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It thrives in Magny-Cours

Falls, breakages and duels galore punctuated the last event of the class GP championship of the year. A meeting marked by qualifying and a first race disrupted by fog, but which confirmed the hierarchy drawn up during the season.

« And the winners are…« 

At the end of a vigorous season, the Klass GP championship saw its winners crowned at the end of the final event. Event which took place in Magny-Cours on October 9 and 10, as part of the Ultimate Cup.

In 250 GP , the crown goes to the indestructible Guy Bertin (150 points), who takes the title ahead of Vincent Levieux (145 points), despite his breakage in the second round at Ricard. Cyril Guerinet finishes 3e a few lengths behind (102 pts) due to his poor performance in the first Ricard race.

In 125 GP , Florian Doguet achieved the feat of winning all the races (Jordan Levy only participated in a few non-classification events) and logically won the title with the maximum points (175). He is followed by Lancelot Unissart who beats Antoine Goyet by a hair, with 113 points against 112.

In 250 SP, Mario Lieuteau won with 135 points despite his absence in Dijon. He is ahead of Thierry Butzbach (122 pts) and Philippe Moisan (104 pts).

2-strokes require careful preparation (© Thierry Butzbach)

Hectic first qualifications

In Nièvre, the final test experienced its share of twists and turns. Numerous breakages occurred (piston needle cage bearings) during the first qualifications. Particularly for Sébastien Roger and Sébastien Lavoisey, although qualified in 7e position (1'59.044), who tightened the engine of his Yamaha TZ 250 at full load, at the exit of the long parabolic of Estoril... " I was at full angle when the engine stalled. I was really lucky I didn't hurt myself too much." he explained after his enormous high side.

Unsurprisingly, Guy Bertin sticks more than two seconds to the following, Vincent Levieux (1'56.239) and Cyril Guerinet (1'56.766). And again, his Aprilia RSW 250 was running poorly and topped out at 224 km/h before braking in Adelaide… “ Probably a problem with the exhaust valves”, predicted the former World Champion .

With a lap time of 1'58.870 aboard his Honda RS 125, Jordan Lévy takes 6the scratch time ahead of Florian Doguet (9e in 1'59.246), the leader of the 125 GP category. A promising fight was therefore expected for Sunday... In any case, for those who managed to successfully negotiate the turn of the aperitif and the delicious homemadeflamekueches from Serge Hamm.

Vincent Levieux finished 2nd in 250 GP behind Guy Bertin (© Dominique Duchemin)

Some delays on departure

The persistent fog on Sunday morning will decide otherwise. With the postponement of the times, the second qualifying session was transformed into warm-up, except for the three drivers who were unable to ride in the first session (Philippe Arnal, Alain Dubois and Alix Brun). The first race took place almost straight away.

When the lights go out, Vincent Levieux forgets that the track is still cold and wet, and rushes off with slick new… Before taking a monumental turn at the Nürburgring. “ I clearly opened the throttle too early and the bike nearly turned around on the spot! I managed to keep the handlebars in my hand but I went high in the air and broke the rear shell with my feet. Fortunately, I fell back into the saddle with the bike right on axis to tackle the next 180°”, says the Aprilia rider.

Time to pull himself together, Guy Bertin passes him and Cyril Guerinet sticks to him for the 10 laps. Behind, it's a bit of a massacre with the abandonments and falls of Jérôme Lefevre, Adriano Marino, Jean-Paul Lecointre, Baptiste Marie... Without forgetting Patrick Bourbon who unfortunately fell at the Nürburgring, in the final loop, seriously crumpling his Honda RS 250. In 125, Jordan Lévy was more skilful in the fight with the 250 of Robert Buffalo and Yves Hecq; he finished three seconds ahead of Florian Doguet who secured the title.

After his 14th place in the first race, Benjamin Merella broke his chain in the second (© Christophe Leguen)

And in the second round…

The second round takes place only a couple of hours later. At the start, Thomas Michel hangs on at the end of the straight with Benjamin Merella, whose chain on his Honda RS 250 has just broken. Double falls. Three laps later, the brakes of Jérôme Lefevre's Yamaha TZ 250 no longer responded as they approached Adelaide, the tightest corner on the circuit... Even braking to death from the rear and taking the escape route, the author of 4etime during the tests cannot avoid falling into the gravel. This is his second retirement of the day.

Still in Adelaide, William Piquet and Baptiste Marie collide at very low speed (35 km/h) on the penultimate lap. Result: a broken right collarbone for William and… Nothing for his friend who was wearing an air bag. “ However, my father insisted on giving me one”, he laughed from his hospital bed in Nevers.

The fog had barely lifted in the first race (© Christophe Leguen)

In 250 GP , Guy Bertin escapes but behind, Cyril Guerinet hangs on and finishes in the wheel of Vincent Levieux. “ I was waiting for the last lap to pass him because I knew he had an engine advantage. But this old fox has closed all the doors”, said Cyril as he climbed onto the podium. In 125, this time it is Florian Doguet who takes the advantage over Jordan Lévy while the two 125s were stuck in a pack of 250.

With the breakage of his Yam during testing, Sébastien Roger is one of the unlucky ones of the weekend (© Dominique Duchemin)

Last word at the end

In total, no less than 70 drivers took part in at least one round of the Klass GP this year. Proof that 2-stroke enthusiasts know how to stay active! To meet them, we invite you to join the klass GP stand which will be held at the next Lyon Two-Wheel Show, from March 3 to 6, 2022, where the victorious machines will be exhibited.

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