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Women's Cup: Margaux Wanham 2018 champion!

Margaux Wal


It was on the track of the Pôle Mécanique d’Alès that the 4th and final stage of the 2018 French Women's Championship, the Women's Cup. Before this decisive race for the award of the coveted title, Margaux Wanham (his portrait here), pilot sponsored by Motoblouz , occupied a very enviable 1st place, 9 points ahead of Mélodie Coignard.

A mattress comfortable enough for Margaux to be able to control her main opponent: she “simply” had to finish her race in front of Mélodie, or one place behind her at most, to definitively finish at the top of this championship.

However, the race didn't really go as planned: you will understand why by reading the following lines.

Saturday: very close qualifying

After various tire adjustments, and qualifying delayed by a few dozen wild boars wandering around the track, our driver was able to set off in the 2 sessions allocated by the organizers.

During Q1, Margaux clocked an excellent time of 1'19'7, only beaten by…Mélodie (obviously) in 1'19'00. Q2 only confirmed this hierarchy, with 1'18'6 for Margaux and 1'18'4 for Mélodie. Enough to suggest that the fight for the title will be fierce until the end, especially when we know that the 3rd driver placed on the starting grid laps in 1'18'8.

Sunday: to the heart of the matter, for an unexpected finale

Threatening weather but ultimately dry track: Margaux is reassured to see that she will not have to ride in the rain, a parameter that she particularly feared.

After multiple usage checks, the race can be started. Margaux is only 20 laps away from absolute happiness and a premier title of French champion.

Determined not to let go of Mélodie, Margaux is above all controlling the potential return of Jennifer Houiller, 3rd. But after only 2 laps of the track, Mélodie's engine suddenly stops. A stop which will prove definitive, thus authorizing Margaux to any final result in this race.

However, our new French Women's Cup 1000 cc champion made a point of winning the event, winning with more than 17 seconds ahead of the second in the standings (the race was neutralized after 5 laps of the finish following the fall of a competitor).

We warmly congratulate Margaux Wanham for this very beautiful title! Next steps for the driver: the IPONE DAYS on the Aragon circuit in Spain on October 29, 30 and 31. Good luck to her !

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