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Segura KURT jacket test

We have rarely seen a textile jacket as stylish as segura Kurt jacket. It turns heads, and is flawless on the aesthetics in vogue at the moment. But do its design choices meet the constraints of calm and pleasant summer driving?

The beautiful days are here, finally! After a spring that felt like a rainy, endless Sunday in November, even the most cowardly among us are getting back on their horses. You still need to wear the right equipment to enjoy it in the best conditions. OK, but if I have to abandon my too-hot leather in the middle of a dodger, I want to be able to keep a decent look!

THE segura jacket Kurt is a summer motorcycle jacket with a look that fits well. Just look the video where PEB puts it on (the jacket) to find them magnificent (PEB and the jacket). Even if the look is important (especially in an area where passion dictates many of our choices), the warbling must still match the plumage. Clearly, and for those who do not remember La Fontaine's Fables, this segura jacket does it meet the vital minimum of the summer biker, in addition to providing him with sex appeal crazy ?

Segura , an aesthetic that hits the mark

I started my road tripping with a segura textile jacket, and I have always been very in tune with the aesthetic developed by the brand. A side retro-bad-boy but classy all the same. The test therefore started under the best auspices since I was emotionally attached to the segura brand.

THE segura Kurt jacket is exactly in this trend: super stylish, very well finished. I'm the type who finds everything more beautiful on others. The jacket always fits better on another biker, a helmet is always better suited to another's body shape... Well, when I put on the Kurt (the right size) and took a look look in the mirror, I found myself beautiful. Less than PEB, but still beautiful.

As often with Segura , and particularly with the Kurt and its cut fitted, pay attention to the size. I had to take a size XL so that my shoulders and my (slight) belly fit, instead of my usual L. Like always, noproblemo with Motoblouz which fixes it for you in a couple of days.

A rather “Kurt” technical sheet

I use the DXR Legend nine months out of twelve, with or without lining, and a DXR Add’air the rest of the time. I tried to keep the Legend during the warmer months... But I had to give up when I could no longer stand my own smell at the end of the day. The DXR Add'air gives me what I expect from a summer motorcycle jacket. Optimal ventilation, thicker textile reinforcement zones, protections that fit well.

The philosophy of segura Kurt jacket is very different. Here, no mesh (except for the lining), openings or perforations that let air through. It is the nature of the textile used which is supposed to correspond to the seasonality of the jacket.

And the cut?

The sleeves are made from a heavy heather gray cotton, quite thick and, it is true, very comfortable. The “vest” is in blue denim canvas, with a cut body fit. Understand: “close to the body without gusset”. The shoulder and elbow protectors are larger than on all my other jackets, but perfectly integrated. They cause no discomfort and wearing the Kurt is really pleasant. However, even when worn "plain", the contrast between the flexibility of the sleeves and the relative rigidity of the vest (without having yet introduced the back) seems to come more from the cut than from the nature of the fabric. After several weeks of testing, the gain in flexibility in the stomach is very relative.

THE segura jacket Kurt features a tightening system at the wrists (Velcro tightening on the mesh lining), as well as a tightening of two additional notches on the reeds by snap buttons. The jacket is really beautiful and is not ostensibly a model dedicated to motorcycles. Only the brand reminders for connoisseurs and the discreet label recalling the approval of the jacket as PPE betray its orientation.

THE Kurt also has a hood in the same fabric as the sleeves. It's beautiful. There you go. I admit that on a non-waterproof summer model, we are surely on a purely aesthetic bias. To this day I have never had the use of this accessory which is otherwise immovable.

Convenience ?

This is where the segura Kurt jacket admits, in my opinion, its limits. The design of the jacket was perhaps too focused on an aesthetic of guedin to the detriment of practical aspects. The 4 external pockets are patched, including the chest. Much more beautiful because they remain stuck to the sheathing of the jacket on your athletic body, but not really practical for putting anything in them. Moreover, the zippers do not have a lace or a longer loop, making them easier to use with gloves. It's still doable but we fail one in three times when opening.

The same goes for the 2 internal pockets. At a time when almost all equipment manufacturers offer pockets with a capacity dedicated to smartphones, Segura has decided to equip the Kurt pockets too low to place your “precious” upright and not wide enough to place it lying down. We'll either make do or buy a smaller cell phone next time.

The accommodation provided for the back is larger than on my other jackets. There segura backbone so floats a bit, but nothing dramatic. Let yourself be guided by Motoblouz 's motorcycle advisors to make the right choice if, like me, you do not plan to ride without this protection.

It's hot! The Segura Kurt jacket too…

It's time to go out and face the summer bite of the god Ra, determined to make us regret his absence over the last few weeks. In other words, it's time for a good sweat. Trying on the segura Kurt jacket in front of the mirror made me think that, for a summer jacket, we were not going to play in the same category as the Add'air. In reality, it's more complicated than that.

