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Test of the DXR Adan jacket

Front view of the DXR Adan

For 2020, Motoblouz has decided to bombard its shelves with the new range of dXR jackets. Concerning me, it is the dXR Adan jacket which I chose to test. And clearly, I made the choice that suits me best! I'll explain that to you right away...

DXR Adan jacket: low price, high quality

If, when I started as an editor, testing DXR didn't interest me, my view of Motoblouz 's own brand changed a lot over the course of the tests. And I think it more and more.

I put it on dXR Adan jacket and I chose the right size. My first impression is clear: the dXR Adan jacket exudes quality (and new leather). The finish is good, the patinated leather looks great, and the DXR logo fits in perfectly as it remains discreet. Despite the fact that it is new, the 1.2 mm thick buffalo leather is very supple.

Flexible but secure

So yes, leather is soft, but it nevertheless meets safety standards. In fact, it is level 1 approved according to current standards, and it is supplied with CE1621-1 approved Safemax shoulder and elbow protection. These are adjustable via a system of velcro strips which gave me a hard time... Fortunately it's the kind of operation that you only carry out once.

As with all DXR jackets, the back DXR back protector (level 2) must be purchased separately. Well, at the price of the jacket, we'll avoid grumbling. Don't look for a retro-reflective device: there isn't one.

Side view of the DXR Adan jacket

The DXR Adan jacket: available in 4 colors

And I can assure you that I hesitated for a long time. We find the traditional black, a must-have you might say. If you want to add a little more nuance, it is also available in charcoal brown (smut for non-English speakers) which really caught my eye. For those who want color, the dXR Adan jacket is also available in cognac color. My choice finally fell on the Mid-Brown.

Back view of DXR Adan jacket

A jacket clearly in the spirit Old School

In its color Mid Brown, the jacket has a look Old School more than claimed. The texture is reminiscent of old sofas with worn/cracked leather found in grandparents' attics. Aesthetically, nothing spoils this appearance. The adjustment at the hips is made by leather tightening tabs, adjustable using two press studs with a beautiful metal buckle to embellish everything.

dXR Adan button clamp tab

The buckle tightening tab looks great

The DXR logo affixed to a stupid fabric patch sewn onto the leather? No, not that kind of horror! The logo is under the leather, giving a dented effect. I give two thumbs up!

DXR logo on DXR Adan jacket

The DXR logo is slightly dented so as not to break the look of the DXR Adan jacket

In terms of look, the different stripes stitched on the shoulders, sleeves and back of the jacket reinforce its own identity.

Small detail that makes the difference: DXR has changed the aesthetic of the snap buttons for something frankly more aged, and much more pleasant to see (which I criticized on DXR Vinz). Even YKK® zippers have metal teeth so they don't distort.

Old School look for the DXR jacket

The YKK zippers in no way betray the Old School look of the DXR Adan jacket

… But which remains modern and practical

Adan is similar to the others jackets from the DXR range : there is a fixed Mesh lining to ensure good air circulation in summer, a removable thermal lining with keyers on the sleeves... so as not to make a mistake.

Custom & More lining on the DXR Adan jacket

The traditional and effective Custom & More lining

Staying on the subject of sleeves, these feature zippers and draw tabs to let your precious ones pass through mimines without difficulty.

zipped cuffs on the DXR Adan jacket

The cuffs are zipped to make it easier to put on the DXR Adan jacket.

Finally, there is a connection tab to connect the jacket to the pants loop to ensure optimal waterproofing.

Pockets, do you want some here?

If it takes you several minutes to find your keys or papers, this is normal. There are more pockets in the jacket than items to put in them. We therefore find:

  • 3 exterior zipped pockets including one in Mesh on the torso to ensure minimal ventilation in summer
  • 1 bank card pocket or electronic toll badge on the left sleeve
  • 1 waterproof wallet pocket with waterproof zip
  • 2 pockets on the fixed lining which are reproduced on the removable thermal lining

Comfort both on the road and when stationary

When I used the dXR Adan jacket for the first time, I had difficulty concentrating on what I felt while wearing it because it carried itself so naturally. The length of the sleeves fits well when wearing gloves, and the winter lining ensures its role even on a machine without a fairing. So far, I've only experienced light to moderate rain, and I have no complaints about the waterproofing. In my opinion, the zippers are the only weak point of the jacket. The length of the sleeves fits well when wearing gloves.

When stationary, it is very comfortable. On the other hand, if you like to have your hands in your (waist) pockets you will be disappointed because I find them too small, whether for this exercise or even in capacity...

See the product sheet

Thermal approval4
Practical aspects4

My opinion: a good quality vintage look leather jacket

DXR has managed to bring out a vintage look jacket with an aged/patinated appearance in terms of the leather, snap buttons and zippers. It is practical on a daily basis and well thought out overall. I would have just liked more comfort at the wrists, and larger pockets at the waist.

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