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Adrien Escofier French Sx2 champion !

Adrien Escofier champion of France

In a French championship uncertain until the end, Adrien Escofier, member of the Honda SR Motoblouz Team, sought the title in Sx2 on the Amnéville circuit.

In Sx1, a page turns within the team since Xavier Boog participated in the last race of his career, while Fabien Izoird disputed his last race with the Team.

Back in detail on this weekend full of emotions!

Adrien Escofier, the title of French Motocross Sx2 champion in the suitcase

After a long and trying season, Adrien Escofier played his part this weekend on the Moselle circuit. Fortunately for him, the suspense was short-lived, the title being almost acquired at the end of the evening of the first final.

Indeed, and by overtaking his direct competitor for the title, Adrien had already done the hard part. And thanks to his very good 4th place during the second final, he was officially designated 2018 French champion in Sx1, as well as Pro Hexis Supercross champion .

A huge congratulations to him!

adrien escofier

Fabien Izoird and Xavier Boog: End clap(s)

It is with great emotion that Xavier Boog completed the last race of his professional career at Amnéville. Concentrated from start to finish despite these special circumstances, Xavier will finish the race in 5th place, which will also be his final ranking at the end of the French Sx1 championship.

For his part, Fabien Izoird was also competing in his last race, not in his sporting career but within Team Honda SR Motoblouz . He finished the event in 4th place, which will also be his 2018 championship ranking.

We obviously wish all the best to these two drivers in their future projects!

Objective: Enduropale du Touquet

After a busy 2018, and obtaining 2 titles in Motocross and 2 titles in Supercross, all eyes are now on the Enduropale du Touquet which will take place from February 1st to 3rd.

It is with this in mind, but also for the Sables championship, that Team Honda SR Motoblouz is proud to announce thearrival of Jeremy Vanherobeek. And he is far from being a painter on a motorcycle: MxGp world vice- champion in 2014, 5th in 201st and also the author of numerous podiums.

Jeremy Vanherobeek

Enough to work with serenity on the next big objectives to come!

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