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Motoblouz teams and drivers: results from the weekend of July 14

It would almost become a (good) habit: the riders and teams sponsored by Motoblouz all shone during the various competitions and championships contested this weekend of July 14, 2018. Whether in Superbike (Axel Maurin), in the French Junior championship in Motocross (Mathéo and Florian Miot, Thibaut Maupin) or in the French Elite Mx2 championship (Mathys Boisramé), the results lived up to expectations.

We will review this in the following lines!

Team Honda SR: the title of French Mx2 champion for Mathys Boisramé!

After the magnificent title of French Mx1 champion obtained last weekend by Xavier Boog (see “ Elite at Iffendic: A title, a victory and a point for the Motoblouz riders« ), Mathys Boisramé was in turn eagerly awaited during this final contested on the Castelnau de Levis circuit. With his 19 points lead over Arnaud Aubin, his premier pursuer, the Honda driver even had enough to see coming.

In the end, it only took one round – won – for Mathys to win the coveted title. A BIG congratulations to him and his entire team!

Next goal for Mathys: the EMX250 title. We believe in you man!

french Mx champion Mathis Boisramé

A champagne victory for Mathys Boisramé and his entire team!

Team Motoblouz HB Racing: juniors already grown up

It was on this same Castelnau de Levis circuit that the last round of the French Junior Motocross championship took place. Solidly placed in the general classification (3rd place for Mathéo Miot, 4th for Thibaut Maupin and 7th for Florian Miot), the 3 drivers hoped to be able to grab a few positions during this final meeting of the year.

The first round was absolutely beautiful. After multiple twists and turns, Mathéo finished in second place, Thibaut in 3rd position and Florian in 5th place.

The second round was just as spectacular, with a 4th position for Mathéo, and a 3rd place for Thibaut. Florian will unfortunately end up a little further away.

In the final general classification of the French championship (and I know you are impatiently waiting for it!), Mathéo Miot finished in a splendid 3rd place. Thibaut Maupin, for his part, finished just off the podium, but he can be proud of his year! Finally, Florian Miot completed his very first year in 125cc in an incredible 5th place.

Motoblouz is proud of you :).

French junior motocross championship

A French Junior championship ended in style for the 2 riders of Team Motoblouz !

French Superbike Championship: double podium for Axel Maurin!

We had to wait until July for Axel Maurin to climb onto the podium of a French Superbike championship race for the first time this season. And as the guy is not the type to do things by halves, he even climbed on the box twice during the weekend!

It was on the Pau-Arnos circuit that Alex obtained the best result of his – so far – great season. With his two 3rd places, he consolidates his 5th place in the general classification and continues his objective of entering the top 3 soon. We believe in you Axel!

Axel Maurin podium Pau-Arnos

One of Axel Maurin's two podiums during this weekend at Pau-Arnos

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