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Testing the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

DXR Swizzle Tex - face

DXR is offering a new summer jacket model this year, a textile version of its Swizzle CE leather, the dXR Swizzle Tex jacket. I was able to take advantage of the recent rise in temperature, after weeks of disgusting weather, to test the qualities and faults of this new arrival in the stable DXR.

A story of style

What defines the swizzle CE leather jacket, it is its very successful retro look as well as the diversity of colors offered. THE dXR jacket Swizzle Texas fully assumes its kinship with a deliciously marked look for a textile jacket summer and two very successful colors: Dark Brown and Black. This is the all black model that I chose, more sober and versatile but no less stylish.

testing the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket, front view

For a summer jacket generously garnished with Mesh, the dXR Swizzle Tex jacket pulls its weight. It's a feature that reassures me, strangely. I always have a little trouble feeling protected with featherweight equipment, even with advances in the resistance of the textiles used.

summer textile jacket, the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

The aesthetic codes of the retro motorcycle jacket are present and perfectly executed. The low collar, surrounded by neoprene, closes with a press button, for example. The shoulders of the jacket are decorated with inserts with beautiful topstitching. These inserts are also present on the elbows. The upper part of the arms as well as the upper part of the bust (from the shoulders to the bottom of the pectorals) are made of solid fabric, a very resistant 600D polyester which gives the Swizzle Tex a fairly rigid hold. The inside of the arms as well as the entire back and front of the jacket are made of Mesh. This bodes well for excellent ventilation and thermal comfort. topmoumoutesque ».

chest pocket and padding with stitching on the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

Chest pocket and shoulder padding on the DXR jacket


the neoprene collar with its snap button for a neo-retro look

Circled neoprene collar with snap button for a neo-retro look

I often use this abstruse series of letters to define the common basis for DXR products. We find in the dXR jacket Swizzle Tex this very successful base which gives the brand's jackets this odiously practical and totally essential side against which all jackets from other brands are compared. There are two interior pockets: one dedicated to the phone on the left, closed with a Velcro tab and of a good size, and the other, large and closed with a zip on the right. Return to the left higher up to find the huge waterproof pocket on the lining.

On the outside, there are very roomy chest pockets as well as two side pockets. The traditional ticket pocket on the left forearm (called the “classic pocket but often empty”) is present. All are closed with a zip. AND ALL HAVE TEXTILE TABS TO MAKE THEIR GRIP EASIER. Joy, satisfaction, fullness, peace to men of good will!

left interior pockets of the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

Focus on the left interior pockets

A large pocket on the inside right side of the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

Right interior pocket

ticket pocket on the left forearm of the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

Ticket pocket on left forearm

I admit that I had tears in my eyes as I looked at the dXR Swizzle Tex jacket. « He's not missing anything! Is this possible? A doubt grips me, could this be the right one, the Chosen One, the summer jacket that will ruin them all? » Only one try in situ will let us know...

Testing the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket in white

I put on the Swizzle in size L for my 1.75 meter and 80 kilos and wheelbarrows, my shoulders and my arms luchador mexican, my 120 D cup and my IPA lover's brioche. Everything fits perfectly. I even have a bit of damage on my shoulders and arms, I will be able to resume castagne ! The belly fits without being excessively sheathed. This dXR jacket keeps it in shape thanks to the arrangement of the 600D textile panels which gives it a perfect silhouette which compensates for the sagging of my body with age... Well done!

A slight downside: I find the lining of the sleeves at the wrists quite present, almost obtrusive. I have a little trouble getting through and have to open the snaps and the zip on the cuffs (something I never do) and I find it a bit too protective for an exclusively summer jacket, without a removable lining.

hip adjustments on the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

DXR jacket adjustable at the hips

THE dXR Swizzle Tex jacket has the usual pressure adjustments at the wrists and hips, enough to fit your body shape without difficulty.

Protected in style

The onboard protections are typical of DXR jackets. THE dXR Swizzle Tex jacket has shells Smouth Ways level 2, removable, on the elbows and shoulders. They are very flexible and perfectly arranged. You can adjust them, slightly, to perfect your comfort but they fit well for my body shape. We have a pocket to install a homemade type 1 or 2 back protector. However, the back being entirely made of Mesh, you will lose a little in thermal comfort. For my part, I chose to ignore the backbone for the tests in order to appreciate the ventilation at its peak.

interior pocket for back protector on the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

Inside pocket for back protector

Roll Bouboule!

I climb on my rolling turd, push in the first gear and (without stalling!) launch myself into the middle of the hill to test the thermal capacities of the dXR Swizzle Tex jacket. The impression of protection thanks to the hold provided by the cut, the thick 600D textile and the shells is very pleasant. Immediately, with each acceleration, I appreciate the extreme ventilation.

The designers had the brilliant idea of ​​providing the dXR Swizzle Tex jacket of Mesh on an area going from the underside of the wrist to the hips without stopping. The armpits therefore benefit from the passage of air and you feel really ventilated. Very few of the summer jackets tested were equipped in this way in this area. Thermal comfort is truly exceptional. I quickly forgot this story of excess lining at the wrists because the rest of the body (back included) benefits from the caress of the air which will make your sweat evaporate and thus provide, through a clever exchange of energy, personal air conditioning with zero carbon impact.

The DXR Swizzle Tex jacket, almost perfect?

The style of the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

For what I expect from a summer motorcycle jacket, without hesitation, I say yes. THE dXR Swizzle Tex jacket has the retro motorcycle look that I like. Pockets everywhere, totally accessible, even on the machine with gloves and very practical. On-board protections that never interfere with piloting. A successful cut with comfort and perfect fit. Excellent ventilation without the “shapeless and soft jacket with fishnet stockings without style” look. To complete the picture, the Swizzle has short reflective inserts on the back below the shoulders, discreet and safe. The little embossed DXR logo that I love is on the right bicep.

dXR logo embossed on the arm of the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket

DXR embossed logo and shoulder padding

Only the excess lining inside the sleeves at the cuffs increases sweating a little and can be annoying if you put the jacket on quickly. But it's really anecdotal considering the plethora of good points that the jacket carries... Kudos DXR !

See the product sheet


My opinion: finally a hyper-ventilated summer jacket with a real neo-retro style

The fit and support offered by the DXR Swizzle Tex jacket is terrible. Its power of ventilation and thermal regulation is a delight in hot or very hot weather, while maintaining a sober and retro style and offering good protection. The finishes are free from criticism. A perfect summer jacket for lovers of chic and understated style!

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