fits perfectly.

fitted cut for the Furygan Pro One jacket

The Furygan Pro One jacket with a very fitted cut (especially with the Fury AirBag System vest)

Choose your size wisely

I look at the size guide on the Motoblouz website and that of the manufacturer at the same time, they are the same. Using my tape measure, I take the measurements: 106 cm chest circumference. On the sheet, they indicate that between 105 and 112 cm it will be XL, my usual size. I even have some leeway given that we are leaving the raclette season and entering the barbecue season.

Since late March/early April some days are still cool, I wear a good thick hooded sweatshirt. And, with all those layers plus the removable liner, the furygan Pro One jacket is too fair. Well, I quickly remove this liner and gain a few precious centimeters, just to have satisfactory ease in driving mode.

The length of the sleeves is also just right. Just like the length of the bust, I wouldn't have been against 1 or 2 cm more. At worst, since returns and exchanges are free and fast at Motoblouz , I could have changed and taken an XXL. But no, this one still suits me. I'm continuing with it! Looking at other editors' tests, I realize that I am not the only one to find Furygan 's sizes a little tight. I should have done it before. But hey, going from XL to XXL could cause me psychological damage to my self-esteem...

Subsequently, I carried out other size tests. Once in a t-shirt and without the internal lining, the fury AirBag System vest of the same brand as i tested on this blog passes, even with optional chest protectors.

test of the Furygan Pro One jacket with the airbag vest from the same brand

Testing the Furygan Pro One jacket with the Fury Airbag System vest

Furygan Pro One jacket, the owner’s tour

How to describe the furygan Pro One jacket ? Simple. Yes, I think that's the right word. No frills, just the essentials.

The leather used seems to be of very good quality, the stitching is neat and well adjusted. Pure Furygan. As much, I can “complain” about the sizes but in terms of quality of materials and finishes, nothing to say.

In terms of pockets, in the description, it says 4 pockets. Actually no, well yes, but no in the end. Let me explain: there are the 2 traditional exterior pockets, and that's it. Inside, the 2 pockets present are in fact intended primarily for optional chest protection (the same as for the airbag vest). So if you don't use these protections, yes, that's 2 more pockets. But if you use only have 2 pockets. Simple, right?

The sleeves are well adjusted in width which avoids “ flap flap » due to the wind. Preformed to a natural bend at the elbows, it is true that on the vehicle, this adds a little more comfortable feel when you bend your arms. These pre-shaped sleeves combined with stretch and accordion leather inserts provide greater comfort and reduce total weight.

Another little extra is the neoprene edges of the sleeves and neck which are very pleasant.

Location of optional chest protectors on the Furygan jacket

Focus on the location of optional chest protection


On the protection side, this leather jacket has level 1 D3O elements on the elbows and shoulders. I like this material which hardens on impact but remains flexible on a daily basis. As mentioned above, a pocket is provided for the back, as well as pockets for the chest protectors, all optional.

preformed sleeves on the Furygan Pro One jacket

Focus on the preformed sleeves of this Furygan jacket

What season for this leather jacket?

Or what is the use of this furygan jacket depending on the weather?

  • As you know, in case of rain, leather is not waterproof. It will resist for a few moments and will end up soaking up water in the event of a heavy downpour.
  • For the peak summer season, it risks being hot, as it does not have ventilation or micro-perforated leather.
  • For winter, even if its lining seems effective, I would point out that it is a sleeveless vest lining. During my outings in cold weather, the air still passes through the central zipper and the presence of stretch fabric on the forearms, although super pleasant in terms of comfort, lets the air pass more than the parts in leather.

I therefore recommend it for the mid-seasons, from April to June and from September to November.

Furygan Pro One - stetch and accordion leather inserts

Focus on the stretch and accordion leather inserts


See the product sheet

Quality / Finish5

My opinion: a simple and functional jacket

Although the choice of size is not simple at Furygan , this Pro One jacket is correctly designed. Good materials and a fine finish make it a sporty leather jacket, worthy of this brand.

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