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Testing the DXR Truster jacket

dXR Truster jacket, a sure value in terms of look

Enter my friends! Welcome… Yes, welcome to the famous mid-season! Because this time, it’s certain, we are there. Do you like this time of year when it's not too cold but not too hot either? You know, that moment when the roads are not yet really tricky but during which you lose a little of the confidence you had built with your front axle during the summer... End of the suspense, I don't like these species of hybrid seasons during which dressing for riding becomes a headache. Leather or textile? Lined or unlined? In order to help me better appreciate this essential passage of the year, Motoblouz entrusted me with the dXR Truster jacket. And this jacket, recently arrived on the market, could well succeed in the small feat of reconciling me with the autumn that has arrived...

Modernity and stylish style

As the tests progress, it becomes less and less useful to present the brand DXR. Established on the French market for several years, Motoblouz 's own brand continues to develop while retaining the values ​​that have made it successful. Located in the North of France, the creative team designs products combining safety and competitive prices while offering highly crafted designs.

Not escaping the rule, the dXR Truster jacket offers a modern and sporty look. Tried in a full black version, it is discreet without being devoid of character. The stylists have integrated raised elements which reinforce the aggressiveness of this textile jacket. The DXR logos are printed in a shiny black color, deliciously sober and chic. Even the reflective elements are adorned with a dark shade, bringing the final touch to a copy close to perfection.

faultless run for the DXR Truster jacket

Style-wise, the DXR Truster jacket is close to flawless. Sober and sporty, especially in “full black”!

Cut-wise, no surprises. THE dXR Truster jacket is halfway between sportiness and comfort. Thus, the bust has plenty of space, even once the back is installed, which allows great freedom of movement. The jacket is relatively short and sits naturally on your belt. Having carried out the test by jumping from my trail to my café racer , I must recognize that DXR has worked well on the versatility of the Truster! The only downside is that I found the closing tab a little tight at the neck. While this won't bother those who ride light, I preferred to leave it open when wearing a hoodie.

Ventilation and insulation, the headache of all-season jackets!

Design a motorcycle jacket capable of being comfortable whatever the season can quickly become a headache for designers... Indeed, how to offer equipment capable of bringing you a zest of freshness in hot weather while keeping you warm shelter from the cold and the rain, when the elements are unleashed? Never short of ideas, the members of the DXR team really worked hard when creating this dXR Truster jacket.

To tackle this overview of solutions “ Made in the North“, I suggest we talk about insulation before focusing on ventilation. First of all, the dXR Truster jacket is equipped with a removable liner. Relatively thick and well designed, it effectively protects against the onslaught of the cold. If it is suitable for winter driving, I prefer to take it off the rest of the year.

truly versatile, the DXR Truster jacket

Truly versatile, the DXR Truster jacket accompanies you on the roads all year round!

In Normandy, if there is one element that we must tame, it is the rain! Good news, this dXR jacket incorporates a waterproof membrane called Z-Liner. If I noticed its effectiveness in the face of "common" showers, it was however unable to prove itself in torrential rain... So, the Normandy weather is not always as capricious as the legend says.

If it is as comfortable in the cold as in the rain, the dXR Truster jacket claims to be “all seasons”. To keep you cool in the summer, it has another string to its arc . Indeed, once the thick lining is removed, all you have to do is open the vents located on the torso and back to create a real flow of air. Well seen DXR !

Say JB… And security?!

Ouch ! I can already see the usual anti-textiles coming... Too light, too fragile, not reinforced enough... We know the refrain!

Yes, I admit it: leather will always seem a little more robust to me than a textile jacket. Once this observation has been established, let's look at the advantages of fiber in relation to the skin. As we have seen, in terms of breathability and waterproofness, the Truster ticks all the boxes. Lighter than a leather model, it is quickly forgotten once in the saddle and offers significant freedom of movement thanks to its relatively classic cut.

Robustness and lightness are two of the qualities displayed by 600D polyester.

Robustness and lightness are two of the qualities displayed by 600D polyester.

Designed in 600D polyester, the Truster does not revolutionize the genre. Indeed, this textile fiber has proven itself for many years, particularly in terms of resistance to abrasion. This is partly explained by its dense weave. Despite everything, reducing the risk on a motorcycle to simple slips would be reductive. Indeed, the shock caused by the fall is just as devastating for the biker. Thus, DXR has equipped the Truster with a set of category 2 elbow and shoulder shells. With a small adjustment range, these will adapt to your body shape. Finally, you can equip your jacket with a back protector of the category of your choice thanks to the back pocket provided for this purpose.

Nice practical aspects for the DXR Truster jacket

I repeat it regularly but a jacket, no matter how beautiful it is, should always make the biker's life easier. Who has never experienced the frustration of looking for a pocket big enough to fit your smartphone, your papers or even your set of keys? Never stingy when it comes to placing pockets on their products, the stylists at DXR have done it again. As is often the case in the brand's creations, the Truster includes a very large pocket dedicated to your phone as well as another zipped pocket on each of its linings. Two large exterior pockets complete this range.

the practicality of the DXR Truster jacket is in your pocket!

At DXR , we don't joke when we talk about pockets. Those dedicated to smartphones are particularly successful!

Of course, it's impossible to talk about the practical aspects without mentioning the removable liner one last time. Because, in addition to its thermal approval, it has the advantage of being easy to handle. A zipper and two snap buttons allow it to be removed or replaced with ease. A color code even helps you find your way so you don't reinsert it upside down... Pretty practical, right? Finally, know that to adapt the dXR Truster jacket to your measurements, Velcro adjustment bands are located at the hips and wrists.

See the product sheet

Quality / Finish4
Practical aspects4.5

My opinion: a good plan to recommend!

Selling for around a hundred euros, the DXR Truster jacket is certainly a good deal to recommend! Able to accompany you throughout the year on your outings, this real Swiss army knife will quickly become a must-have in your biker wardrobe. Whether you have a tight budget or just love its modern and neat look, there are all reasons to go for it!

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