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Furygan Nitros jacket test

test of the Furygan Nitros jacket

Well, for this new test, I decided to do things in a big way... I literally split myself into five to dissect one of the latest additions to the range Furygan : THE nitros leather jacket. After several hundred kilometers traveled on all types of axes and on the handlebars of several machines with very different profiles, I was finally amazed by this versatile and extremely rewarding product. If you want to know more about the furygan Nitros jacket, take the vacuum… Let's go, on the roads of Normandy!

Furygan : made in France

Before getting to the heart of the matter by attacking the test of this furygan Nitros jacket, I couldn't help but remind you that Furygan is a French equipment manufacturer! In fact, the brand was born at the end of the 1960s in the city of Nîmes. At the time, the context was simple: everything had to be built in terms of motorcycle equipment. In its early days, Furygan specialized in making leather gloves. The company quickly extended its catalog to jackets and then to one-piece suits.

furygan logo on Nitros jacket

Furygan goes through the ages while maintaining its fundamentals: quality leather and a taste for a job well done!

Today, and after almost 50 years of activity, Furygan has become one of the major equipment manufacturers in the two-wheeler sector. The brand relies on renowned ambassadors: Johann Zarco and Michael Dunlop , to name the first that come to mind. Always at the forefront of innovation, the company pays particular attention to the safety offered by its equipment. This is how we find airbag technology in some of his creations.

A discreet look… but racy!

Okay, I will spoiler* a bit of the rest of this essay: I literally fell for the furygan Nitros jacket… Please know that we, the Motoblouz testers, are completely independent. Brands never influence us when we write our reviews. To be completely transparent, I even left with a certain distrust towards the products of this French manufacturer. Don't ask me why, tastes and colors cannot be controlled! So when unpacking the package, it leather jacket had a lot to do to convince me… And the magic worked!

refinement and sportiness for the Furygan Nitros jacket

Between refinement and sportiness, Furygan has taken care of the style of his Nitros: the panther can roar proudly!

I was first attracted by the quality of the leather used. Made from cowhide, the inserts convey a feeling of robustness, and their adjustments are absolutely fine. And the seams are not left out... They are perfectly fitted and contribute to the quality side of the jacket.

In this black color, the few gray details add a particularly subtle touch of sportiness. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the most sporty among us can pair pants with this jacket. The latter actually has a connecting zip. The integration of the brand's logos in white contrasts with the general color of the leather. This contrast literally highlights the famous panther.

Safety as priority

Furygan integrates protection issues from the first phases of creating a product. The goal is that the finished equipment offers a high level of protection, without it hindering the pilot's movements. It is therefore quite natural that the furygan Nitros jacket benefits from original D3O ® shells on the shoulders and elbows. This material, widely used in the motorcycle world, combines protection and flexibility. In the event of an impact, the D3O ® material stiffens, absorbs the energy of the impact and distributes it evenly over the affected area. Obviously, Furygan offers you the possibility of adding an approved back protector as well as additional chest protection.

For my part, I instantly equipped my jacket with an approved back protector. I can only recall how essential this inexpensive equipment seems to me.

furygan Nitros jacket protections

Shoulders and elbows benefit from D3O shells. Back protectors, chest protectors and airbag are optional.

If in 2021 the backbone is good… The airbag is better. Well aware that this technology is starting to make its mark in France, Furygan has predisposed its nitros jacket to receive its in-house solution: a universal and autonomous airbag vest. Vest FuryAirbagSystem (its little name) comes from the close partnership with the company In&motion, a true leader in airbag system design. Although its price may seem dissuasive, it saves lives and saves more motorcyclists from serious and irreparable injuries each year...

Absolute comfort and total versatility for the Furygan Nitros jacket

Putting on new leather is always a moment that I particularly enjoy. More than just trying on any item of clothing, it's about awakening your senses. Indeed, skin remains a living material which has a particular odor. It will evolve over the years, with the care you give it, and will relax during the first kilometers of the road.

At Furygan , the choice of skins is taken very seriously. To design the furygan Nitros jacket, the brand has selected cowhide leather known for its robustness and flexibility. The choice proves to be wise since, once put on, the jacket instantly gives the feeling of being protected. Please note that the brand's team confirmed to me that with careful maintenance, your panther-stamped product will accompany you for several decades without flinching.

example of comfort and flexibility: the Furygan Nitros jacket

Able to adapt to the style of a wide range of bikers, the Furygan Nitros jacket is exemplary in terms of comfort, robustness and flexibility!

For their part, the textile inserts “ bi-stretch » offer appreciable freedom of movement. I deliberately chose the introductory photo for this article. Between a sober but deliciously sporty style and an ability to adapt to all driving positions, this leather will meet the expectations of a very large number of motorcyclists. Whether you drive a sporty, neo-retro, A2 roadster, like long-distance trips or are looking for a jacket capable of accompanying you on your daily journeys, the Furygan Nitros jacket will do the job brilliantly.

A leather that is comfortable in the face of the vagaries of the climate

Yes the furygan Nitros jacket has style... Yes, it really protects with its quality leather and its D3O shells. It is also perfectly comfortable, even after hours of riding. But is it really designed to cope with everyday life?

The weather is the premier element that can damage certain equipment. Poor management of the cold or the rain, and it's a guaranteed ordeal for the biker! First of all, on the mercury side, this furygan jacket ensures. Equipped with a removable lining which takes the form of a sleeveless vest, the jacket adapts quite well to cool temperatures. During my last outings, I left in 0°C, without this famous liner, and I did not feel any particular discomfort. For your information, I ride most of the time with a t-shirt and a sweatshirt under my leathers. A little nod to the leather tabs which not only secure the zipper (at the top and bottom of the zipper) but also insulate your neck a little more from the cold.

furygan nitros jacket: equipped against the cold

Well insulated, the Furygan Nitros jacket effectively cuts out the cold. The leather tab locks the zipper.

While I haven't encountered any real stormy rain, I can confirm that the Nitros knows how to get through the downpours. Despite everything, I recommend that you occasionally waterproof your jacket. A spray from time to time doesn't hurt and will help your jacket keep you dry. On the other hand, pay attention to the signs bi-stretch. If they are really valuable since they guarantee you total comfort in the arms, they will naturally be more vulnerable in the event of bad weather.

Ready for real life with my Fury leather!

Like a biker constantly carrying around essential items for his daily life, Furygan has equipped the Nitros with several pockets. So, from garage keys to your bike's papers, you should be able to store most of your personal belongings.

Thanks to their correct volume, the traditional exterior pockets allowed me to carry my large set of keys. Despite the remote control which completes the latter, everything fit without incident. Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that the zippers are easy to handle. In fact, even with gloves, you can easily manipulate the imposing tabs.

interior pockets of the Furygan Nitros jacket

Practical, the two interior pockets easily accommodate papers and smartphones: a real plus in terms of practicality

The icing on the cake are the two interior pockets offered by the Nitros. Ideal for carrying my registration card case on one side and my smartphone on the other, I will only have one small comment to make about them: I would have liked one of them to be waterproof. Nothing too bad, and after all, we had to find a little fault with this jacket...

See the product sheet

*spoiler = divulge, divulge and spoil

Practical Aspects4.5

My opinion: my favorite of the last few months!

Between quality leather and flawless finishes, the French brand makes a copy close to perfection. With its numerous pockets and removable lining, the Furygan Nitros jacket, halfway between sportiness and discretion, demonstrates total versatility. No matter how much I search... I see no valid reason not to succumb to his charm. Well done Furygan !

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