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Test of the DXR Albatros jacket

test of the DXR Albatros jacket

Hey Buddies! If you are looking for the ideal jacket for your road trip toIPW Duxford or just a motorcycle jacket resolutely vintage which propels us towards the pioneers of aviation, the dXR Albatros jacket might interest you.

Winter use only!

Before getting to the heart of the matter, you must first know that the dXR Albatros jacket has a fixed internal lining. It is therefore intended for cool use (mid season/winter).

A little history, anyone?

THE dXR Albatros jacket is clearly inspired by the A2 type bomber jacket used since 1931, and still produced by iconic brands such as Schott®, Redskins® or more recently Daytona 73®. This dXR jacket therefore takes up the aesthetic codes of the A2 jacket: brown, shirt collar with removable wool-style lining, two flap pockets on the front and elasticated cuffs.

Of old school in spades with the DXR Albatros jacket

With such a style, there is no doubt that fans of old motorcycles, or rather neo-retro, will find what they are looking for. I admit that, for the test, I would have swapped my transgender Kawasaki Sportster for a Harley WLA or a P-36 Hawk. Or even for both! In short, you will have understood, the dXR Albatros jacket is far from being an all-purpose jacket…

dXR Albatros back jacket

Almost century-old style but modern design

Make no mistake, the dXR Albatros jacket will know how to put the “bandits in their place«  underestimating his abilities. Cowhide leather is particularly supple and has a smooth texture. The internal lining is made of polyester and synthetic wool on the torso, and “standard” on the sleeves, which allows for better breathability. The DXR logo is discreetly incorporated so as not to shock.

One collar, two styles

The synthetic wool collar lining is removable for those who find the style " too much.” It is removed quite simply, a button, an elastic and zou. Since the elastics are irregular in size, only one gave me a hard time.

Be careful how you store the jacket: if you position the collar incorrectly, it tends to take an unwanted position. A snap button would have been appreciated to avoid this inconvenience.

other collar on Albatros DXR jacket

In the rain you won't use it

While it doesn't seem as waterproof as a trail/touring jacket, it dXR Albatros jacket however, it has a waterproof interior pocket to store your most precious belongings if rain spoils your ride. In any case, given the synthetic/bionic “sheep wool” collar lining, I do not recommend the experiment (unpleasant smell and long drying time guaranteed). In short, pleasure more than practical.

removable collar fasteners of the DXR Albatros jacket

Pockets here, pockets there

As always with DXR, there is no shortage of pockets. Two front, three internal pockets, which are just as much, a pocket on the left forearm which can accommodate an electronic toll badge and a double pocket on the left bicep to put keys or a transponder for example. My only complaint will come from the difficult to access front pockets. Perhaps they will be less so when the leather on the sleeves has softened…

interior pockets of the DXR Albatros jacket

A parachute ? To do what ?

THE dXR Albatros jacket focuses on security. He is aA approved according to EN17092-3-2020 just like its elbow and shoulder protections. A pocket can accommodate a dorsal. Finally, the retro reflective elements are discreetly incorporated into the jacket.

A pocket is provided on the DXR jacket to accommodate a back protector

Hmmm warmth, hmmm sweetness

The fixed internal lining in polyester, sheep's wool effect, keeps you warm even at 0°C. It is found on the collar and on the torso. Even with a machine on which the pilot is exposed, it keeps warm.

On the other hand, forget about summer use... unless you plan to go very far north! I tried to roll with the collar up to avoid using the scarf or neck gaiter but I abandoned the idea, not enough coverage. You will therefore have to find a white scarf to complete the look!

Hybrid cuffs

Who has never been tired of opening and closing the zippers of their jacket only to have, in the end, the glove cuff which has difficulty getting through... This jacket DXR Albatross has the particularity of having an elasticated part on the cuffs. To really adapt to your log or matchstick cuffs, a snap button allows you to adjust the cuffs to your body shape. Finding myself in the 2nd scenario, I tried to reduce the width of the sleeve to a minimum: discomfort guaranteed, I dropped the matter. I think DXR should have gone all out and left the wrists completely elastic...

We appreciate the elastic wrists of the DXR Albatros

A jacket with fragile leather

The leather is certainly supple and soft to the touch but also very sensitive to friction. He didn't like using the backpack at all, for example! Following the advice of the DXR team, a light touch of sweet almond oil to renourish the leather and I made the traces of friction disappear.

See the product sheet

Practical aspects3.5

My opinion: the worthy heir to the A2 jacket for bikers

With its Albatros jacket, DXR offers vintage leather with a legendary look combined with modern design and equally modern protection. Its winter use is intended more for pleasure than for daily practice.

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