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Test of the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket

Test of the Rev'it Quantum 2 H20 jacket

Founded in 1995 in the Netherlands, the brand REV'IT has continued to develop throughout its existence products with innovative and innovative technologies allowing it to offer today a complete range which protects and equips all types of motorcyclists. In this wide range, it is the very atypical and stylish rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket that Motoblouz suggested I try for you.

An uncompromising look

aggressive look for the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket  rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket in anthracite gray color   africa twin and rev'it quantum 2 H2O jacket

Definitely sporty/urban type, this 600D textile jacket takes the cut and style of the brand's QUANTUM series leather clothing. Cut close to the body with pre-shaped sleeves, the rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket clearly looks like a racing leather jacket. Its “digital rain” type decor, almost Matrix style, reinforces the urban side already accentuated by the presence of this unusual hood on a motorcycle jacket.

And it is precisely this hood, removable with a simple zip, which gives all its originality to this garment by offering you two different styles depending on your mood. Hood removed: we find a sporty look reinforced by the shoulder shields which feature the brand logo. Zipped hood: you go into fashion streetwear/urban ! If the hood has no other function than the look when you ride, it becomes an interesting ally when you get off your motorcycle and the weather has decided that he will cry all his tears...

Quality technical materials

focus on the Rev'it quantum 2 H2O jacket Open zip on the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket velcro adjustment and logo of the Rev'it jacket  velcro on the sleeve for adjustment on the rev'it jacket

It is also in these moments that you will appreciate the undeniable quality of the waterproof coating hydratex® G-liner integrated whose efficiency will serve you both on and off the bike. And if the temperature gets too low, you can count on a nicely finished removable lining, equipped with a pocket, which is easily removed or added using a zip and two snaps for the sleeves. We also find adjustment tabs on these sleeves at the biceps level which allow you to adjust the width and avoid flapping. Finally, to complete the settings and best adapt the rev'it jacket to suit your body shape, Velcro tightening tabs are also present on the hips and at the wrists. Even if a zip would allow a more precise alignment for the forearm, we still arrive at something quite suitable.

Among the good points: the presence of two snap tabs at the bottom of the back to secure your rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket on your belt, allowing it to always stay in place. A zip also allows connection to the brand's pants. Another excellent idea: the presence of two superimposed zips allowing a windproof effect as effective as the closure is secure.

Comfort and quality guaranteed

test of the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket test worn Rev'it jacket

To this already rather complete technical sheet, we can easily add comfort and a real feeling of quality. The choice of materials for the internal and external layers, the fitted cut, the perfect sleeve length, the superb manufacturing quality and the finishes make you feel really comfortable in this little rather mid-season jacket. The care taken by the brand on quality is undeniable. All the seams are perfect, nothing sticks out, all the panels are assembled with precision.

In the saddle, the rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket is completely forgotten. It is light and flexible, it almost gives the impression of rolling in sweatshirt, less hesitation and more security. And if you're wondering, the hood is absolutely no problem. It doesn't move a bit when you're riding, and it doesn't hinder the movements of the helmet! Just like the jacket, its presence is completely forgotten.

Really pleasant to wear, one of the main advantages, in my opinion, is its interior covering. Lining Mesh impeccably attached to the main layer does not “stick” when you are only wearing a t-shirt and it is a little warm. You do not remain "glued" to the jacket when it comes to taking it off or quite simply when you are riding and that, in terms of comfort, is a major advantage when the sun comes out and the "10km max » disappear.

Close security

shoulder protections on the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket shoulder protections on the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket

On the security side, the rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket incorporates protections SEESMART, CE level 1 approved, on the elbows and shoulders completed by sliders tPU exteriors. As always, I still deplore the fact that brands do not automatically equip their jackets with the in-house back protector. I am ready to pay a few dozen euros more for clothing that immediately integrates this essential protection! That being said, the rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket is predisposed to receive the Rev'it back protector SEESOFT approved level 2. Finally, the laminated reflective strips present on the jacket and the hood will allow you to remain visible to the world and above all, in car headlights!

See the product sheet

Quality 3.8

My opinion: confident style

I completely fell for the aggressive and fun look, the offbeat decoration of the Rev'it Quantum 2 H2O jacket. I appreciated the impeccable manufacturing quality and the attention to detail in manufacturing by REV'IT. Comfortable, light to wear, it is a perfect partner for your sunny outings and your rainy returns.

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