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Test of the DXR Jude CE jacket

The DXR JUDE CE jacket worn

Which jacket best represents the spirit biker and rock 'n' roll than a good old Perfecto? It is this spirit that the designers have adopted DXR for the dXR Jude CE jacket, adding some contemporary details!

The DXR Jude CE jacket: a tough look with real leather

In the photos on the site, I immediately flash with this superb jacket. With his look old school of Perfecto, and its cut which still seems quite feminine, it was a guaranteed “crush” for me. Already having two leather jackets which are still quite different (a Rev'it Allure Evo Ladies and one DXR Diana) I thought it would be a perfect addition to my little collection.

So, when I found out that it had arrived the day after my order (the legendary speed of Motoblouz !), I rushed to the relay point. Because yes, if you are not at home and your mailbox is small, don't even imagine that the cardboard will fit. Because the dXR Jude CE jacket is imposing!

Test of the DXR Jude CE jacket

Details of the collar and thermal lining of the DXR Jude CE

If you've read some of my other articles, you'll know that I'm a size 42 in "real life". Thanks to the size guide, I read that I had to order a 44. When I took it out of the box, it seemed gigantic to me. I even wondered for a few seconds if there hadn't been an error, and if someone hadn't sent me a men's jacket. But no, that's it dXR Jude CE jacket.

When tested, in fact, it was the right size. Unfortunately, I think it doesn't quite suit my body type. I'm not very tall (169 cm) and I'm quite chubby. It was therefore easy for me to close the jacket at hip level, but the chest had difficulty passing through. The sleeves are slightly too long on my arms, and the shoulders drop a little. However, a friend also has the dXR Jude CE jacket. Much slimmer and sportier than me, it suits her very well!

On the other hand, I was very pleasantly surprised by the leather. Of course, aniline cowhide leather is quite heavy, but largely bearable because it is already very supple. And the detail is very beautiful, like a little “grained” with small reliefs.

Practical and well-made details

But the suppleness and texture of the leather are not the only interesting details of the dXR Jude CE jacket. We quickly realize that it was designed to be practical. The snap buttons added to the zipper to hide the fastener are, for example, a little detail that we appreciate, especially when the strap that covers it bears the DXR logo in relief. It is also found at the back of the jacket at the lower back.

The back of DXR Jude CE jacket

The back of DXR Jude CE jacket


Also, it should be noted that the dXR Jude CE jacket has shoulder and elbow protections (SAFEMAX CE 1621-1 approved) which are almost invisible thanks to the attractive cut of the leather. It is also prepared to accommodate a back protector thanks to an easily accessible back opening.


Multiple pockets are available. 5 in total: 2 exterior side pockets, rather deep, 1 small pocket on the left arm, very practical for slipping in your credit card or parking beeper, as well as 2 interior pockets (including one dedicated to the telephone) which can be found on the thermal lining but also underneath. It's these last pockets that I really liked in the dXR Jude CE jacket. I've always found it a shame that some pockets appear on the thermal liners and not underneath, or vice versa, and DXR has managed to keep both.

pocket on the left arm of the DXR Jude CE jacket

The DXR Jude CE jacket has a small pocket on the left arm

phone pocket on the fixed lining of the DXR Jude CE jacket

Phone pocket on the fixed lining of the DXR Jude CE jacket

Same pocket on the thermal lining of the DXR Jude CE jacket

Phone pocket on the thermal lining of the DXR Jude CE jacket


This thermal lining is also very well thought out. It fastens with a long zip along the entire length of the back, in an inverted U, and continues into the sleeves. In the latter, it is attached using 2 snap buttons accompanied by red and gray colored tabs to ensure that the sleeve is well positioned.

ease of use of the DXR Jude CE jacket

The thermal lining has colored snap buttons on the sleeves to know the direction

Perfect for fall and winter

I backed up dXR Jude CE jacket in summer, so I removed the liner right away. My first walks in the morning were quite pleasant, especially thanks to its fixed mesh lining. But as the day went on, I got hotter. A few days later in Montpellier, the thermometer flirted with 35°C. Needless to say, I couldn't stand leather anymore. So I decided to go back to the DXR julia ce while waiting for the weather to cool down a bit.

A sunburn for the DXR Jude CE jacket

The DXR Jude CE jacket in the sun

Although the temperatures have not fallen drastically yet today in Montpellier, the mild weather allowed me to take full advantage of this dXR jacket. In the morning, at 18°C ​​or 20°C, it is perfect. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to test it with its thermal lining (only at the premier fitting). But it seems quite thick to me and will therefore allow thermal comfort at lower temperatures, allowing you to also benefit from it during the winter.

To conclude, I think that the dXR Jude CE jacket has plenty of advantages. It has beautiful soft leather, multiple pockets, pretty details, as well as a detachable lining. Its look is very beautiful, but unfortunately its cut is not adapted to my body shape, aka not very tall and plump. But if you are more refined, I cannot recommend it enough!

Quality / Finish4.8
Thermal comfort3.5

My opinion: a classic perfecto... adapted to two-wheel use

The DXR Jude CE jacket is a very beautiful piece. The leather is beautiful, supple and pleasant, and its thermal lining will allow you to enjoy it in autumn and winter. If you like the classic perfecto cut, go for it!

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