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DXR Drizzle Jacket Test

Today, we meet to test a leather jacket innovative, and made from the finest materials! Innovative because waterproof, yes yes, waterproof. And it's a quality that you will be hard-pressed to find on the market today for a leather jacket of this caliber (and that's not a pun intended). I'm talking about dXR Drizzle jacket, a leather with a classic, high-end cut, of which I detail all the qualities in the following lines.

Aniline leather

To make the dXR Drizzle jacket, rather high-end, the dXR brand chose aniline leather. If this name doesn't mean anything to you, you may know the name nappa leather. This term refers to the dyes used in the manufacturing process. It is a special dye treatment used for the finest skin. High quality bovine leather, if not the best... Because no coating treatment is applied to it, which makes the slightest imperfection visible such as insect bites, scars, scratches or any other imperfections.

Doing some research on the Internet, it turns out that only 5% of skins are selected to become aniline leathers. DXR therefore offers you the best in terms of quality because yes, aniline leather is found more often in the high fashion industry or on the seats of luxury cars.

And treatment for waterproofing

To make its jacket even more exclusive, DXR has chosen to apply a waterproofing treatment! I say “waterproofing”, not just “water resistant” for a limited period of time and/or in light rain like most of our leather jackets are. A real jacket waterproof, resistant to liquid elements, in the same way as rain gear, from which it also uses certain manufacturing methods. Beyond the treatment given to the leather to make it waterproof, each of the seams are heat-welded. This means that we apply hot-glued adhesive tape to all the points where the needles pass. This technique makes the garment waterproof as well as airtight, and makes this waterproofness last over time. By adding the treatment of the leather to the heat-sealing technique, we obtain a 100% waterproof garment, and not just on paper...

testing the DXR Drizzle jacket

dXR Drizzle jacket, real waterproof leather jacket

test the waterproofness of the DXR Drizzle leather jacket

The DXR Drizzle jacket in real conditions

Indeed, it's all well and good to promise dreams in the manufacturing and description of the product... But the most important thing is the result we obtain on the road! So, wet or not wet?

You will probably have guessed it, the result is quite stunning for leather motorcycle clothing! THE jacket DXR Drizzle completely cuts you off from even the slightest drop of the dreaded liquid. The one that makes your walks suddenly less pleasant, that makes you want to get home as quickly as possible (well not too much, because now it “ severe slipping"), which has the annoying habit of making your journey to work, just like the day that follows, execrable... Whether it's pouring rain, you know those halberds that sting you through your pants or gloves, or the downpour, the big stormy downpour which doesn't last but which would be enough to overflow the Canal du Midi in a few minutes... Okay, maybe I'm doing a little too much. But you know exactly what I mean!

THE dXR Drizzle jacket will keep what it covers protected from any humidity. Indeed, “what it covers” because if you have not planned pants as well made as this leather jacket, shoes waterproof or waterproof gloves: well, there will be parts of your body that will be affected by this insidious liquid!

An equally innovative lining

To add to this undeniable comfort that waterproof clothing brings you, DXR has also thought of keeping you warm. This dXR jacket is in fact offered with a down jacket lining that can be worn alone. Its sole provision of heat is just as effective as the waterproofing of the jacket under which it is placed. Interesting detail, and one that I had never seen on another lining or other motorcycle clothing, this lining has a thumb hole which allows it to stay in place perfectly without letting the slightest draft pass through. sleeve level. Another famous idea from the DXR teams who are definitely working hard to bring you the best ideas.

testing the DXR Dizzle jacket in the rain and on a bike

what is the DXR Dizzle jacket worth on a bike?

Under the elements

To test the dXR Drizzle jacket in the best conditions, I received it at the beginning of November. Period which, here in Sarthe, is conducive to the types of conditions I speak to you about above. So no, I didn't go out as soon as I saw the water coming up. That said, I accompanied my students during several traffic lessons (yes, on the rainiest days)... Our training system spreads the lessons over 4 four-hour sessions, for me it was the best way to spend time time on the bike in bad weather without having the possibility of saying to myself “ come on, I'm fed up, I'm going back« .

I could say that at #EnjoyTheRide we go out of our way to offer the most in-depth tests but this was not the case :)

These different outings therefore allowed me to stay for a long time in several types of rain and with temperatures felt well below zero. Well, believe me, I made most of my students jealous... Both because I was always dry and also because the cold didn't really have its effects. I wouldn't go so far as to say I was hot but at no point did I feel cold. And above all, I always stayed dry! My ability to drive safely and comfortably was therefore not affected.

a jacket tested under all conditions

focus on the DXR Drizzle jacket and its lining

Protection and comfort

Now that you are warm and dry, we need to offer you a level of protection and security equal to that against water and cold. In addition to 1.3 mm thick leather, as on all of the brand's motorcycle clothing, you will find level 2 approved elbow and shoulder protection. Rather rare, as most other brands offer a level 1. They are also adjustable in height to make them as comfortable as possible. Of course, you can also add the back protector DXR back protector of level 1 or level 2.

In terms of comfort and small subtleties intended to make the Drizzle experience pleasant, the collar is lined with a suede covering which prevents any irritation in contact with the leather. Numerous exterior and interior pockets are also present on the jacket, including a very useful one, the toll pocket placed on the left sleeve, as well as a cell phone pocket. Finally, the jacket also has pockets on the lining.

A criticism? Its weight perhaps... But this is often the case for a quality leather jacket. Its main zipper is not always easy to handle either but these are only details compared to the many qualities of the dXR Drizzle jacket.

dXR Drizzle under jacket lining

dXR Drizzle jacket lining

pocket inside the lining

the DXR Drizzle jacket offers many useful pockets

the DXR Drizzle jacket in details

the collar of the DXR Drizzle jacket

interior pockets of the DXR jacket


See the product sheet

Flexibility 3.5
Quality / Finishes 4.8
Waterproofing 5

My opinion: Waterproof but not only!

Esmeralda, the project manager of this product, has really done her best to offer you a high-end jacket that meets the benefits it advertises. Perfectly waterproof, warm and with a finish that does not suffer from the slightest reproach. Performing well in bad weather, it is also effective in terms of safety with its level 2 protection. It is also full of details that make everyday life easier and make the Drizzle experience truly convincing. Even in terms of price, it is well placed for the services it offers. In addition, its classic and discreet style will allow you to remain "classy" once you get off your motorcycle. A product which, as you will have understood, more than convinced me, as is often the case with the brand's creations.

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    • Emeric74 june 11, 2024 at 3:23 p.m. Answer

      Hello Rassemusse! For the test it is a size M. The model is 1.80m tall and weighs approximately 75kg. The jacket is fitted but not tight 😉 I hope my answer suits you! Good road !

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