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Testing the Furygan Grizzly jacket, the ultimate

Premier test for me of equipment from the french brand Furygan, with this furygan jacket Grizzly. Urban equipment, ideal for urban and extra-urban scooterists, but not only that... The advanced features are simply astonishing. It's very simple, nothing is missing, a real Prévert-style inventory.

Design all inclusive

It would almost be tedious to go over one by one all these characteristics. Let's say, to put it simply, that there is a good chance that this motorcycle jacket offers you everything you dream of. And even more.

There furygan Grizzly jacket is approved asEAR. The textile that makes it up is of course abrasion resistant and very flexible. The jacket is waterproof and breathable thanks to an insert. Its complete lining was designed in aluminum to ensure very low heat loss. The latter is also removable, very comfortable and has a flap that can be deployed to still ensure more thermal protection. Just the number of labels attached to the jacket commands respect and a good quarter of an hour of reading!

A comfortable Furygan Grizzly jacket

There furygan Grizzly jacket is very comfortable. And not overly heavy. The weight is very well distributed, which allows you to keep it on your shoulders all day without any discomfort. There are snaps at the waist to slightly cinch the jacket. The Velcro on the wrists are very effective, and help eliminate air inlets at this level.

The pockets are very numerous. They are more oriented for a right-handed person but they are all obviously practical. For example, the side pockets are very large with a very wide opening which will allow you to retrieve your keys with winter gloves without any problem. A patch pocket on the left chest, one inside the jacket, two large pockets in the magnificent lining... Don't throw them away, it's just royal. Finally, equipment optimized to the extreme for everyday life.

The D3O , that’s all I want!

In terms of comfort and practicality, the furygan jacket Grizzly does it flawlessly, undoubtedly. But in terms of security, what can we expect?

To what is best in terms of technical/protection/approval compromise, i.e. D3O. Accustomed to the standard protections of my motorcycle jackets, switching to D3O is simply delicious. The flexibility of this material at rest (not subject to impact) means that the wearer of the jacket hardly feels the presence of the protections. However, they are there: shoulders and elbows are installed as standard. For the dorsal, order it with the jacket, everything is planned. What if you fall? The D3O hardens under impact and then regains its flexibility.

And it works !

Pushing self-sacrifice to its climax, i ate a good big load just for the test. Well, in fact the many days of rain during the test period, and the incredible carefreeness of motorists snug in their cocoon, both contributed to testing thewaterproofing and protection of the GRIZZLY.

VERDICT: dry and alive

I have never been so well protected from humidity as with the furygan Grizzly jacket. My Gore-Tex hiking jackets don't do any better. It keeps you dry and warm. You hardly sweat, and as long as your gloves are suitable, nothing seeps in. Please note: as the jacket is quite thick, gloves with long cuffs may have difficulty going over it. With short cuffs, no problem, they fit just under the cuff of the jacket. And it works.

Concerning impact protection, I can tell you that i did not suffer any damage such as abrasion, cut or hematoma on the upper bodys. There furygan Grizzly jacket passed this ultimate test with flying colors. Suddenly, I fell in love with it. The wedding will take place in the spring.

What is it like to live with a Bear?

That's good... Very good. First of all, we're safe. Really. Plus, you're very warm, and when it's too mild, you can remove the lining and still stay dry. When wearing a demi-jet, you can use the removable and warm neck warmer which will compensate for the lack of thermal protection of your helmet. And if you're wearing a 3/4 or full face helmet, you'll take it off and everything will be like a dream. Without a stream of unpleasant air.

When you leave your mount, no problem for work or your various activities. You are beautiful, elegant and sober. Some finishing details (gallons on the right shoulder, emblem on the left arm, “moumoute” hood band that fits well) take this jacket away from pure utility equipment. It rivals any fashionable jacket. We are far from the ostentatious design of Furygan found on certain models motorcycle jackets. So it's all about the target.

Is the GRIZZLY really that good?

No, it's even better! It's THE ultimate jacket for winter, and mid-season by removing the lining. You will wear it every day, in all weathers, even on foot, even when skiing (a “pass/motorway ticket” pocket is present on the left forearm, etc.). Don't look, it's just killer! She is beautiful, protective, warm, stylish, enduring, cozy. Finally, its relative length will protect you better, and a good shrug of your shoulders will allow you to sit on your steed without discomfort, freeing the bottom of the jacket from your buttocks.

So, yes, it is not cheap. But it will do everything, very well, in almost all circumstances. Even when not using a motorized two-wheeler, it will accompany you everywhere. This, without even needing to remove the protections as they become forgotten.

Thermal protection5

My opinion: Adopt a Grizzly!

The Furygan Grizzly Jacket is an extremely well thought out product. Its characteristics and functionalities make it high quality equipment, which will meet all your expectations. Only the absence of a backbone, given the selling price, costs it a grand slam in terms of on-board protection, especially at the price of the option. I don't see what we could criticize about this jacket, as it goes beyond simple two-wheel use. The Furygan GRIZZLY jacket will make your life easier while protecting you from the cold, rain, shocks and bad taste. What more ?

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