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Coaching Day Motoblouz : Gas in the sand with Team Honda Motoblouz SR

What were you doing on Wednesday September 28? With the help of some big names from the CFS, we offered the big winners of our Coaching Day Motoblouz competition a unique sand riding experience. A look back at a memorable day!

There were around thirty lucky people this Wednesday autumn morning, gathered around the Motoblouz stand set up near the Loon Plage circuit (North). Everyone had tried their luck in our competition featuring places for a special sand “ Motoblouz Coaching Day” a few weeks earlier, and the draw sealed their fate for September 28… If you weren't one of them This time, keep an eye out for our next competitions, you will end up being selected one day!

Drivers invited to the Motoblouz 2022 coaching day

The lucky winners of the Coaching Day Motoblouz 2022 competition

Some talent to coach our winners

The Loon version of coaching day, a nice opportunity to get to know sand driving better? Much more than that! With coaches like Josse Sallefranque, Manager of the Honda Motoblouz SR Team, Christophe Meyer, team coach or David Hauquier, Director of the eponymous driving school (and incidentally Sports Director of the Enduropale du Touquet), we don't just learn more about technique; we share expertise!

Riders including Jeremy Van Berkel and motorcycles from Team SR Honda Motoblouz mixed with the participants

Team Honda Motoblouz SR riders shared the trainees’ day

And, at the end of the day, we were all able to admire the driving of Lars Van Berkel and Cyril Genot. THE riders of the Honda Motoblouz SR team took advantage of the day to train in Loon alongside this beautiful day! To rub shoulders so closely with the elite of the French Sand Championship is a gift in itself. On this subject, we will soon have a big scoop to uncover. I won't say more, but stay tuned

Josse Sallefranque briefs the participants of the Motoblouz Coaching Day

The morning brief from Josse Sallefranque, manager of the Honda Motoblouz SR team

Coaching Day Motoblouz : We are not here (only) to laugh

After a breakfast where everyone was able to get to know each other better, a first 20-minute session on the circuit (reserved by us, of course) allowed everyone to get back on track. and coaches to determine the level groups.

motoblouz coaching day participants ready for departure

The participants before the recognition tour

Several sessions followed one another, interspersed with a robust theoretical workshop and personalized advice provided by the coaches. At the slightest technical problem with a motorcycle, the team mechanic would take a look, and it was resolved!

David Hauquier and Queqleus pilots at Coaching day Motoblouz 2022

David Hauquier advises the pilots on the Loon beach terrain

We won't do it again... We took the opportunity to present the new equipment from our brand MX, ProV . Céline, Motoblouz product designer, peppered the guests with questions to better understand their expectations in terms of equipment. You will be amazed by the next ProV collections, believe me!

rXR Protect R-Pro Motoblouz stone guard on a mannequin

THE rXR Protect R-Pro X Motoblouz stone guard, new MX equipment 2022-2023

At the end of this beautiful day, protected by rather nice weather (we are only a stone's throw from the North Sea, after all), the participants seemed as exhausted as they were delighted!

Feedback: Romain's opinion, beginner in the sand

From total beginners to regular participants in the Enduropale, we came across almost all profiles among the participants of the Motoblouz Coaching Day. Romain's caught my attention. This colossus with his unchanging smile stood out a little from the crowd with his enduro jacket. I asked him a few questions as he prepared to fold the saplings at the end of the day.

Portrait of Romain, guest rider at Coaching Day Motoblouz 2022, who poses next to his Yamaha MX

Romain and his pocket bike… Oh wait !

So, this Motoblouz Coaching Day?
It was the first time I put my wheels on the sand and it was super cool! I come from Enduro and I'm happy to try something else.

What did you particularly enjoy today?
Personalized advice. The coaches stopped us individually to guide us on trajectories or driving techniques. It's really the best place to learn.

As a beginner on the sand, what did it give you?
I was able to apply the theoretical advice in the field directly, even if it is not always easy to implement. But I plan to come back and continue learning based on what I saw today!

Did that make you want to embark on the adventure of the Enduropale du Touquet?
I'll do it eventually, that's for sure! In 2023, I think not, but probably the year after.

Was the theoretical course offered by Josse useful to you?
Thoroughly. He answered a whole bunch of questions that you might ask yourself when you start preparing your motorcycle. Usually, like everyone else, I look on the internet. There, having the advice of a pro is invaluable. And then it was very complete with the whole nutrition and physical training part.

Would you like other Motoblouz Coaching Days? Don’t worry, we’re working on it!

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