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Arnaud Vincent and his Fantic R25O, guest stars of the 1st race of the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021

Klass GP Motoblouz 2021

After a year 2020 prevented by Covid, the 50 drivers of the Klass GP Motoblouz will meet for the first event of the new season on May 22 and 23 on the Paul Ricard circuit in Castellet. This test of Klass GP Motoblouz 2021 will take place within the framework of the famous Sunday ride classic (SRC) which will unfortunately take place behind closed doors this year.

Arnaud Vincent, distinguished guest at the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021

Arnaud Vincent on his Fantic R250 at the 2021 Klass GP Motoblouz

To mark the start of this 5th season of the category dedicated to 2-stroke machines, the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021 can count on a distinguished guest: Arnaud Vincent. The 125cm world champion3 in 2002 will ride the Fantic 250 cmwith whom he participated in the Grand Prix in 2005 before ending his racing career in 2010.

« participates without stakes because I must admit that I no longer ride motorcycles at all. I want to thank Ayari Soheil for lending me my old 250, because I am a lover of 2-stroke machines. But I know that it won't be easy to refamiliarize yourself with it and find my bearings to feel the grip with the slick tires. Fortunately, with the bike I stay in shape » then reveals the former GP pilot, now 46 years old, invested in the manufacture of accessories for mountain biking. Depending on his schedule, Arnaud may participate in another round of the Klass GP Motoblouz this year.

Arnaud Vincent at the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021 

Back to the Fantic R250

The Fantic Motor R250 is a motorcycle manufactured by CRP Technology under the Fantic Motor brand, developed by Franco Moro, whose chassis was built at Sutter. Only four examples were produced to participate in the GP in 2005 with Arnaud Vincent and Gabriele Ferro, then in the European Championship in 2006 with Steve Jenkner. The engine, a 90° V-twin, is designed using Yamaha TZ 250 crankcases. However, everything that gives the power is original Fantic: crankshaft, cylinders, cylinder heads, ignition, air box, exhausts, radiator … Only the gearbox and clutch are original Yamaha. Despite all the efforts of the small Italian structure, Fantic never scored a single point in the GP and was the victim of numerous race retirements following technical failures.

Arnaud Vincent at the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021 

A competitor to the Yamaha TZ, Honda RS and Aprilia RSW, the Fantic RS was only produced in four units. Ayari Soheil has three and will also be on the starting grid of the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021 riding a second Fantic to support Arnaud Vincent. “ The Fantic R250 is a motorcycle that I really like, because it is a much stiffer motorcycle than the Yamaha TZ 250″, explains the racing driver who is passionate about motorcycles. During the weekend, Peter Hartman will be in charge of the mechanical maintenance of the two Fantics.

The Fantic R250 at the Klass GP Motoblouz 2021

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