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March Moto Madness, the meeting place for trail runners!

This year was the first edition of March Moto Madness in France and, failing to be present, Motoblouz kindly let their renowned ambassador go and finish his crampons there.

The event took place at the Comteville estate in Dreux and plenty of play areas had been prepared by the charming organizers from Cocoricorando. Failing to try the new CRF1000L, I arrived Friday evening with my parents' camper van in which I had hidden my solid 350DR. Yes, there are no more trails in my garage, the motorcycles are disappearing one by one at the moment in order to the new adventure that is coming !

So, I was a little out of category, just like Cigalette to whom we generously lent the same machine, even if this event is more intended for trail and maxi trail. Not that they don't want a small size at the MMM, but the idea is really to put your car to the test in every possible and imaginable situation. Most often it is the pilot who is pushed to the limit, but in case of problems just ask for help from the ten glandus who are watching! Anyway, for me, the more inappropriate the choice of frame, the more fun. Most of the other riders came in GS of all sizes, others in Stelvio, and some even dared to take out a Transalp without a fairing! Only one thing really united us, we had all worn crampons, and we had all planned to eat dirt!

On the program, a cross country, an enduro track, something to do trials, a corner race, quagmires, trees, tires, a walk and forest paths where I had a lot of trouble walking hold on to my horns. Yes ! Ah, not having enough money to get into the maxi-trail box, Cigalou and I had dressed in our best costume! It seems that Cororicorando had called on minstrels to distract the troops and I can tell you that we didn't pull any punches. Our motivation: to see which of the two is the strongest, to measure ourselves like gladiators, him as a Cigalette and me as a rustic viking – see his version of the facts.

This weekend at March Moto Madness, it was also an opportunity for everyone to test new bikes, and despite some reluctance (I quickly got the reputation of screwing everyone up), I was still able to try an 800GS proudly equipped by Aurélien from SW-Motech , a Stelvio driven by a big, burly man, and even the DR from Cigalette much better prepared than mine. But March Moto Madness is mostly about crazy people, more or less suffering from the same disease. An illness that takes us straight back to childhood, and that pushes us to jump in the slush, carry wood, race, even climb in twos or even threes on a bike, upside down and right side up. …After a while, the goal was no longer to be the best, but rather the craziest!

A truly crazy weekend, which awakens all your senses, sends you away from your daily life and allows you to meet all types of champions. The only downside is that this is not where you will meet your beloved, unless you are looking for a handsome man!

Thanks to Cocoricorando for the invitation and the organization of the thunder of this March motorcycle madness !

See you soon for more news on my adventure in South America!

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