The port of segura Kurt jacket in situation is very pleasant. Especially with this delicious feeling of softness provided by the thick cotton of the sleeves, coupled with the strong feeling of security of the very well placed protections. In the morning in the fresh air, it's a real pleasure. The cladding due to fit the vest is also very nice. We feel “contained” but gently and no other jacket has made me feel that way. Thermal comfort is perfect so far. We feel beautiful, we are good. The other bikers look at you, and you feel a mixture of desire and jealousy emerging within them that their smokey screen cannot hide. It's around twenty degrees, and we're the king of the world.

Then the day passes…

The mercury is rising and it's time to get on your bike to enjoy a well-deserved rest (or a cold beer, depending) on ​​your way home. The sun is still high, it has already baked your saddle. We put on the Segura Kurt jacket and start the beast. The softness of the sleeves suddenly becomes superfluous and the curious feeling of being a little too covered arises. Indeed, above 28 degrees, wearing the Segura Kurt jacket is, in my opinion once again, not really compatible with urban driving. Let me explain: the passage of air through the sleeves in particular is really felt above 70 km/h.

Below, no feeling of freshness, which is very damaging for a summer product. The numerous stops at traffic lights will punish you in the same way. Only movement is beneficial and preferably above 80 km/h which, you will agree, taints urban use (or deprives you of numerous license points).

Clearly, I don't think that the segura Kurt jacket suitable for urban use. A design without a ventilation system, particularly in the armpits, which could have been integrated in a very discreet way (openwork yoke, ventilation eyelets, zipped openings, etc.) seems to me to be a rather surprising choice. However, if you drive a roadster or a custom without a windshield, and you prefer medium speed journeys (thanks to the change from 90 to 80 km/h), you will have more pleasure than me wearing this jacket this summer. Here, the greater the air movement, the more optimal the thermal comfort will be.

Maintain your Segura Kurt jacket, yes, but how?

This is where the most astonishing thing takes place. If we rely on the internal labels, NO washing method is recommended by Segura for the Kurt. We don't bathe Kurt. Kurt doesn't like water, neither cold nor hot. So, after several weeks in over 30 degrees, Kurt stinks a little.

Fortunately we are not losers and that, like rebels fearing no prohibitions, we will dare to make Kurt take a bath. Preferably cold, by hand if possible and in the machine with a short program, an anti-bleeding wipe or two (for Denim) and a rather gentle spin (taking care to remove the protections eh!).

I spoke with the Motoblouz pros who have the same recommendations as me on jacket maintenance. The teams at our favorite dealer are as helpful and efficient as ever. I tried to contact the Segura brand via Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger to clarify this maintenance problem... I am still waiting for a response after a month (no email box for customer contact in 2018!).

A Kurt summary (ok, I'll stop)

For a Segura jacket, the Kurt is well placed in terms of price. It is very well finished, really very beautiful and rewarding. Its onboard protection is perfect given the price. The back protector not included is more understandable than on a 350 euro jacket… The comfort is very good, the segura Kurt jacket is very comfortable to wear.

But... Be careful if you are the type to fear the summer heat. Ventilation is really not its strong point. We will therefore choose it with full knowledge of the facts: a great look, a very good finish and very soft comfort, but very average practicality and average thermal comfort. A real bias for a fairly radical look and product.

The helmet worn in the photos is a Shark D-Skwal HIWO matte, the gloves are Segura Splinter, jeans are a Overlap Sturgis. And the t-shirt is nowhere to be found in France, don’t look 😉

Practical aspects2.5
Thermal comfort3

My opinion: a jacket with a radical look

The look of the Segura Kurt jacket is extremely successful. Everyone I met while wearing it was won over. The finish and comfort are also unanimous. Thermal performance in summer, a little less. The choice of this jacket will not be trivial and the look will undeniably outweigh the comfort during the hottest periods. In the off-season, the Kurt will undoubtedly bring you great satisfaction. All you have to do is make a Kurt list of your priorities!

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  1. Bob july 11, 2018 at 9:14 p.m. Answer

    185th for a jacket which is not at all suitable for what it is supposed to be built for, that is to say summer and its intense heat.. With ridiculous practical aspects, a hood which I do not see the interest in summer.. A real summer jacket will produce much more safety and for less money. Besides, is the fabric of this vest really resistant to abrasion?? We're talking about a great look, but you have to explain to me the point of wearing a hood in summer, to surely look old-fashioned. We're tired of brands taking bikers for cash cows. When will there be real brands that offer innovative products that are truly suited to bikers without them granting themselves margins worthy of Apple??

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