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Enduropale 2014: The opinion of the top drivers before the race

Milko Potisek

Steve Ramon, Jean-Claude Moussé, Milko Potisek, Livia Lancelot… We were able to gather the opinions of the elite of the pilots a few hours before the departure of the Enduropale, as part of the press conference. Needless to say, the competition will be fierce!

Jean-Claude Moussé before the Enduropale

Jean-Claude Mousse

Jean-Claude Moussé, Yamaha n°1 (titled at the Enduropale 2013)

« I'm happy to be here, I feel good at Le Touquet. The Enduropale is a unique race due to its reputation, everyone prepares for this race, everything depends on morale. So I do my best to ignore my competitors to be at the top. »

Steve Ramon before the Enduropale

Steve Ramon

Steve Ramon, (Suzuki Rockstar n°22)

« I won the Loon Plage race so I'm looking forward to the Enduropale with confidence. Of course, I prepared as much as possible, but I took a break after Loon Plage, only to resume training in January. In any case, I am confident in my abilities in this field! »

Milko Potisek

Milko Potisek

Milko Potisek, Yamaha n°3

« I feel completely operational for the race, I would even say in great shape! I plan to continue my momentum from Hossegor. (the Northerner won the sand round in January, Editor's note). On the bike, we just revised the suspension setting, but nothing important. I placed second last year at Le Touquet, and barely out of the race, I promised to do better in 2014. Above all, I feel impatient because I want victory! »

Livia Lancelot

Livia Lancelot

Livia Lancelot, Kawasaki n°40

« My knee injury prevented me from preparing as much as in 2013. But I benefit from past experience and I feel ready. I ride a 450 cc, which requires more grip than a 250, but that doesn't scare me! »

Damien Prevot

Damien Prevot

Damien Prévot, Yamaha n°4

« I injured my cruciate ligaments recently, and I have to have another operation after the race... So I will probably take it easy on Sunday. This time, I came to stay in the race and to have fun, but not for pure performance. Concerning the Yamaha, Bud Racing took care of retouching the suspensions. We'll see what happens! »

Antoine Meo before the Enduropale

Antoine Méo

Antoine Méo, KTM n° 21

« I just discovered the race in 2013, and I plan to do much better for 2014! I probably didn't prepare as much as others since I also race in enduro (Antoine is the reigning World Champion in this category), but KTM did a lot of work on the bike to achieve the best possible settings for the 'Enduropale, so I'm going to give it my all! »

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