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Bering Kingston jacket test

Leather is one of the basics of a biker's wardrobe. There are hundreds of models, but not all are equal. It's been two months since I put on the jacket every day Bering Kingston, a leather with a sober appearance, well cut, versatile with regard to climatic conditions, and ultra-protective. A look back at what makes this jacket a must-have for your two-wheel equipment.

Bering Kingston: Leather suitable for all seasons

Worn between July and September, the Bering Kingston will have accompanied me in all weathers: heat, cold, wind, rain. And the least we can say is thathe knows how to adapt to all situations.

Her internal thermo-aluminum lining removable in polyamide and polyester allows you to cope with the coolest temperatures. Up to 5°C we are completely isolated from the cold. The lining is attached with a zipper and press studs at the wrists. Bering even thought of putting colored snaps on the wrist to prevent twisting of the lining on the arms when reinstalling it. You had to think about it!

When the temperature rises, you can easily remove the lining and a system of openings at the shoulders at the front and at the shoulder blades at the back allow you to enjoy a airflow to cool you down. This technology called ADS (Adjusting dynamic system), allows you to manually adjust the front and rear openings to regulate ventilation. It works fine although you have to adjust the openings at the back before putting on the jacket. The interior of the jacket is made up of breathable fabric 100% polyester.

At night he remains very discreet in the dark. Only two small reflective strips at the front will keep you minimally visible. But it's very light, a little too light for my taste.

A Bodyfit cut, adjusted to your body shape

With my 75 meter and 75 kilos, I chose the l model. It's a bit wide, but allows me to wear a big sweater underneath while remaining free to move around on the road. Areas smoke (with elastic) located at the level of the shoulder blades allow you to keep a great freedom of movement on the arms, while keeping the waist tight.

As you can see in the photos above, Bering indicates that size L is suitable for a height of 176 and 182 cm, and a bust measurement of 108 to 112 cm. To choose the right size, a guide is available here.

What I immediately appreciated about the Bering Kingston is that it covers the lower back really well. Real comfort, especially when worn with simple jeans. Coupled with its velcro adjustments at the hips, it adjusts perfectly to the waist.

The cut of the jacket at the forearms makes it easy to put on a pair of racing gloves to fully cover the entire arm. The padded lining at the neckline both insulates your body from bad weather and prevents any discomfort linked to friction.

Real leather armor, to face shocks and bad weather

With his thick cowhide leather and its well-placed protections, the Kingston is CE level 1 approved. You feel safe when you carry its 3.4 kg on your shoulders (lining, back and protections included). The brand specifies that the jacket is effective in protecting against laceration and abrasion, and in reducing the severity of bruises and fractures in the event of impact with the ground.

He has protections Removable Safe Tech at elbows and shoulders. Bering even offers us a approved backbone. Its location will also accommodate a T7 size D3O , but the protection offered by the 43 cm (in height) of the included back protector is very correct.

Equipped with AC3 Performance technology (Aqua, Cold, Crash & Comfort), it is also designed to withstand minimal rain, at a very correct level for a leather jacket. During my test, for example, I was faced with pouring rain for more than two hours. The inside of the pockets were certainly soaked since the closures are not waterproof, but I remained very dry, except at the neck and sleeves which suffered from water infiltration.

For even more protection, the Bering is equipped with a trouser connector with wide YBS closure to be able to adapt it to trousers of the same brand.

The Bering Kingston in summary

From this test, I remember the sobriety of this black leather, with a few well-placed touches such as the large logo located on the back and on the sleeves. I really appreciated its protection against the cold and rain without it being intended solely for the winter season with its openings at the front and back. Finally, its level of protection allows you to ride with confidence every day.

Practical aspect4.3

My opinion: A must-have for leather lovers

Suitable for all seasons with its thermo-aluminum lining and zipped ventilation, the Bering Kingston will satisfy all leather jacket lovers. Difficult to find the slightest fault: sober, perfect finishes, good insulation, abundant pockets, etc. To try it is to adopt it !

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