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Bering Tracer jacket test

Tracer is a fashionable name in the motorcycle world! Bering had the good idea to name one of its new 2017 products like this. And the choice is wise, because like its namesake from Yamaha, the Bering Tracer jacket has good arguments to make to those for whom motorcycling is synonymous with pep and comfort, without breaking the budget excessively...

Vitamin-packed, the Bering Tracer jacket!

Be careful, no tubes of Guronsan are hidden in the pockets of the Bering Tracer! Understand instead that its design makes it a road jacket that is a little different from current production. Without being classy in a track style way, which is not always in good taste for a textile jacket, you will grant me, he plays it rather clean on him in his black livery, but with details which reinforce his dynamism.

The matte and thin side of the Softshell is still as flattering as ever.

I am thinking in particular of Softshell which goes into its manufacturing. This elastic and soft to the touch material – but in hindsight a little messy in the long term – had already won me over on the Bering Luminous, the luminous jacket launched last year by the French brand. Its matte and fine side is still as flattering as ever. And then the material is enhanced with foam inserts in the hand pockets and at the top of the back which add to the sleek style of the Tracer. Without forgetting the reflective bands around the zips and on the back, which contrast with the black of the whole. In short, we know how to do it with design at Bering !

The cut is rather close to the body, « body fit » as it is nicknamed at Bering . It's a little elastic and has adjustments at the waist, but if your waist size is really above average, you may still have problems closing it. Otherwise, the size is rather good: even I who am cut like a toothpick, I find myself rather well highlighted (all things considered, eh!)

Note that it is quite difficult to put the glove cuffs over the jacket. To blame, the rubber clamping tab, easy to handle and therefore imposing. If your winter gloves offer little opening latitude, you risk having problems in this area.

The insulating lining, the accomplished kind

Ok, what about on the road? First of all, the flexibility of the Bering Tracer jacket is noticeable from the first meters. Handlebar maneuvers are natural, and safe Tech shoulder and elbow reinforcements follow movements in an astonishing way.

The still cold mornings at the start of spring also allowed me to measure the effectiveness of the thermo-aluminum winter lining. Thermo-aluminum means that the insulation uses a reflective film (aluminum type) to reverberate the infrared rays that radiate from the torso. Light, thin, and quite common in good quality road jackets. It is difficult to evaluate the performance of this technology which, in my opinion, plays a less important role in thermal comfort than the well-designed design of the lining itself. The ends of its sleeves and its collar are knitted, and gently hug your wrists and neck. The result is thatno stream of cold air comes to lower the temperature inside the jacket when the lining is properly closed.

If we add to that its mounting on the jacket via a single, very practical zip, we are right to say that it is truly accomplished! The only detail that bothered me was the opening in the lining to access the inside pocket of the jacket. A second pocket in the lining would have been more judicious in my humble opinion to avoid calorie leakage. By the way, well seen the paper pocket accessible without opening the cold lining ! Unfortunately, not everything fits there: you can barely fit a latest generation smartphone or a slightly large wallet.

Rain: The Tracer is holding up!

[05/15/2017: This paragraph was edited following a more convincing experience of rain…]

Attached to the jacket, the rain lining also looks pretty good. Bering chose to also make it the fixed lining with which we come into contact when we remove the insulation. So that its touch is not that of a trash bag, the membrane is covered with a very soft perforated textile. This avoids multiple layers, which are quite painful when you remove the jacket for example.

On the road, several heavy thunderstorms allowed me to measure its effectiveness. After a day of 700 km of road interspersed with intense showers (without the Bering Tracer having time to dry), I arrived 100% dry at my destination. Great performance! On the other hand, as one might expect, the outer textile and the Softshell in particular soak up the float. The Bering gains a few kilos in the process, and takes a long time before drying in this case. But the main thing is to be sheltered from the rain, right?

Ventilation zips to expand its range of action in summer

Winter: Check! Rain: Check! And when it heats up? Versatile, the Bering Tracer jacket also delivers. It has ventilation zips ready to take action – when you remove the winter lining it goes without saying. The two chest zips are equipped with snap tabs which keep the vents wide open. Easy to use is already a good thing. And in terms of cooling, without falling into the air flow of a mesh jacket, let's say that it's better than nothing: knowing that the ventilation openings open onto the membrane (!), the fact that we still feel the fresh is a surprise. Always good to take, especially under the arms! The moist air escapes through the rear zips, located on the shoulder blades. The Tracer gains a few touches of fluorescent yellow along the way, a combination of colors which is reminiscent of Gaerne Voyager in grey/fluo (if you're looking for matching sneakers!)

Protection, average

Comfort is what concerns us every time we ride. We never hope to benefit from protection. Whatever happens, the Bering Tracer jacket is designed to cover any eventuality. The shoulder and elbow shells (adjustable in height) will limit the damage of an impact on the joints. Good news, by its design, the jacket is certified as PPE – I refer you to our buying guide to learn more in this area. Finally, all that's missing is a back protector, available as an option, which you can place in a pocket provided for this purpose. Or you can completely opt for the best in material, the back with straps, like the Bering model tested by Meuhsli there is little.

Classy and well finished, the Tracer!

Finally, I have to tell you about the finish, which is clearly rewarding on the Bering Tracer jacket.. From the large zip closure to the rubber cuff tabs and the clean seams, the details are undeniably meticulous. All this reassures about the lifespan of the Bering Tracer, and makes it very pleasant to use on a daily basis. And then we know why its price flirts with €275.33! Note, however, that the waterproof zips on the wrists require a little strength to handle. But, with the opening in the lining and the slightly narrow Napoleon pocket, that's all I noticed, suffice to say that it's still a detail...

Thermal approval4

My opinion: Convincing, the Bering Tracer jacket!

With this nice clean side and an accomplished design which makes it usable comfortably for a good part of the year, the Bering Tracer jacket convinced me. So: premier rate leather or well-made textile? For my part, on a daily basis, I do not hesitate, and I go for the second option, perfectly embodied by the Tracer!

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