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DXR Sumac jacket review

dXR Sumac jacket

Why is nostalgia so “ trendy » ? As for me, I readily admit that recent events push me to remember with fondness a gentler, less anxiety-provoking time. THE dXR Sumac jacket accompanied me for more than a month until the moment I wrote these few lines, trying to forget the aftertaste that the news sometimes leaves. And this magnificent leather jacket knew how to spice up my daily life with style.

Starsky, is that you?

When I received the heavy package which contained the dXR Sumac jacket, I didn't expect to fall into such a frank time rift. Its design is an absolute success. It's not even a matter of taste, it's objectively killer. Let me explain.

The rather close-fitting cut offered by the dXR Sumac jacket is perfect. No need to take one or even two sizes larger as for the fitted by Segura . Certainly, the lower body is more sheathed but not excessively, and this remains completely coordinated with the length of the sleeves.

design of the DXR Sumac jacket

Zip on the forearms, press studs, nothing is missing

Signs of motorcycle leather are almost absent. Here, no stitching on the shoulders, inserts on the elbows or pockets on the forearm. The style is versatile and the cut is very successful. The DXR logo embossing is there, on the chest. As long as you don't notice the technical winter lining, only the sharp eye of Arsouille's accomplice will unmask you as the deglingo that you are.

Put it on dXR Sumac jacket, and look at yourself in the mirror. It's no longer you, it's your alter ego from the 70s who has just flipped out at the local café and is going for a ride on the handlebars of his KAWA 900 Z1. Even if I love the Ghost Rider type testosterone biker look, the look provided by this dXR jacket is particularly suitable for discreet and daily practice.

The vintage look, yes, but not only that!

Premier motorcycle jacket that I wore with a shirt collar. I was curious about the result. Accustomed to the biker collar, surrounded by neoprene, this was one of the only questions that made me hesitate to try the Sumac experience.

No worries! The design of the jacket is perfect, the shirt collar is discreet. It does not cause any inconvenience when riding two wheels. Indeed, if the pilot wishes, he can close the collar using a press button on a leather tab. The windproof flap of the jacket helps insulate the throat.

shirt collar of the DXR Sumac jacket

The Sumac offers the possibility of closing the collar for additional protection

raised collar of the DXR Sumac jacket

The raised shirt collar protects your neck from drafts

The leather that makes up the jacket in its livery “ chocolate » is lightly marked. For those who know the wonderful world of guitars, it is an effect relic moderate. The impression of old, maintained leather is perfect. The flexibility is quite present, and the smell of leather is there without being overpowering.

THE dXR Sumac jacket pulls its weight. This is where the illusion of “civilian” leather disappears. When you lift it, you feel that it is intended to Protect and Serve and not only to Parade and Seduce. Sumac can do everything.


The common basis for dXR leathers is still there. And this is what presents one of the major advantages of dXR Sumac jacket. The onboard and removable protections (elbows and shoulders) are there, always impeccably placed. The back pocket is present. The numerous and deep interior pockets are there, and lined with the winter lining. The leather connecting tab for the pants too, as well as the waist bending with press studs. Nothing is missing. Apart from these damn leather zippers which make life much easier for us road convicts.

dXR logo visible on leather jacket

The DXR logo embossed. Class and discretion.

Even if, with or without the protective shells, you can wear the Sumac outside of two-wheel riding, and you will have to use it without wearing gloves, handling the zip pulls with gloves is rather difficult. Especially for pockets. The main zip is oversized and can therefore be handled in all circumstances without difficulty.

Should you water your DXR Sumac jacket?

I had the pleasure of wearing the dXR Sumac jacket every day, in all weather, with or without lining for more than a month and a half. It was a pleasure every time.

Under the heat of this curious summer which was difficult to go away, as well as under the gusts of wind, rain and cold of a vengeful autumn, the Sumac protected me with style. Only rain is not his best friend. Sumac tends to drink a little. Not enough to completely soak up water, nor for you to feel the humidity on your skin. Keep in mind that the leather of dXR Sumac jacket is not treated against rain and does not have a waterproof membrane (extremely rare on motorcycle leathers).

dXR Sumac jacket settings

Bending the sides of the jacket using pressure

Sober design for the DXR leather jacket

No reminder of the embossed DXR logo this time, but great sobriety

The very “civilized” character of dXR Sumac jacket differs from usual leather jackets. Indeed, here, no pre-shaped sleeves, no riding position induced by the jacket (as with the fabulously sexy and mucho macho Dean DXR). But this is absolutely not a handicap. I really had the feeling of being protected to the same extent as with the most typical leather motorcycle jackets that I have tried, but with a perfect retro chic look. And without the hints of bad taste that our ancestors could display.

The Sumac does not have too big a neck. No ribbed cuffs which I always find frankly disgusting on leather. Nothing is corny or out of place. DXR stylists have achieved the perfect symbiosis between retro and chic. A vision of the past with contemporary aesthetic canons.

Kudos !

See the product sheet

Quality and finish4.5

My opinion: Sumac, a poisonous beauty!

Even if the pun is easy, I only found good things about Sumac. The design is a pure success, the leather and its treatment are sublime. The on-board protection and practicality of the jacket is common to all DXR jackets: an indecent quality/price ratio! Its little biker character allows you to use it whatever your type of mount and even outside of two-wheel riding because it is so beautiful. A new model that is a hit. They are strong at DXR ...

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