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DXR Hailstorm textile jacket test

DXR Hailstorm textile motorcycle jacket

DXR goes upmarket with the Hailstorm. This textile jacket designed for travelers who find that a jacket is too daddy promises a classy look, a high-end finish and ideal performance for carving the road. All for an unbeatable price... I compared this confident jacket to 1000 km of everyday life and travel to find out what it was really worth. Verdict!

Travel upgraded

Doesn't the DXR Hailstorm jacket look great? Personally, I'm coming back a bit from two or three-color looks with a huge logo on the chest. The more it goes, the more I like the sobriety, the classy monochrome, just enhanced with the discreet little logo that goes well. In a word, I'm getting old! All joking aside (although...) the sobriety, if it's not coupled with a nice finish, it immediately looks cheap. A bit like the creepy Mafia henchman can quickly look like a supermarket security guard with the wrong suit, if you know what I mean. With all due respect to the second one, eh.

DXR Hailstorm motorcycle jacket worn

The DXR Hailstorm, simple, effective

When it comes to style, the Hailstorm does it well: the tone-on-tone logo embroidered on the pocket is discreet, the colors a bit aristo, the finishing details are polished. Take these lip zips that are as waterproof as they are clean, these reflective piped zippers that are as beautiful during the day as they are visible at night, these magnetic tabs to keep the front ventilation zips open, this perimeter zip to keep the cold liner in place, etc. There's work. And believe me, this kind of equipment is generally reserved for much more expensive motorcycle jackets…

dXR logo on the DXR Hailstorm jacket

The DXR logo is not flashy

Weather: The DXR Hailstorm lives up to its name

32°C in the shade: check. Thunderstorm: check. 3 hours of driving in the early morning at 2°C: check. The good thing about the off-season in my area of ​​the low mountains is that we encounter almost all the weather conditions of the year within a few days of each other. So I was able to put the Hailstorm to the test in all these conditions.

dXR Hailstorm jacket seen from the back

The Hailstorm goes down the back quite a bit

But actually, what does Hailstorm mean in Shakespeare's language? Nothing less than “Hailstorm”! Great program... Well, we must admit that this describes quite well the bad weather where the DXR Hailstorm excels: cold and rain. I was indeed unable to fault its waterproof and breathable membrane. That’s good, I belong to the team that doesn’t really like it when rainwater reaches the skin… The membrane in question is fixed, which has a comfortable side: there are fewer zips and layers that float in the sleeves. The other side of the coin: the membrane covers the entire surface of the jacket.

Zip closure DXR Hailstorm

The opening zip is waterproof. We can see the insulating flap deployed.

Volunteer in winter, timid in summer

This membrane even goes so far as to obstruct the ventilation zips when they are open. And God knows there are ventilation zips on the DXR Hailstorm. Four on the chest that communicate with each other, two on the wrists, three (giants) on the back. It's a dream come true for the hot weather. Except that even with the winter lining detached, most of the fresh air is blocked by the membrane when it is hot and we ventilate. We still feel cool, eh, but it could be phenomenally better with all these openings... You will have understood, when it's really over 30°C, we reach the comfort limit of the Hailstorm jacket. It's better than in leather, but it still gets hot.

DXR Hailstorm jacket ventilation

Double chest ventilation. The small disk is the magnet for the retaining tab.

Conversely, as soon as the temperature drops, the full winter lining does the job very well. The cut, although straight, is quite close to the body. It therefore limits the rise of cold air, particularly in the sleeves. Add the insulating flap to deploy under the closing zip, the adjustable collar with adjustable pressure... Honestly, riding in a t-shirt at 10°C with the winter lining in place is a no-brainer !

DXR Hailstorm collar tab

Detail of adjustable collar tightening

A textile motorcycle jacket that is quite small in size

The DXR Hailstorm also pleased me with its multiple adjustments. All these adjustments make it a very versatile motorcycle jacket: it will adapt to all body shapes, to the clothes you wear underneath, to full or empty pockets. You will find two tightening tabs at the waist, two on each arm, another at the collar. One thing to know though, it is quite small, so if you are hesitating between two sizes, take the larger one. Even more so if you are what one would call a beautiful baby. Otherwise, you will definitely feel cramped and you will struggle to close the wrist zips.

DXR Hailstorm Reinforcement Hull

Super flexible reinforcement shells… and level 2!

Protection: The Hailstorm does better than the little friends

The Hailstorm inspires confidence. For a textile, I appreciated the feeling of security due to the thickness of the 600 denier polyester and its reassuring weight. The quality, we also feel it like that, without having tested it in the middle of the bowl – I know, I'm letting myself go… Besides, it's not just an impression: classified as level A, classic for this type of motorcycle jacket, the Hailstorm is equipped with level 2 protective shells on the shoulders and elbows, while the standard requires “only” level 1. Check for yourself, in this price range , it does not run web pages. They care about your skin, at DXR ! The reinforcements are flexible to the grip and do not hinder movements.

optional DXR Hailstorm back protector

Imperceptible, easy to install, inexpensive: it would be a shame to do without the optional level 2 backbone

A pocket for the internal back is provided. Available as an option for a pittance, you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it. I tested it for you level 2 DXR adaptable back protector : it's very simple, we absolutely don't feel it. The soft foam used in its manufacture makes it completely transparent in use. In the absence of an airbag or a more covering back brace, it's a good start!

DXR hailstorm waterproof pocket

My favorite pocket!

A good choice for everyday life

If its modularity makes it a good candidate for traveling, from my point of view, the DXR Hailstorm will shine above all on a daily basis. Its numerous pockets will allow you to carry a lot of stuff: there are two on the outside, three on the inside. One of them is accessible just by opening the jacket and is waterproof. I got into the habit of storing my smartphone there, even though an internal pocket is specially designed for that. I like being able to easily access my phone at the slightest break. Inside, you will find two other pockets which – rare enough to be noted – find their place in the winter lining and under the winter lining. You won't be disoriented when you detach the cold lining: you will find the same pockets in the same place!

Internal pockets in DXR Hailstorm jacket

Jacket pocket and winter lining: identical!

The other great everyday thing is how quickly the Hailstorm is put on: a main zip to close, the same for the cuffs, a snap at the collar and off you go! No flap covering the zip to press. The kind of little thing that is appreciated over time.

Hailstorm DXR Size Clamp Tab

Detail of a waist tightening tab

See the DXR Hailstorm product sheet

Quality / Finish4.5
Practical aspects4

My opinion: Better is (much) more expensive

Really well placed in terms of price in terms of its performance and especially its finish, the DXR Hailstorm jacket will amaze you on a daily basis and when you go on a trip. I tested some DXR jackets and I appreciated their quality, which is unanimous in the product reviews. But with the Hailstorm and more generally recent DXR productions, we clearly feel the move upmarket. Things must be confusing in the design offices of the big names in motorcycle equipment. Stylish, protective, well thought out and well finished, you are unlikely to be disappointed with the DXR Hailstorm. The only downside: ventilation that could be optimized when it gets really hot outside. That said, that leaves a fairly wide range of uses, right?

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