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Testing the Helstons Master K Rag jacket

test of the Helstons Master K leather jacket

Are you looking for a safe, neo-retro motorcycle jacket that brings out your dark side? Ask the French brand Helstons, they have the one you need: the helstons Master K Rag leather jacket !

Choosing the size: be careful

When ordering, I was a little too hasty. Ah, I was very sorry for not having looked at the customer comments which recommended taking a size larger. I took my usual size, namely S. Except that I have never felt so tight in a motorcycle jacket. So, return to sender for M. In terms of adjustment, the helstons Master K Rag leather jacket features traditional wrist and waist tightening tabs. To put it on easily, the sleeves are zipped.

test of the Helstons Master K Rag leather jacket

Finishes: nothing to complain about, it’s Helstons

Having already tested another jacket from the brand, the Helstons Randall, I can say that this one is no exception to the rule. It is very well finished (seams, lining, inserts). Bovine leather is smooth. THE helstons Master K Rag leather jacket will have to be handled with the greatest care because my previous Helstons Randall, which had similar characteristics, was very particularly sensitive to snags. Plus, he scores quickly. Handle with care! This helstons Master K Rag leather jacket is only available in one color: black.

helstons Master K Rag jacket: sensitive to snags


motorcycle jacket from the French brand Helstons

Ease or security, the choice is yours

A leather jacket, it has to “be done”. Certainly the helstons Master K Rag jacket does not deviate from the rule on this point either but its cut fitted (adjusted) combined with level 2 protection make it as rigid as a librarian in a Hollywood film. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little. Once the first few hundred kilometers have been covered, it becomes very comfortable. Regardless, I never felt constrained in my movements. Whether it's checking blind spots, turning around on an inattentive road user or even manipulating my intercom motorcycle radio or the screens and ventilation devices of my helmet.

On the other hand, when stationary, if it is ease of movement that you are looking for, it is better to open the tightening tabs and sleeve zippers, and simply open the jacket. Otherwise, even accessing the pockets proves impractical!

helstons Master K Rag jacket tested

Unbeatable thermal comfort

And that’s what I appreciate about Helstons : their traditional thermo aluminum lining really performs! It has the advantage of being in the form of a vest with sleeves. Having a layer of clothing to avoid ending up frozen is therefore not necessary. Especially since I don't recommend it because the cut fitted, close to the body, requires you to make do with the minimum amount of clothing.

If some people are worried about having the constant noise of a sheet of aluminum being folded, due to the thermal lining, I reassure you: no discomfort to fear at this level. We have this feeling when putting on the jacket. Then the good old squeaking of the leather takes over!

focus on the lining of the Helstons Master K Rag jacket

Abundant pockets but with minimum service and not necessarily accessible

THE helstons Master K Rag leather jacket includes a total of 7 pockets with the thermal lining and 5 pockets without. Well, in reality, count 3 exterior pockets and 2 interior pockets because the two present on the thermal lining just replace those of the fixed lining which have become inaccessible...

  • An interior pocket can accommodate a full-sized smartphone
  • Another interior pocket can accommodate vehicle documents or even your wallet at the end of the month or after filling up with gas
  • Two hip pockets
  • One chest pocket

All the pockets are difficult to access with one hand. You therefore need one hand to hold the jacket and the other to rummage in the pockets. In addition, they are satisfied with the minimum service. Don't count on them to replace a satchel or backpack.

interior and exterior pockets of the Helstons jacket

Security: nothing is left out

THE helstons Master K Rag leather jacket east cE approved level A by itself but climbs to level AA thanks to brand protections SmoothWays supplied with. Namely: level 2 elbow and shoulder protections as well as a level 1 back protector which also explains its rigid nature. It's still nice to have a neo-retro jacket so well equipped at this level because it's not very common.

If you prefer to put level 1 protections on it, don't worry, they are easy to interchange. About the dorsal, it is better to refrain from trying to remove it if you do not want to tear the lining.

back protection of the Helstons jacket

The rain ? What rain?

During my test, I only picked up one decent rain (and I admit that I'm not going to complain about it). THE helstons Master K rag leather jacket passed the test leaving me totally dry. Afterwards, I cannot guarantee that my opinion will be as clear-cut during a motorway journey under the Cévennes episode…

See the product sheet


My opinion: a neo-retro jacket that stands up to asphalt and the elements

Safe due to its level of protection(s), warm thanks to its thermal lining and which is intended to be waterproof in the conditions tested, the Helstons Master K Rag jacket is a precious ally for those always on the move who love neo-retro jackets. However, it remains enjoyable for everyone. Be careful when choosing the size and, don't worry, it will eventually soften!

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